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Apple Cider Sufganiyot (Hanukkah Donuts) with Salted Caramel

What about this isn't kosher? Do you mean parve? It's not parve, but it looks ok for kosher... You're confusing kosher with parve.

Dec 05, 2011
yse in Recipes

Family foods I thought was normal

Hmm. a) we always had our eggs sunny side up. I thought this was the 'standard' way to cook eggs and would always be dissapointed when a plate of scrambled eggs appeared in front of me at diners.
b) LEMONS! I grew up in an Israeli/Sephardic household so there were tons of foods that we ate that I knew weren't 'normal' but I do remember going to a friends' house as a kid and being very confused that they only had salad dressing. We always just mixed fresh lemon juice/olive oil/salt and used that as dressing, so the fact that she had no lemons in her house was quite shocking to me. I just figured that was something everyone had at their house as a pantry staple [it's still a pantry staple in my place to this day! No scurvy for me!].

Jul 01, 2009
yse in General Topics

If you dig Tanoreen, try Chez Sima

it's fabulous, everyone raves about it -- highly recommended.

Apr 05, 2008
yse in New Jersey


I'm a NYC transplant and I have to say, I have not yet found a falafel here that I truly enjoy. I've been to Holy Land, but like all the others, the falafel is just not the same as say Chickpea ( how I miss it so...). I have come to believe that the real culprit is the pita. Whats the deal with all the ridiculously thin pita around here?

Feb 20, 2007
yse in San Francisco Bay Area