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can't find restaurant name on Food Network [Broken Record]


can't find restaurant name on Food Network [Broken Record]

Just saw Diners, DriveIns and Dives and didn't catch the restaurant name and am having a hard time at the Food Network site to find the episode with the information. Anyhow, it's a whiskey bar in the Mission District that serves great food .... prawn po-boy with crab mayo and avocado, oxtail stew over creamy polenta. Can anyone help me? Will be in SF this spring and want to go!!

Driving down the 101 and 1 from OR

Later this month will be driving down the 101 then following the 1 (from OR to San Francisco) and need ideas on interesting food on route. Will probably be getting back on the 101 at Stewart's Point. I'm good once I hit San Francisco. Any help would be appreciated!

Sep 03, 2010
michelle54 in California

help - North end restaurant name

I used to go to an Italian restaurant to the left of the Paul Revere house in the north end. I can't remember the name. Please help.

going to see the Portland Sea Dogs - any good food in the park?

Going to see a Portland Sea Dog game tomorrow night and want to know if there's anything decent to eat inside the park. I had heard that Papaya King had a truck in Portland, and hoped it was at the park but it isn't --- but it's nearby, as I might have to go there to get my fix.

Help, I'm going to be in Whittier and need good Mexican food

Will be in Whittier this coming week for a college graduation and want to know where I can have some good Mexican food --- also, are there any good hotdog places around (will be going to Pink's on a "field trip"). Thanks!

May 20, 2007
michelle54 in Los Angeles Area

looking for interesting restaurant in Whittier CA area?

My step-daughter will be graduating from Whittier College this May, and my husband and I will be coming in from the East coast. In past visits, the local restaurants have really been uninspiring. Does anyone know of something in the vicinity (without having to travel into LA) that's worthy of a graduation dinner? Thanks!

Feb 21, 2007
michelle54 in Los Angeles Area