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Lasagna alla Bolognese

Strange that this just popped up. I've been reading everything I can on Lasagna and have come to the conclusion that no-boil noodles are not worth saving 5 minutes of time. They come out with a strange texture at best. Homemade noodles are obviously the best choice but in a pinch whole wheat noodles boiled for approx. 3 minutes and then drained to use in lasagna work the best. I don't enjoy whole wheat pasta but it works excellent in this recipe. I also add a layer of sauteed mushrooms and then a layer of fresh shpinach. Ah! I could go on for a very long time about where to layer what, why spinach only works favorably in this layer, exactly why whole wheat noodles work and whether to braise your ground meats in milk, add tomatoes, red wine, white wine.....but the truth is...bechamel in lieu of ricotta/cottage cheese makes the best lasagne. We just had lasagna for dinner. It was perfecto! However, I just spent an hour working it off. Not fun!

Feb 22, 2007
Cleaver in Recipes

Need rec's for eats close to hotel

I will be in Van March 8-11 and will be staying at the Pan Pacific. I don't have a map and I need some rec's for great restaurants nearby. I've made reservations for Lumiere (it's only about 10 min away). Does anybody know of a great Chinese restaurant? Not Hong Kong style but Shanghai or Beijing styles appeal to me more. I really appreciate any help you can offer and give my thanks in advance.