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Great Wall in Roseville, MN

After a quick, late dinner at the Willowgate II Chinese restaurant in Roseville the other night, the owner showed us a project he is working on. Outside the restaurant he is building a scale model of a section of the Great Wall of China. He spent some time educating us on the history of the Chinese empire. His philosophy is to make all of his guests "emporors" and "empresses" as they enter the establishment by only walking on stone (as the emporers did). He is planning on having a ceremony in a couple of weeks when the wall will be done.

The current owner has been making some changes inside also. The menu has changed a bit to include some Thai items in addition to the Chinese dishes.

Mississippi River Valley Eats?

Thanks for the suggestions, you have all made me aware of locations that I was not previously familiar with. Although there may not be many "Chowhound quality" restaurants along the route, I consider a great burger or quality pastry to be a "food opportunity" (that's another topic itself) so all suggestions are welcome.

Mississippi River Valley Eats?

We are headed to the "100 Mile Garage Sale" next weekend, which runs from Red Wing, MN down to Winona, and back up on the Wisconsin side. What recommendations do you have for the "can't miss" food opportunities?

Bloomington eateries

Last time I was near Wally's - about 3 weeks ago it looked like it was gone! If that's true, I'll miss the great roast beef sandwiches.

MSP Catering Recommendations?

Thank you for the great suggestions! It's a good start, keep 'em coming. I'm leaning towards a mix of international flavors if our budget will allow.

Looking for takeout in St. Louis Park, Edina, Ridgedale, Eden Prairies areas in Minneapolis.

Try Crossroads Delicatessen at Hopkins Crossroad and Cedar Lake Road for great sanwiches, soups, bakery and box lunches.

MSP Catering Recommendations?

Sorry if this is a little off-topic. Looking for recommendations for catering a rather informal open house/wedding reception in the summer for approximately 100 people on a restricted budget.

Beignets in MSP??

Rumor has it that the Good Day Cafe has beignets on the menu. Has anyone tried them yet?

Beignets in MSP??

With New Orleans and Mardi Gras in the news recently, it got me seriously craving great, fresh beignets. Any recommendations in the Twin Cities area?

Thank you!