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Best Burger in Raleigh?

Mojo's across from Mellow Mushroom (glenwood and peace street) has good burgers.

also I really like the burgers at Barry's Cafe (Tryon road and Holly springs rd) in Raleigh.

Finally ate at Thai Spices & Sushi, Cary

I had sushi here. It was the most beautiful sushi I've ever seen. however, it wasn't the best sushi. It was ok though and we had good service. I would eat here again.

What happened to Spice and Curry????

I like Tamarind in Apex.

French dressing on pizza in Biloxi?

I'm from NC but we used to do this when I was in elementary school -- for some reason the french dressing was delicious on those rectangular school issue pizzas.

Aug 16, 2008
toolprincess in Central South

Where do you eat in Apex, NC?

thanks for the feedback. there is a new bbq/chicken place opening up where Riz/Raz -jessica's cafe used to be. I am anxious to try it.

Caswell Beach/Southport

Lil Bits is def. open - but not on tuesdays and sundays. except for fridays and saturdays are only open til 2pm. Lil Bits is not really competing with the barbeeque place because their specialty seems to be the burgers. the "regular" burger is huge and hangs out from the bun about 1.5 inches on all sides and is delicious! I get the small burger all the way mustard, chili, red slaw and onions. Also Lil bits has breakfast.

One of our favorite places to go is the fish house at blue point marinara (at the end of the island).

Aug 16, 2008
toolprincess in Southeast

Dinner suggestions in RTP, NC?

Serena's where 54 turns into Miami. Ambience is casual but food and drinks are delicious.

One More Request: Between VA Beach and Rocky Mount, NC

to get to Ralphs you take the Roanoke Rapids/Weldon exit, at the off ramp you will go towards Weldon. The dividing line between Weldon and Roanoke Rapids is the I-95 overpass. Ralphs is on the left.

Anyone have any info on the donut shop at Brier Creek (raleigh, nc)...its called something Fig.

thanks for the review. Fractured Prune. what a weird name for a donut shop.

Jan 18, 2008
toolprincess in Southeast

Steak and Sushi - Apex, NC

Thanks for updating this post. I will have to give it another try. I only tried the sushi so I will have to go again and try the hibachi.

Raleigh-Durham One Dish Wonders

Jessica's cafe (formerly Riz Raz cafe) in Apex. Their pancakes never disappoint.

No 1 China (apex) - the best egg rolls i've ever had.

the now defunct Davis BBQ - awesome meatloaf and hushpuppies

Anyone have any info on the donut shop at Brier Creek (raleigh, nc)...its called something Fig.

It has a really odd name for a donut shop. I've only heard 1 person who has been there and they weren't all that positive. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Jan 04, 2008
toolprincess in Southeast

Cary, NC- Thai and Chinese restaurants

I like the General Tsos at Orient Garden (Cary and Morrisville locations). There are plenty of peppers in it so I think it has the right combination of sweet and spicy.

scrapple in the triangle?

Neese's definitely makes it. You should be able to find it...I would try Food Lion.

Jan 02, 2008
toolprincess in Southeast

good Thai food in the triangle

viva thai in Cary. Very accomodating, always cooked to order and delicious!

What food is Raleigh known for

I ate at the wine cellar with a large corporate group and I would say that the service was excellent. The wine pairings were delicious and overall the food was delicious. there were a few things that I didn't care for but most of that had to do with personal tastes. Overall it was a great experience.

Steak and Sushi - Apex, NC

i tried Ichiban and I was not impressed. I had the lunch roll special - tuna roll, salmon roll and california roll. The tuna did not seem fresh at all - it was dark and very firm. the rest of the rolls were adequate but no comparison to other sushi I've had in the area . I was disappointed as it would be so great to have not expensive sushi that is tasty close by. For now I will stick with Wasabi - definitely more expensive but the taste and freshness is worth it.

The Cupcake Shop - Raleigh

i went there and tried the cinnamon cake with cinnamon icing (cream cheese base). I took one bit of it. the flavor was nice but the texture of the cupcake was underwhelming and the icing wasn't good enough that i wanted to keep eating it.

Grocery Store Fresh Turkeys in RDU

Harris Teeter had fresh turkeys in the meat section.

Must Have Capon [Raleigh/Durham]

I was at Harris Teeter (apex) yesterday and they had frozen Capons, Goose, Duck, etc.

Where do you eat in Apex, NC?

Choices are expanding - unfortunately mostly with chain restaurants.

I like Daniels Pizza and Pasta but I don't find it incredible, the same with Mamma Mia Italian. Cinelli's is one of the worst experiences I have ever had with Italian food.

Skippers Seafood is adequate if you want a fried fish meal with slaw and french fries.

I had high hopes for Jessica's Cafe (formerly Riz Raz) when I saw they were serving Mexican food but when I stopped in on a friday night the place was practically empty and my tacos (al pastor and barbacoa) were greasy and didn't taste fresh. I swear I heard the microwave beep from the kitchen several times before my plate came out.

Peak City Grill is decent but usually crowded on the weekends and I think it is overpriced. The steak I had there was delicious but the sides were very "meh". The brunch I had there was okay but expensive.

For quick chinese China One is pretty good. They are very accomodating to special requests and they have the BEST eggrolls. Their dumplings (pork) were thick and chewy and the meat mixture inside was unrecognizable and saturated with a dark tasteless sauce.

Tamarind Indian buffet is excellent. A saturday night dinner there was also excellent although it was disappointing that Naan does not come with the entrees.

Sorry if this sounds negative about all the ones I've mentioned - - maybe I've been watching too much Kitchen nightmares -- but I just haven't found a "go to" place that is local and fresh and not too expensive in Apex.


Steak and Sushi - Apex, NC

Just saw that the NY Deli has now become Ichiban? Sushi and Steak in Haddon Hall Commons (shopping center with Harris Teeter). If anyone tries it out please post your review.

Roadside BBQ along I-95 (NC/SC/GA)

Ralphs has decent BBQ and if you get the buffett you can also get pulled pork and fried chicken. I adore their slaw -- finely chopped and slightly sweet (mayo based). They do have a nice selection of southern style vegetables also.

Nov 16, 2007
toolprincess in Southeast

World's Best Mustard? Please stake your claim.

Pommery is divine.

I also love Ingelhoffer honey mustard - delicious with a bag of pretzel rods.

Oct 28, 2007
toolprincess in General Topics

Nasty Little Treats

I grew up in the South with a father who ate pretty much everything, I gross my friends out with the following:

Sardines with vinegar and pepper or hot sauce on saltines
pickled beets
brussels sprouts
pork rinds
fatback biscuits
fried liver pudding
fried chicken livers
pickles of all sorts
okra fried and boiled
my annual bite of souse from the Neeses booth at the state fair
radishes dipped in mayo

My father prepared pig brains scrambled with eggs many times in my childhood. It was never a favorite of mine though.
he also liked to eat butter on saltine crackers

Oct 28, 2007
toolprincess in General Topics

NC state fair 2007?

Any updates on the fair this year? Anyone tried anything new or an old standby that is a MUST- have? Anyone tried the fried PB&J?

Anyone read the article in last months Gourmet about the taquerias in Durham?

Just wondering if anyone read this article and if folks had tried any of the places mentioned.
Sorry I don't have the article with me so I can't give any references....

Southern Hot Dog Quest (SHDQ)

Best hotdogs in Roanoke Rapids, NC

Community Drive-In - My fave! Get a pepsi and a hotdog "full-dressed" (onions, slaw, mustard, chili).

2nd Street Grill - - again order it "full'dressed"

Brownings Drive In - a true drive-in. You pull up and the server comes to your car and takes your order.


Viva Thai (new Thai restaurant in Cary)

I have been to Viva Thai twice and the food was excellent both times. I agree that Viva Thai's pad thai is better than Wasabi.

NC Regional Snacks?

Moonpies! A pack of salted peanuts and a bottle (glass) of Pepsi - (pour peanuts in Pepsi -enjoy). and if you're game potted meat on crackers or vienna sausages (with saltines).