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what is everyone cooking for valentine's Day?

First i will be making my own raspberry flavored vodka w/ orange zest, frozen rasperries and ketel one vodka. Add some sparkling water or sprite and we will see what she thinks of another take on her favorite drink.

As a first course we will start with a lobster cocktail w/ surpremed citrus, red onions, mint and a citrus vinaigrette.

For the main course I will be grilling a steak and lathering it with a balsamic bbq sauce and serving it with a baked orzo pasta dish w/ peas, prosciutto and bread crumbs, a mixed green salad, and homemade garlic bread.

My SO will be handling the dessert aspect of the dinner.

Good Luck To All!

Feb 13, 2008
emh237 in Home Cooking

Quality, Quick Dinner Around 34th and 7th Tonight

Will be in neighborhood and need a place for a quick dinner. I do not know the area well and do not want to just blindly choose. Mid-Priced and pretty flexible on type of cuisine.

Dec 05, 2007
emh237 in Manhattan

Urgent!!: Light Bite, Small Plates, After Movie, Around 72nd & 3rd

Going to be getting out of a movie in the neighborhood around 9:30pm and want to find a nice place to grab a little bite to eat with a date. Ability to converse is very important. Nothing extravegant or overly romantic just a nice place. Mid - Range price but type of cuisine is not important.

Oct 31, 2007
emh237 in Manhattan

Friday Night Date, No Alcohol, But Good Times

Type of Restaurant & Cuisine does not matter. Price Range would be moderate. Something nice but nothing that willl break the bank

Mar 29, 2007
emh237 in Manhattan

Friday Night Date, No Alcohol, But Good Times

I will be going on a first date tomorrow night but we will not be drinking. I will be meeting her around the Porth Authority Area but can really go anywhere. She will be bringing a friend so i am looking for a place that will allow for good conversation and is fun. I was thinking something along the lines of maybe Chumleys, Dylans, etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am typically used to just making a night out of good food and drinks but feel like I need something a little different on this occasion.

Mar 29, 2007
emh237 in Manhattan

Knickerbocker, Jane, Or Chinatown Brasserie Tonight!!!

Date tonight and debating between these three restaurants. Looking for a place which would allow for easy conversation, great food, no rushed service, etc. I have been to Jane a long time ago and remember good things. I also enjoyed CB but went on an off time when the place was quiet and I have never been to Knickerbocker. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Mar 22, 2007
emh237 in Manhattan

Crumbs cupcakes?

I agree with their normal large cupcakes lacking in the quality department, but they have a variety of 12 different mini's for $16.00 and they are pretty good. Lots of flavor and artistically done. I bring them to dinner parties and everyone gives them rave reviews.

Mar 05, 2007
emh237 in Manhattan

Best Burger Never Mentioned

This weekend I went to Mollys for a buger and was very dissappointed. The burger it self was nice and juicy but basically flavorless. I live on the UES and love grabbing a burger at Doc Watsons. The burger is seasoned to perfection and I love the circular cottage fries.. There is a major difference between having a burger that has been seasoned within as opposed to adding your own salt and pepper. I am just wondering if I am alone in this and if anyone else feels the same about Doc Watsons!

Feb 26, 2007
emh237 in Manhattan

First Date Around West 4th Street Subway Station

Looking for a quiet place to go for light dinner and drinks around the W4th Street Subway Station. Not over the top expensive. The most important thing is to not be on top of other tables, no loud music, comfy chairs, etc. I was thinking along the lines of Jane, Prem On Thai, Crispo, etc. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Feb 22, 2007
emh237 in Manhattan

First Date Between Columbus Circle & Times Square

I am looking for a quiet & comfortable place to go for a first date. I am looking for a place with easy access to the A Train. The place must allow for easy conversation and a comfortable atmosphere. Light Food & Drinks would be perfect but nothing too exotic. Nothing too fancy as this is just to get to know each other.

Feb 20, 2007
emh237 in Manhattan