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Rome and Florence

I will be in Rome November 3-12 and Florence one day for the first time. I need recommendations on where to eat. I would like great food and variety. Thanks

Sep 20, 2012
gswolfe in Italy


I will be in Birmingham June 18-25 and need recommendations for dinning. Please tell me about Simpson's, Purnell's and the other michelen starred restaurant. What are your recommendations.

May 25, 2009
gswolfe in U.K./Ireland

Michael Mina: should I even bother?

I like Michael Mina. I enjoy eating at the Bar so you can see both the Dinning Room and the Bar menu. I would also suggest Rubicon and Quince.

Pots & Pans - best bang for the buck

I have several Viking pots which I really like - hold heat well, great handle but yes expensive. I love my Le Creset dutch oven and use it often. I find buying individuals pans meets my needs better than buying a set. The set frequently doesn't have the size of type of pan I use. My advise is always buy quality even if you can't purchase everything at once. Good pots and knives can last forever.

Feb 22, 2007
gswolfe in Cookware

Carmel -anything good?

I think Bouchee is an excellent restaurant although they just changed chefs. I have eaten with the new cheg and it is still very good. Pacific Edge at the Highlands Inn is exceptional with a great view. Mark Ayers is the chef and does an outstanding job. Excellent wine list. Another great place in Carmel is Cassonova's. Excellent food and atmosphere.

Feb 21, 2007
gswolfe in California