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ISO Bread Proofing Basket - under $30

That is exactly the receipe that I am using. I was hoping to find a proofing basket because the dough does have a tendency to stick to the dish towel....unless I use a lot of flour....and then I end up with a beautiful loaf....with lots of flour on it. I might try corn meal or wheat germ and see how that goes. Thanks for the sharing the article.

ISO Bread Proofing Basket - under $30

I have thought about that...but I was thinking the pattern on the bread might be a bit weird...but then so am I. Like bread. I will definately give this a try.

ISO Bread Proofing Basket - under $30

In my search, I did see a LOT of different types of baskets and I was wondering if I really NEEDED a proofing basket. But, if I can find one for under $10...what the heck. If not, my life won't end. :)

ISO Bread Proofing Basket - under $30

I took a look at the website and it looks like a William Sonoma kinda store....which is great...but out of my budget right now. When I get flush again, I definately checking that place out. Thanks for the suggestion.

ISO Bread Proofing Basket - under $30

I was in the basket aisle twice and looked high and low and couldn't find any. I even went to the rattan store a couple of doors up Spadina and couldn't find any there either. I guess they had a run on them and haven't re-stocked yet. :)

ISO Bread Proofing Basket - under $30

I have discovered an awesome no-knead bread receipe and am now looking for a bread proofing basket. I know they are available at Golda's but they want $40....for a bamboo basket! I have checked Tap Phong and Sunshine Restaurant Supplies and came up with bupkis. I will hit that kitchen supply store at SLM tomorrow (they aren't open on Mondays) but if anyone else knows of a place where I search, it would be appreciated if you could share your knowledge.


ISO Potato Skins

Hi Justsayn,

I am enjoying the "perks" of surgery so did not realize you were referencing the Toronto location. I will investigate further. Thanks.

ISO Potato Skins

Thanks justsayn, but a trip to New York is a bit out of my realm right now...what with my hand in a cast and all. Looking for places in east end Toronto preferably.

ISO Potato Skins

Suddenly got a real hankering for potato know....from the '80's....all crispy and full of sour cream, bacon bits, green onions.....I know you want to deny knowing about them but we all had them at least once! :)

Is there any restaurant in TO still selling them and are they within the realm of "fairly decent". Due to recent carpal tunnel surgery, I can't make them myself....and that could explain the hankering too. Surgery + feeling sorry for myself = potato skin hankering. Ya, ya, ...that's it! :)

ISO Christmas Pudding Help

Hi Hounders,

I am bound and determined to make Christmas pudding this year and need some help finding suet and pudding molds. Any suggestions? I am in the central/east end of Toronto but I have a car so location is not a huge issue. As this will be my first attempt, any tips and advice would be great also.

Thanks Muchly,

To the Web Masters

Please lose the "last post" time stamp on the messages. Too distracting.


Jan 31, 2011
Livingtoeat in Site Talk

Eggs bacon chips & beans

The Senator or PJ O'Brien or Duke of Gloucester

What simple cooking mistake inspires disproportionate rage?

Husbands??? Plural??? What, they left one too many empty milk cartons in the fridge and you HAD to whack them??

Too funny!!!

Jun 12, 2010
Livingtoeat in Home Cooking

ISO Indian Candy

While I was visiting Nova Scotia a few years ago, I discovered a company called St. Mary's River Smokehouse. They have a product called Maple Flavour Oven Smoked Atlantic Salmon. It is sooooo delicious although I don't know if it is the same as Indian Candy (have never actually had Indian Candy so can't compare). They have several other flavoured salmon products but the maple is by far my favorite. I have been able to find it at Sobey's and lately at Loblaws. It is usually in the coolers near the fresh fish area. St. Mary's River Smokehouse's website is:

Hope this helps.

best pre-made burger to cook at home

Others may not agree with me (and that's okay) but I really enjoy the PC Angus Burgers. Not easy on the waistline, but really good in the mouth. I hear the PC Blue Menu Angus burgers are good too although I have not yet tried them.

Where to get Raclette Cheese

Hi Hounds,

I am planning my first Raclette party and was wondering if anyone knows of a good source for Raclette cheese. I am close Danforth and Pape but would be willing to travel (not too Missisauga or Pickering) to find a good source.


Canadian Equivalent to Chuck

I would like to grind beef to make my own burgers (bought the Kitchen Aid grinder attachement a few years ago but have yet to use it). I have been able to determine that a combination of "chuck" and "sirloin" make the best ground beef. My dilemma is: what are these cuts called in Canada (Toronto) and where can I source them?


Cheap and Dirty: Thrifty Dive Bars of the GTA

Noah's Ark on Danforth near Dawes. Driven by it hundreds of times but have had the need, want, or courage to pass through the doors. Looks like it has been there....well.....since the original Noah started rounding up all them animals.

Let us know when your doc is finished...would love to see it.

Good luck!!

Overnight oatmeal in a thermos

I read this thread and thought the tip for making SCO in a thermos jar was awesome. I tried it....followed the process to the "t" and I opened the jar the next morning to find a hard lumpy clump of inedible glue. What have I done wrong? Do you cook the SCO for a certain amount of time prior to putting it in the jar or do you just bring it to a boil and then transfer?

Feb 10, 2010
Livingtoeat in Home Cooking

Toronto Visitors

Here are some message strings that were written by/for previous visitors to Toronto that you may find interesting:

To boil it all down for you, good breakfast places downtown are:

The Senator

Aunties and Uncles

The Patrician Grill

St. Lawrence Market is a Toronto foodie's Mecca. Lots a places to grab a bite. Good Chinese can be found in the downtown Chinatown (Spadina and Dundas).

Good luck, have fun, and welcome to one of the most wonderful cities in North America!!

Looking for ABC brand Sweet Soy sauce and a few other Asian ingredients

I think you would be able to buy prit-near every Asian product you could ever wish for at any of the T & T grocery stores. I beleive there are three locations in Toronto.

If that doesn't float your boat, there are five Chinatowns in Toronto....your best bet would probably be the downtown location on Spadina.

Sorry, can't help with the great soy sauce debate.

Good luck and happy chowing!

Where to find British Food?

The original post is a little over 5 years old. I hope she found a supplier of British goods by now!

Coleman's mustard

FOUND IT!!! The Chocolate Box (Donlands just a scooch south of O'Connor on the east side) carrys a lot of Colman products including the mustard.....$3.69 a jar. It is available in their store or you can order it online from their website:

I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier....I live right around the corner from the store!!! Doh!

Coleman's mustard

My bad. Checked out Metro and it would seem that it was Keens that I spied with my little eye. Checked out McEwans (actually found a parking spot!!) and notta. I also went to the Sobeys on Broadview and they didn't have it either. I will keep my eyes open for you (unemployment + OCD = The Great Mustard Chase!). I apologize for sending you on a wild goose chase.

Coleman's mustard

Well now you got me wondering....was it Colmans or Keens that I saw??? The labels are pretty similar.....from a distance....same colours and all. I am pretty sure it was Colmans. Now I have to go back to Metro and find out.

Coleman's mustard

I saw Coleman's at Metro (Don Mills Centre - Don Mills & Lawrence) today. They were lined up on the back of one of those chest fridge/freezers at the back of the store near the fresh meat/seafood section. There had to be at least 20 of the little suckers. I can remember walking by them and thinking, "I like Coleman's because it has a great taste and practically blows the top of my head off....kinda like wasabi". And Metro is open 24 hours.

Coleman's mustard

I was just at Metro (Don Mills Centre -- searching for Old Bay Seasoning) and I saw Coleman's there. I know they have it at Loblaws along with the powder you can mix with vinegar to make your own. Sorry, the gumbo is not on my radar so don't know where you can get it.

Krebs in Whitby

Maybe that's why their website is down. Thanks for the heads up.

Krebs in Whitby

Hi All,

I used to go to Krebs in Whitby about 20 -25 years ago. At the time it was kind of "upscale", at least for us twenty somethings, at the time. Someone suggested going there again but I can't believe it would live up to my memories. Has anyone been lately and is it worth the drive from TO?


Cast Iron Dutch Oven

My dutch oven was not pre-seasoned which is why is was so much less expensive than the Lodge products. I think it was approximately $30. It has no brand name on it anywhere but it does have three small handle on the outside near the top of the lip plus a handle that locks into two of the side handles so that you can carry it with hand.

As you have probably deduced, if you want a pre-seasoned product, you will have to pay extra. If you want to save some money, buy an un-seasoned pot and season it at home. There are really good instructions that can be easily found on the net.

Good luck!