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Berkeley to Petaluma via Richmond/SR bridge thence 101 north...midday Saturday 6/27/15, economy to midrange, easy on/off, character(s), Farmer's Markets, etc?

Many thanks for all the great advice, including the NASCAR oddity that I was unaware of...will take it into consideration, for sure!

Chowhound comes through and then some!

Berkeley to Petaluma via Richmond/SR bridge thence 101 north...midday Saturday 6/27/15, economy to midrange, easy on/off, character(s), Farmer's Markets, etc?

Tremendous info, thank you!

...anyone with some Marin/Sonoma suggestions?

Berkeley to Petaluma via Richmond/SR bridge thence 101 north...midday Saturday 6/27/15, economy to midrange, easy on/off, character(s), Farmer's Markets, etc?

Hey ho, any suggestions for me as I head north tomorrow?

Any and all suggestions entertained, but relative economy a watchword and ease of access also key...like a joint/area with character and some characters around (if timed right).

Also dig the Farmer's Markets, though most of the taper off by about noon or 1pm, don't they?


Burlington, Vermont

Yes, stop there, IMHO

Upper Valley (VT/NH) on a Sunday evening


Business breakfast in Rockridge

I might offer up an slightly distant alternative, closer to MacArthur as the crow flies, but an elegant and lovely cab ride down Claremont and just a couple of blocks south, namely, Pizzaiolo


LOTS of room to set up shop and the dark wood furnishings and light are gorgeous...

Have a blast, you have options!

Best tacqueria in Concord? TORTILLERIA EL MOLINO is up there

Have been here numerous times, and the place has never let me down...

The chicken and steak is terrific, can get it by the pound for your own creations...delicious!

Also, the breakfast burritos are absolutely TREATS and at $6, you are REALLY getting value!

Fresh corn, flour, and wheat tortillas available, also!

Battle of the Concord delis...Parma vs Luigi's...and the winner is

Another solid hot pastrami sandwich (on soft wheat roll, copious smoked cheddar all melty!) from there today...no drama, no hassles, phoned it in ahead and it was waiting, change from a $10 bill too!


Headed to Moonraker in Pacifica for AYCE Fish n Chips tonight (Thursday deal)

Okay, it was pretty solid, and worth it money-wise!

Started with $1 chef's choice oysters (very fresh and firm, well-presented with ice/lemon/sauces) in the bar for Happy Hour deal of the Day, and we also sat in the bar area facing the somewhat riled-up Pacific Ocean and those worshipping it on their surfboards...great views from this joint, that's for sure.

The Fish n Chips all you care to eat for $15 was excellent...more the string fries than the huge wedge cut stylieee that is often in vogue, with a hint of garlic and some herbs on them. The fish was great, smaller servings after an initial large first one, but they happily keep 'em coming, hot and fresh. We asked for just a few fries after the first couple of re-orders, which was accommodated. Fish pieces were not the overwhelming, big planks of golden fried goodness that a food stylist would photograph, but they were generous and tasted very fresh and perfectly fishy without any oddness...

Service was fine, lots of folks around and glad to help, didn't seem like a "oh, that's HER table, let me get her for ya" scene...

Also easy to hit Gorilla BBQ afterwards on way back north on Hwy 1, where to-go links and cornbread may or may not have been acquired for weekend noshes;-)

Yours in quantity,

Pineapple Whip near Balboa Park BART [San Francisco]


May detour here on way to Pacifica and Moonraker today...very close to freeway

Moonraker: Updated and Open Again in Pacifica

Good info here, headed there this eve!

Headed to Moonraker in Pacifica for AYCE Fish n Chips tonight (Thursday deal)

Will report back...indications are promising!

Anyone with experience?

May add an appetizer or soup, what the heck!


Looking for dolmades/dolma, NOT grape leaf-wrapped type

Thanks for the great info, folks...the pictured item is what they were showing, and I will track it down!


Looking for dolmades/dolma, NOT grape leaf-wrapped type

Saw a version on TV that was more like a dumpling, and had lemon sauce drizzled over it...almost reminded me of a potsticker???...this was a meat dolma, btw...have checked out some local places' websites not found a match...ideas?

Pineapple Whip near Balboa Park BART [San Francisco]

Yum to them, though the shaved ice was a bit heavy on the syrup, which is part of the charm!

Some small delicacies with island flair and other pretty intriguing sweets things, etc...here's the SF Weekly article that led me there http://www.sfweekly.com/foodie/2015/0...

Appropriately enough, at a place called Pineapples, 296 Ocean Ave (right east of 280) http://www.yelp.com/biz/pineapples-sa...

Mo's Hut, Oakland

Cool find, thanks for the info! Will be trying it out soon!

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Near southside of campus (Tele and Bancroft), have some time left on yer parking slip, not interested in a sandwich that requires a carefully-crafted investment strategy for cost, and don't mind a bit of a line?

The venerable and economical Cheese n Stuff is nothing fancy or remarkably special, and makes no pretensions of such...what it is is solid and reliable and consistent!


Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Have heard good and bad about Fred's Deli on Telegraph near Dwight http://www.yelp.com/biz/freds-market-...

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Okay, this might strike some as too clever by half, others as worthwhile...

I like to get the sandwich of the day at Nabolom Bakery on Russell Ave, off College Ave (w cheese 7.25, vegan for 7)http://www.nabolombakery.com/the-menu/ and then less than one minute walk around the corner to A G Ferrari and get about 1/4 to 1/3 of a pound of lunch meat(s)(or more/less, you decide), put the two together and that is one solid sandwich!

First Smoke’s Poutinerie in the USA Opens in Berkeley

The proprietors should send "thank you" notes to the alcohol and THC families for their help in making this dreck popular...

Best tacqueria in Concord? TORTILLERIA EL MOLINO is up there

A plethora of solid joints on/near Monument Blvd, but I have found El Molino to be way up there...smaller menu than some spots, but all they do is pump out economical, delicious food and make the trip there worthwhile! As the name indicates, they make tortillas right there, and sell the whole wheat and regular varieties to go...the whole wheat ones are my go to.

The pupusas are dee-lish, and I like the tacos dorados (crispy) and the taco salads, also. Not overly salted meats, either, but very flavorful. Breakfast burritos also, which are a steal and very filling...not on weekends for these, they have other specials those days. Tortas are big and hearty, also...soups are snappy and fresh. Superb juice bar, as well!

By the pound meats to go, some tortillas, and some of their green sauce is a wily start to a home meal that will please most!

1500 Monument Blvd, Ste F1 (around back, don't settle for the other spots in same complex!)

Battle of the Concord delis...Parma vs Luigi's...and the winner is

Whoa, Jell-O a bargain!

Can't vouch for the quinoa...

Re-thinking Berkeley icons at holiday time

Pretty accurate insights in here...add to other Bay Area food bafflements like "Why do people wait in a 50 person line at Ici in Elmwood when Tara's down the street is wide open?"

...did get some superb Spring Brook "Reading Raclette" cheese at Cheeseboard yesterday...truly remarkable store and workers! Anything that helps them, I am for!

Juhu Beach Club to open brick 'n mortar in Temescal [Oakland]

Tried this spot out for first time recently, and really liked it!

We started with desi jacks, a delicious snacky carmel-corn cousin from abroad with some kick and savory notes...very good! Also had braised (?) kale starter, that was WOW, some very well done kale that went down fast and easy!

For my main, I got the three slider plate, and had the lil' p pav, the pork vidalated, and the holy cow, and they were all top notch, with great, careful ingredients and nicely prepped and plated...fries that came along were swell, with excellent dipping sauces.

One thing I noticed was my companion's lemonade, which by the end of the meal was pretty close to salt water taste after melted ice...I guess I did not expect the level of saltiness from a drink, but kinda makes sense.

The price point might seem a bit (and just a bit) dear, but the care and thought that went into the food and the prep justifies it, in retrospect...plus, running a restaurant can't be hugely profitable and they deserve a fair return and to be able to take care of their employees in a dignified way...so, no problem with cost, from my angle.

Service was friendly and professional, very attentive but not intrusive...I liked the place and will be back!

Thanksgiving options in Marin...Rancho Nicasio, Pelican Inn (Muir Beach), etc

In a move that stuns me (turning away from the lure of a buffet! Who is this?!?!), I am going with Rancho Nicasio. Wanted a unique and relaxed setting, and I'm sure they will make the plates generous enough.

They were nice when I called for more info, and I had a premonition of Pelican Inn being real crowded, full and not copacetic...I hope both spots do a booming business, and that Poggio El Paseo, and Yankee Pier also do swell...checked those spots out, as well, and they looked very solid. It would have been helpful if all the spots had listed a menu for Thanksgiving, even the barest outline...oh well.

Happy Thanks-hounding to all!

Battle of the Concord delis...Parma vs Luigi's...and the winner is

Just a bit at both spots...maybe a bit more at Luigi's, Parma only has four (or five?) two/four tops, and it's tight-ish.

Battle of the Concord delis...Parma vs Luigi's...and the winner is

...btw, those of you wondering where Genova Deli is in this battle royale, it's nowhere!

Place is not representative of the proud Oakland-Temescal namesake; much closer to the overpriced, fake Walnut Creek location!!!1

Battle of the Concord delis...Parma vs Luigi's...and the winner is



3521 Clayton Road, Concord

After four visits to each place, both of which are family places with many positive attributes, I will give the slight edge to Parma after last week's tantalizing hot pastrami and cole slaw (smoked cheddar and fixings, toasted sweet roll), which was the best sandwich I have had in quite a while!

Places are pretty close to one another, happily...good to know both have existed for so long, doing their thing for their devoted fans...

One edge that Luigi's (2709 Clayton Road, Concord) had over Parma was the salads, like shrimp salad, crab salad, etc...Parma trots out a weak seafood salad in comparison, but at least it's expensive too! (sarcasm


Both joints have the requisite steam table pastas and hot stuff, which are good if not mind-blowing...but hey, sometimes you just want simple and satisfying lasagna or ziti. They also offer good daily specials and value; the dollar is still strong on Clayton Road. Both also sell many seemingly imported Italian goods of the non-perishable variety, for those thus inclined.

Nice staff at both; business-like and friendly, and even long lines move rapidly and I never saw anyone leave because of the lines: tells me that people know the quality and value and don't mind spending a little extra time to get it!

Thanksgiving options in Marin...Rancho Nicasio, Pelican Inn (Muir Beach), etc

Got it, jillju...I will look into that place as well...need to call Rancho Nicasio and see what they are up to

EDIT here is Nicasio's offering...less dough, not a buffet


Recommendations for mid-range sushi? [San Francisco]

Agree on the Suhi Sam rec, and over on Piedmont Ave in Oakland is the reliable and very worthwhile Geta Sushi...Man Puku on College in Berkeley also solid and reasonable