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Flat Iron Steaks

i bought them here a couple of times over the summer:

Lunch Places In Dedham?

Center Deli...great sandwiches

Corned Beef at a restaurant?

Corrib in west roxbury usually has it......I wouldn't say it was the best but if your fixen for it, it does the job

T.Rex Taqueria, Brookline Village

didnt mean to give you a hard time... 10 feet is exactly right... i grew up on cypress st

T.Rex Taqueria, Brookline Village

it's actually cypress st. great news on the taco front

Good Pierogies anyone?

I haven't found any good pierogies since i moved back from Chicago

Lobster in Boston + various questions

There are several bars around quincy market that do $10 lobsters during lunch.

British Beer Company

I think it is pretty good...On Tuesday nights they run a buy one get one free pizza deal.

Speed's Info

Went to Speed's for lunch...great as usual I also got a phone number for Greg which should solve the biggest question this board....HOURS!! 617-839-0102

Kiku Yama-Dedham

I have been to Kiku Yama several times but not in the last year. I thought it was very good...for groups i think it is Very good. I usually got the steak and lobster which at the time was under $25 which i thought the value could not have been beaten.

Golden Temple or somewhere else after Sox game?

I think it would be great to know people's real opinions of GT 's food if it wasn't overpriced.

Golden Temple or somewhere else after Sox game?

"can of worms" is great I think the food is great but i also feel that i need to take a shower after i pay the bill

Cheap and Fun Restaurant for a Birthday

15 people in Public House woulld be pretty tight.....also I think the food is good but the menu is very limited . eastern standard is very good but price may be an issue.

What will replace Alexander's in Brookline?

I second the spicy italian!!! they also have a great chicken cutlet sub.

Your number one? doubt!!

What will replace Alexander's in Brookline?

I lived on Cypress St. for 20 years and could never get used to the new "Alexander's" . DeNo's is pretty good pizza, the menu in West Roxbury is pretty expansive with a little bit of everything.

Rocca, Estragon, Wild Willy's

I have not been to the Wild Willy's in Watertown, but have visited the York, ME. location I thought it was very good...possibly a little over-hyped

Potato Salad Recommendation

did not know that, but it was very good for a big store!1

Potato Salad Recommendation

I picked up some great potato salead last weekend at BJ's in Dedham, It was originally from Wellesly Farms

Rotisserie Chicken (not from a supermarket)?

Costco chickens are also MUCH bigger than any other place

Speed's new dog

Does anyone know how late Speed sticks around?

Fun lunch for a working slob on rt 1 in Norwood

Mint Cafe in Norwood Center. Outstanding!!

Upper Crust: does size matter?

I'm glad that you pointed out that size does some pizza places the taste difference between a large and a small is unbelievable!!

Great meal at Delfino's

birch street bistro isnt too bad for bar food

The best and worst of Brookline?

Golden Temple does have the highest prices of any chinese food probably in the country but to say that the food is hole in the wall is a bit harsh

Village Smokehouse

I would agree that the ribs are not the best but the burgers are outstanding!

Seeking the "Best" Crab Rangoon

Agree... nothing is even close ....and you will pay through the eyeballs!!!

Orinoco....any opinions.....

Thinking about going here friday night

Sports bars (semi-chowish question) with lots of screens

Grand Canale on Canale St. near North station, pretty good food decent amount of TV's

Restaurants With Homemade Roast Beef Hash?

Vintage in Dedham had great Prime Rib Hash but they are know closed