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Cav Wine Bar & Kitchen

Pam Busch has always done a great job with the wine selection

Authentic Neapolitan Style Pizza

yeah, i'm just lazy

Authentic Neapolitan Style Pizza

I enjoyed his pies as well...but was a bit bothered by the size and having to cut my own slices

Best Ice Cream on the Peninsula?

yeah there really isn't...but I go to Preston's Ice Cream on Broadway in Burlingame. They used to make homemade ice cream but they outsource it to a place in LA now, but they follow their recipes exactly and I can't tell the difference.

their chocolate shower is really really good, but you won't find any salted caramel and secret breakfast type flavors here

Calling all BBQ connoisseurs...

Was this only for Saturday July 11th only??? I've always wanted to do this...but I was out of town in Austin, TX. What a bummer, but atleast I was eating at The Salt Lick while you all were learning.

Good to great places in the Peninsula ...

Happy Cafe is open for dinner Wednesdays, and I think Friday-Sunday now.

where can I find a metal rib rack for my BBQ

I bought one at home depot in south city / san fit 3 racks (6 half racks)

San Mateo Delivery Options

I know original buffalo wings on B St. delivers. They have burgers on their menu also.

Original Buffalo Wings
150 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401

Bourdain and the Bacon Maple Latte at Pirate Cat

Was this for a future episode of No Reservations, SF?

Bumped in to Axis Cafe

It's in SOMA. I had a strawberry scone and turkey sandwich a few weeks back and everything was good. I enjoyed the atmosphere the most. They had a large couch around a fireplace and everything was really "raw". Polished cement floors etc.

Deep Fried Pickle Chips?

Hooters' fried pickles are chips and not spears.

spiciest food in Chinatown

I've had Dave's ultimate insanity sauce and one drop numbed my tongue for atleast 10 minutes (i think habaneros are primarily used in that one).

I wonder what the jolokia private reserve would do. numb my tongue for 20 minutes? don't think I want to feel the pain of the ghost pepper

Prime Ribeye Steaks at Costco $8.99/lb

Boneless. I just finished eating some of it and it was well worth it. Barely made a dent into it.

Prime Ribeye Steaks at Costco $8.99/lb

Yes. I double checked the price tag and made sure that it was labeled whole primal ribeye USDA Prime and the stamp also said USDA Prime.

Filipino food - best around the bay?

I would suggest you go back to Patio again. I really like their Bone Marrow soup and their crispy pata and crispy lechon are awesome.

I also like Max's in South San Francisco. Besides their crispy pata and lechon kawali I love their crispy tadyang. Something about eating that in such a primal manner is so satisfying.

I really sound like a one dimensional Filipino food eater haha.

Max's of the Philippines Restaurant
1155 El, Camino Real S San Francisco, CA

Prime Ribeye Steaks at Costco $8.99/lb

I just picked up a pack each of ribeye and NY strips.

I also asked the butcher for a whole primal ribeye (usda prime) so that I can use it for shabu shabu tonight. It turned out to be 14 lbs. for $92.72. So that turned out to be about $6.66 a pound. I'm going to split it with a friend and just use his meat slicer to cut them into nice slices.

The only downside is that you have to buy an entire primal cut which averages 15 lbs. and that you can't see the marbling at all b/c it is vacuum sealed.

Sumiya Yakitori in San Jose burned down

Oh yeah good call on Shin Sen Gumi...The only thing that bothered me the last time I went was that they don't serve soft knee bone on the ramen side.

Dynamo Donut, Mission, SF

I like their experimentation also even if some of the flavor profiles don't marry too well...If they didn't experiment and get feedback from us, then we'd be left eating glorified plain krispy kreme glaze donuts. Nothing wrong with that, but i'm sure if that's what we wanted then we would just go to krispy kreme or the local mcdonut shop.

Dynamo Donut, Mission, SF

I enjoyed the bacon apple maple yesterday and the caramel sel this morning. It sounds like there are mixed opinions on this board, but I really enjoyed the donuts and will be trying the other ones in the near future.

Authentic Neapolitan Style Pizza

Yeah I'll agree to that

Authentic Neapolitan Style Pizza

Yes it was a frame of reference. I'm familiar with the guidelines so I just mentioned san marzano tomatoes and wood not coal just to help describe the pizza.

Authentic Neapolitan Style Pizza

una pizza napoletana is very good as well...but I don't think I like to cut my own pizza haha

Why do you think A16 should keep it in for an extra 30 seconds? I'm just wondering. My favorite pizza places mostly keep the timing at around 2 minutes (oven at around 750 degrees) and I think A16 hovers around 3 minutes. Maybe their oven wasn't as hot as it usually is the last time I timed it.

Authentic Neapolitan Style Pizza

A16 is decent. Wood and not coal. I feel like their margherita was bland in flavor and the sauce was a bit too bitter. I assume they are using san marzano tomatoes (maybe canned) and don't rinse them enough (I understand that slight bitterness is the norm).

I agree with RL's opinion on Delfina's crust. Their margherita is even more bland than A16's IMO. Their panna with sausage is extremely tasty though so when you go to give that a try and don't even bother with the marg. Their tripe dish is also amazing.

If you're ever in NY then check out Luzzo's and Lucali's. They easily make my two favorite pizzas. Both very traditional Neapolitan style.

Sumiya Yakitori in San Jose burned down

Thanks for the update

They are now in the Mariposa Garden Shopping Center off of Homestead

2634 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95051

buffalo wings?

If you're in the peninsula then Lil' Biscuit makes really good buffalo wings. That and their fried chicken are the standout dishes there IMO.

Lil' Biscuit House
55 37th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403

buffalo wings?

There is also a san mateo location on B street and one in san bruno

Meat Curing

If you need more people to get said class arranged, I'd be very interested. I'll get a head start with Zeldog's recommendation below.

Good to great places in the Peninsula ...

Not since I was 7...but get a berry frosty (smoothie) next door

Good to great places in the Peninsula ...

I've been going to Juban on Broadway since they opened and have been loyal since day one and it is the only yakiniku place around as KK mentioned. The price does get you and they just recently stopped doing the happy hour prices which is a shame b/c on mondays and tuesdays the boneless short rib and rib eye were half off per order ( I think they just switched owners again). Every time they switch owners they seem to keep the quality of the meat and they just downsize the portions to cut cost.

My visit last week was disappointing since I think they finally decided to downgrade the quality of meat. The tongue was extra tough and the ribeye had no marbling to it. The only thing I enjoyed was the boneless shortrib that came with a promotion. Even the Juban salad tasted different.

I'll have to go back again to see if it was a one time thing...I sure hope it is.

Good to great places in the Peninsula ...

Hey Osho. Glad to have you down here.

Some of my favorites...


Yuzu - Good sushi. They have an oyster dish that is reminiscent of spoonful of happiness...oysters with uni and ponzu sauce. I think they are kusshi oysters. They also have oyster happy hour which I have never been to but might give you your hog island fix.

Sushi Sams - Good sushi. Check out their white board menu. Also good cooked japanese food IMO.

Oidon - My go to place for izakaya fare...get some takoyaki


Happy Cafe - Shanghainese food. I like to get the pork chop rice, pig ears, spicy beef tendon.

Broadway Bistro - chan cha tang

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot - Hot Pot

There are a lot more in the Japanese and Chinese category...I'm sure others will fill you in.

Broadway Bistro
349 Broadway, Millbrae, CA 94030

Happy Cafe Restaurant
250 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
215 S Ellsworth Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

54 37th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403

Sushi Sam's
218 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

71 E 4th Avenue, San Mateo, CA