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I'm an avid sailor often at sea for 60-70 days at a stretch. Many of us in the sailing world have used these bags for quite some time to keep our produce fresh until we make our next port of call. Fresh fruits and veggies were unheard of after 10-12 days underway. These bags are a miracle for us, extending the life of produce three fold. Would never consider getting underway w/o them. They're a true blessing!!!

May you have calm winds and following seas through out 2008 and beyond!

Jan 10, 2008
bajalover in Cookware

east county San Diego?

You gotta be kidding me!!! We east county folk know how to eat!!
For Mexican that is better than any upscale, expensive & usually generic restaurant check out La Palapa in Lakeside (Happen to have their matches in my pocket with the info: 12169 Woodside Ave. Lakeside CA 90240) Their house margaritas don't need to be stepped up or doubled. Order one on the rocks for fun. If you want to get stupid, (as I do) have a second one! They're 5 bucks apiece & the best this side of the border. The most incredible chile rellenos this side of Baja. Never a bad meal and such a quaint place located in a strip mall spitting distance from Jack in the Box! You gotta check it out!!!

Apr 12, 2007
bajalover in California

ostrich anyone?

Swing by Iowa Meats on Mission Gorge Rd off I-8 in Mission Valley. They have ostrich along with almost every kind of critter you could want. As far as beef goes, their Delmonico is to die for as is their flat iron steak.

Apr 12, 2007
bajalover in San Diego

Microbreweries/brewpubs in Northern CA (North Coast)?

I agree w/ Fiddler. Mendocino Brewing Company ( is the best around. Their Red Tail Ale is the bomb. Sit outside at the picnic tables have a burger for lunch with an awning of hops overhead and chill out.
After leaving there my husband had me on the prowl for hops to grow at home. I found some beautiful Cascade variety that are popping up already this season for the 3rd year.

sorry to get off track Benny, but the hops in Hopland are addicting as is this bitchin brewery! Happy Travels.

Apr 12, 2007
bajalover in Beer

Good source or unglazed stoneware/earthenware pot (with lid)?

Hey Litchick,
Glad the post was helpful. Just rec'd a covered roaster from 'cooking enthusiast' . com. It's the bomb. Cooking a chick in it 2-nite. Check out their website for other pieces. Also look at and I'm addicted & the UPS man is wondering what the H is up with the frequent deliveries, the neighbors are starting to talk!!

Mar 22, 2007
bajalover in Cookware

Where to go for a crab feed?

Consistently great food, great view. Linen but not fancy. Love their cioppino too, best I've ever had except what I make at home.

Where to go for a crab feed?

Scoma's on the Wharf

keeping qualities of alcohol based drinks

I concur, don't cook with something you wouldn't drink.

Feb 21, 2007
bajalover in Spirits

Good Label, Bad Wine

I agree. The worst wine I've ever tasted was last week when I picked up a bottle of "Mick Fleetwood's" wine. Horrible! Didn't even have his name on the cork.

Feb 21, 2007
bajalover in Features

Good source or unglazed stoneware/earthenware pot (with lid)?

Pomaireware is THE way to go. I've cooked in clay pots from Mexico for years but their glazes contain lead and when new leave lead floating on top of food. Ask my friends about "silver beans" I'd made for a fiesta. (After cooking them for hours I had to throw them out so as not to poison my pals). I doubt it would be a problem with frozen foods but I wouldn't trust them. Pomaireware is the best!

Feb 20, 2007
bajalover in Cookware