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New "Jules thin crust Pizza" next to Zachary's in Oakland...WTF?

Agree, the pizza is delicious (love the varied, quality ingredients and options), and the price point is a bit lower than across the street. Comfortable place to sit and eat also, employees are very nice and vibe is relaxed.

Hopefully OP "Mission" (why not "SF," is s/he ashamed of their City?) can find it in his heart to forgive the location name choice and see if the pizza lives up to their surely exacting standards.

good steak fries in oakland or berkeley?


I like Luka's Taproom's offering in this regard, with good sauces for le dip...axe for them well-done, might help some if you are me

Bear's Lair on campus has some decent ones

I sometimes get them from hot deli section of ________ and heat up a pizza stone at home and then add my own stuff and crisp them up...

Try the occasional appetizer at Noodle Theory?

Luka's Taproom
2221 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

Noodle Theory
3242 Scott Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

Late lunch near Oakland Museum?

Try it, the place is terrific and Chef Dorsey a remarkable guy and foodster!

Try this http://museumca.org/press/new-caf%C3%...

Late lunch near Oakland Museum?

Try the great cafe in OMCA...Chef Dorsey is a genuis, and his Blackberry Bistro in Glenview is great also...it's right in the building!

Also close are the Lake Chalet (meh, but SETTING!) and ....uh....not a lot else other than Laney College's cafeteria!

OMCA rules!

Blackberry Bistro
4240 Park Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602

Jeremy Fox in Oakland!

THE Jeremy Fox?!?

Oakland gets the vapors over such news!

Chinese wedding banquet site near Berkeley?

Try the spot on Lake Merritt owned by the City of Oakland...very nice

Maybe The Lake House, also on Lake Merritt?

Upper floor of buildings at Cal can be rented out, one place quite near the Campanile would be great

The Spice House Building on Fish Ranch Road?

GAIA Building downtown?

Faculty Club at Cal? NICE

Lafayette's Susan Foord Catering and Chow...great spot, easy walk, high-quality!


Yes friends, lights shine in Lamorinda (the towns of Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda) other than the incandescent ones...

...a prime example is this precious spot, just west of Trader Joe's and the Post Office. The food turned out for the small spot feels like you are being catered to, and in a way, YOU ARE!
Their dinner rolls for $3.25 for 6 decent sized ones are quite a value, and you can slice the whole pack up for one incredible nosh (add your favorites). Staff very nice and open, laughter heard from the back more than once, and everyone is one of the the gang without being too "Hey Pal!"

I had a chicken soup that was lovely, and a beef dish to go that held up that afternoon and was good value for about $12...please consider this place, and get a to go order for the Lafayette Reservoir or a hike in Canyon, CA, and you are living La Vida Loca Lamorinda-styliee!


Uncle Dougie's New York Style Heroes, Oakland...DELICIOUS VALUE, with a side of NYC

This place is incredible, went and loved it right away! Clean, easy to find, with a super friendly AND skilled staff that is led by Uncle Dougie his own self. Talk about quality control....

I had the Italian Meatlof sandwich (there are four different types of sandwiches and then spaghetti [next time!], and some pizza bread), about $8 with a small bag of chips included...drinks for sale of course, and that's it...great sign (to me) do a few things very well!

Simple menu, quality chow, unique hours (late Late LATE weekend, lunches normal times and closed in mid-afternoon to eve...check it out, and find out why heroes are not grinders are not hoagies are not All In Ones are not submarine sandwiches are not...


Moraga Options

Meno's in Concord has excellent chile rellenos, I've heard...perhaps another adventure awaits an interpid CHound!

Here on a consulting assignment - yummy dinner take-out?

Good one, Lers Ros is solid!

How about Lefty O'Douls for a slice of San Francisco and a hofbrau experience to go...

Need breakfast or lunch options near Penzey's in Menlo Park

For erudite pub grub, how about The Oasis on El Camino, just North of Stanford Shopping Center (and just over San Francisquito Creek, the county line)?

Park easily, carve yer name in a table if so moved and eat chicken fingers and read the Financial Times next to a captain of industry and her family...etc...

NY Times: Bernal Heights: May 6

Nice info, have to go check that area out deeply soon!

Moraga Options

Two places in Orinda also come to mind, the CHARMING Gepetto's Cafe, and right nearby the tremendous Chinese joint Szechuan...the place people refer to as "The Good Chinese Place", down by Orinda Motors and the golf course...

Orinda Village Horse Shop also there for equestrian needs, and Safeway for chicken tenders and economical sushi...I know I know, shame

Moraga Options

Amoroma in Rheem Plaza

Thai place in same mall is good

Terzettos decent

Stay away from the Farm House or Ranch House or whatever, let me down

Easy bus or bike ride to Lafayette or Orinda with more options...Lamorinda as an area is solid

Ranch House
1012 School St, Moraga, CA 94556

NY Times: Bernal Heights: May 6

Those precious little articles kill a decent scene IMHO, but thanks for the posting...

Decent article on Radius in SF a few months back, did make me go and I like that spot

Best Indian Buffets in SF? [Split from "Sultan closed" thread]

TYVMuch for the kind admonition

In the City, okay

Looking for Chow worthy meal for 2 for around $50 with no alcohol near Marriott Fishermans Wharf

MELT on Columbus

Sodini's in North Beach


510 Green St, San Francisco, CA 94133

Pleasant Hill Market-A Pleasant Surprise in Pleasant Hill

It is nice there, I agree, also close to Ming's for Chinese

and 7-11 for a Slurpee across street

Best Indian Buffets in SF? [Split from "Sultan closed" thread]

Best one is = BART to Rockridge, walk to Khanna Peena...$8 includes drink!

2nd date restaurant suggestion?


Lers Ros after drink at Bourbon and Branch

Giordano Brothers in North Beach, yum sandwiches and atmosphere...EDIT sports bar, with heavy Pittsburgh tones...all in one sandwiches, etc...something different

T rex

The free bbq potato chips at the bar

brisket can be on or off, depending

I like the sides, and the baby back ribs

go at Happy Hour next time

Celia's or El Charro in Lafayette

Ugh, was Taco Bell not taking any more reservations? j/k, sorta

There is/was a great torta place, closer to The Roundup and Yankee Pier...

When in Laf, do take in the new library, Wow! Cafe to open there in Lib complex, soon-ish...

Oakland Chinatown Recs

Little Shin Shin (Piedmont Ave) and King Yen (College Ave) are just a quick Segway ride away from Chinatown! LSS = a cut above, IMHO....

King Yen Restaurant
2995 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

Little Shin Shin
4258 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

End of Month Trip- review ideas and add more

Dinner Wed, please consider Lefty O'Douls, just southwest of U.S....casual (at best?) and unique, steam-table fare n'est plus ultra, and I type that as a fan of the hofbrau experience on the Peninsula in the 70's and 80's...

Friday Dinner, maybe Nopalita, Herbivore, Burma Superstar, Neecha Thai, or Lers Ros...

Neecha Thai
2100 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Burma Superstar
4721 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

Oakland Brunch (with baby) - Aunt Mary's now too crowded

If Adesso is open, try that...it's a favorite of mine on Saturday afternoons; light and quiet and economical and you can plenty of room, normally...maybe there?

4395 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA

Sunday night, East Bay dinner: help an ex-Oakland hound

Noodle Theory-Rockridge's Five Points area (College and Claremont)

Barclay's (near Noodle Theory)

Little Shin Shin (Piedmont Ave)

Angelina's (Shattuck)

Jupiter (Shattuck)

...all a bit lower priced, and many Berkeley ones are empty with students are gone...


Pizzeria Amoroma Orinda: Very Disappointing

Too bad, their original Italian (not pizza specifically) place in Lamorinda at the Rheem Plaza in Moraga is solid, IMHO...great gnocchi

Cider Donuts in the Bay Area

Sebastopol is a good lead, I bet someone's making them up there...strikes me as a possible Farmer's Market thang...YUM!

I will go ahead and start the quest for New England "Sugar on Snow" delicacies for spring 2010...often held at a sugar house, a syrup-producing small farmer's barn...take a bite of a cake doughnut, bite of a sour pickle, and then add a spoonful of new made maple syrup on scoop of fresh snow...TREATS!

Who's with me?

best donuts in Berkeley?

Anyone know of a place East Bay way that uses potato flour for their doughnuts..."spudnuts?"

Sat. dinner close to Ashby & Shattuck/Adeline, Berkeley?

You are right, if getting to Kirala at a bit after 5 for the opening does not get us in the first wave, it may be up to Elmwood or Alcratraz/College for us.