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Lunch For One in Old Town Alexandria?

On the other end of King St. (toward the metro station) is Brabo Tasting Room (I think that's the one that serves lunch) the peak of lunch, it would probably be too busy to sit and read, but if you catch it off peak, it is a very nice spot. And very nice staff. They have a counter in there to that you could sit at. Across the street is Uptown Cafe - a casual coffee shop. They do serve sandwiches and pastries, but the food I've had has not been very good. They make a good latte though, so I think it would be a good place to sit and read with a cup of coffee or tea. And there's Whole Foods on Duke St. - they've got a large seating area and lots of food options. I often go there for lunch and get the salad bar and read for a bit.

Down back toward the water is "Overwood" - it's very large and has never been crowded when I've been for lunch so that would be a good choice too. Their is food is sandwich/salads type of fair.

Tasting Room
101 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701

? about eggs and expiration date

Thanks to all -- I didn't realize eggs kept that long, so that's good to know.

Jun 11, 2009
mln1968 in Home Cooking

? about eggs and expiration date

I have a dozen of eggs that are marked with an expiration date of 6/13 - 2 days from now. I'm wondering if I hard-boil them, do I still need to use them by 6/13 or will they last a bit longer after being cooked??


Jun 11, 2009
mln1968 in Home Cooking

Tap and Vine -- Lee Hwy in North Arlington

Wow, kids at a family restaurant, what a surprise. (From their web site: Bring the entire family for a relaxing and delicious dining experience in our newest addition to the neighborhood.) If you don't like kids, then don't go to a neighborhood family restaurant. I've seen several posts on this board bashing kids at restaurants--are families supposed to just stay in their houses and not mingle with the rest of society? I don't really enjoy kids "running around" a restaurant either, but short of beating the child into submission, kids will be kids and a anyone who goes to a restaurant that caters to families should know and expect that. If you don't like it, then choose a different restaurant.

Need suggestions for waffles or pancakes with NO egg

Thank you all for your suggestions, links and recipe! This is exactly the info I was hoping for...I will plan to try the vegan recipe on Saturday and hope to have many pancake weekends in my future!

Thanks again!

Mar 11, 2009
mln1968 in Home Cooking

Need suggestions for waffles or pancakes with NO egg

My 2 kiddos are allergic to eggs and, for the most part, it hasn't been too challenging to deal with, except that my 4 year old wants waffles or pancakes like she sees her friends eating at school. I have tried an egg replacer I got at Whole Foods for waffles once, but they didn't turn out very well (maybe I didn't use it correctly?) I have heard that you can use bananas to replace eggs and I think a banana taste in a waffle or pancake would be pretty tasty, but I'm not sure how much to use. I know I can probably figure it out with trial and error, but before I do that, I thought I would check here to see if anyone has any experience with using banana to replace eggs or has any other suggestions.


Mar 10, 2009
mln1968 in Home Cooking

Chicken Shakuti?

The movie was Nina's Heavenly Delights, set in Scotland about a cooking contest and some family situations. I belong to Netflix and it was one of their picks for me and just showed up yesterday. I had never heard of it before, but it was watchable, not great. But the food sure sounded good! I have done a quick menu search on the web for this dish at a few restaurants and don't see it anywhere. :(

Chicken Shakuti?

Does anyone know of any Indian restaurants in the DC area (DC/Arlington/Fairfax) serving Chicken Shakuti (chicken in coconut gravy)? I just heard of this dish in a movie and it sounds really good. Apparently, it's a Goa specialty. I've seen Goan fish on menus, but never this dish.


johnstown PA eats

I'm originally from Johnstown and visit frequently as we have a cabin near there and my family is all still there. I can tell you, there's some slim pickings for good sit-down restaurant experiences there, but there's a few places for some decent food at very moderate prices.

The first place that comes to mind is a Johnstown institution -- Coney Island. Located in the "downtown" area, they are know for their chili dogs and sundowners (cheeseburger with fried egg on top) The only choices for toppings are mustard, onions and chili sauce (they are not shy with the onions, so be forewarned...) Most locals get everything on their hots dogs, but I like mine with mustard only. I love the sundowner and get that with mustard only too. This is a definite crummy, but good type of place. The prices are dirt cheap. I highly recommend a visit here (they are closed on Sundays). They have plenty of seating, but most people do carry-out.

A couple good choices for pizza:
Pappy's -- used to be THE place to go when I was a kid. My DH and I recently took our nieces there for lunch and the pizza was really good (we got deep dish - I *think* you can choose your crust style), as was their stromboli. I think this would be a good place to take a group. Sort of falls into the crummy but good category.
Mimo's Pizza (in Windber, PA - a couple miles away) -- nice little family restaurant. Decent pizza and pasta dishes. Small, not good for large group. Closed on Sundays.

Em's subs -- A small, local chain (I think there are 3 of them) A good place to get carry- out subs.
Tony's sub -- Just like Em's but better (imo) Try their Italian with wet hot and sweet peppers...yum. Also pick up a "gob" for dessert (like a whoopie pie if you're familiar with those). Definitely recommend a sub from here. Closed Sundays. Carry out.

Mexican -
Rey Azteca - All the rage with locals (although I believe it is the only mexican restaurant in town). I think it's just okay--there's a LOT of dishes with LOTS of melted cheese--but it is a decent sit down place to get a meal.

Our Sons -- Known for their chicken (breaded and cooked in a pressure cooker), but I believe they also have a full diner-style menu. Should be a good choice for a homey meal.
Boulevard Grill -- I have eaten here a couple of times and thought it was okay (prices are a bit higher than other places mention here, but still cheap in comparison to this area). If I remember, there are lots of sandwich/pasta choices. I think a solid choice for a family meal.
Five Guys - Yes, there's even a Five Guys in Johnstown. I have not eaten at this location, but I'm sure it's okay.

This is where I'm at a loss....there is a new Panera in town, so I think that would be a good bet. There is also a Starbucks. There a little diner called the Corner Coffee Shop and I have eaten breakfast there once, but honestly don't remember too much about the food -- I remember it was very homey and very friendly service and it was packed, so....

All of the places I mentioned are listed on yelp. Just enter Johnstown, PA as location and click on restaurants and scroll through. There you can find location info, hours, etc.

Jan 28, 2009
mln1968 in Pennsylvania

Quality weekday breakfast buffet?

Hubby and I will be celebrating our anniversary on Thursday and want to have our special meal during the day while our daughter is in preschool. I was originally thinking of lunch somewhere, but then I thought about a breakfast buffet at a nice hotel. The reason for this is twofold...the preschooler is allergic to eggs, nuts and cinnamon, so that pretty much eliminates us ever going out for breakfast, so this would really be a treat for us and while on our honeymoon at the Ritz Carlton on Maui, we had their amazing breakfast buffet daily and we still talk about it, so it would be a nice trip down memory lane.

I see that the Ritz in Pentagon City has a breakfast buffet and I'm curious if anyone has been or has any other recommendations. I know it's not the most romantic setting, but it would allow us to have the rest of the day to take a drive or go to a museum or something (we are taking day off work). We live in Arlington, so anywhere from Fairfax to DC would be fine.

Suggestions of good non-hotel/non-buffet breakfast spots also welcome.



Squirt is alive and well in South Western PA -- it is all my family there drinks! Squirt, Diet Squirt, and Ruby Red Squirt. My brother lives near Gettysburg, PA (about 1.25 hours away) and he also has Squirt regularly. I guess they just do not think there is much of a market for it in these parts. Locally, I have seen Squirt at Westover Market in Arlington and I believe I have seen it recently at Wegman's.

Flavors Soul Food?

My birthday is this week and a group of 4 adults and 1 toddler are going out to dinner Friday evening to celebrate (with cake and ice cream at home afterward). I have decided that I want something simple since hubby and I are going to Eve on my actual b-day and since we will have our 2-year old in tow on Friday. We live in close proximity to Flavors Soul Food and I would love some good comfort food, so that's the place I've chosen for dinner. My questions are: is it toddler friendly and will it be crowded at 6pm on Friday?