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Jean Georges Wine and Late Reservation Help!

Thanks for edwardspk and Spiritchaser.

edwardspk: Let me know how your weekend dinner goes and, if you get the wine pairing, what you think of it. Have you sat down for a dinner at JG after 10pm?

One significant concern I forgot to mention is that while my partner loves seafood, I can't have any. We'll see how the sommelier splits a wine pairing with the radical differences in our courses!

Dec 05, 2013
andyhao in Manhattan

Jean Georges Wine and Late Reservation Help!

Over the years, I've been to JG over 20x for lunch, but am heading over with my girlfriend for dinner for the first time (Christmas!) and am looking for some of your expert timing and wine advice.

We are having dinner on Christmas night at 10:45 pm, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had experience with going through the tasting menus at that time of night? Did you feel rushed? Did you leave after 1am?

Also, I've seen surprisingly little recent information on wine pairings at JG. Anyone have any tips on this front? Thinking about splitting a wine pairing...might they do that? Last time I did a 7+ course wine pairing, I didn't remember my meal at all the next day.


Dec 04, 2013
andyhao in Manhattan

Where can I buy duck soup?

I'm need duck soup, but wish to avoid making my own from a carcass. Oh where oh where can I buy quarts of duck soup in San Francisco or the East Bay! Anyone have a specific place in Chinatown?