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White Plains area...Fresh Seafood Shop?

I was wondering if anyone knows of the best fresh seafood counter/store in White Plains? I tried the main grocery stores around here, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, A&P, a few smaller places, they all left my house smelling like nasty fish for weeks which is a bad bad sign.

The Whole Foods Cod and Swordfish I bought I threw away because they smelled so rancid when I got them home. I bought some Tilapia from Apple Farm, smelled like the sea, was nice and fresh. And no smelly house! But I went back for some halibut and it wasn't nearly as good. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Lunch in Chelsea

Does anyone know of a good lunch place in Chelsea around W 26 street and 7 ave? Can be sit down or take out, just has to be fairly fast. Thanks.

Mar 13, 2007
cr_butterfield in Manhattan

Anyone know where to get mennonite food?

I was curious if anyone knew where to buy mennonite summer sausage, also called farmers sausage where Im from. My grandmother gave me some good leads but all have come up cold. I've heard myths of a mennonite restaurant somewhere in Brooklyn but haven't been able to locate that either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.