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ISO 5kg box of steel-cut oats @ Costco in GTA

Was at the Burlington Costco today and they had large bags of the Quick Cook steel cut oats (sorry, not sure the quantity but this for $9.99 I believe. Not sure if we are accessible to you out here in the hinterlands but if we are, you are in luck!

Disastrous meal at 28 Lister steakhouse in Hamilton

I drove by last night and the tables were set but it was closed. This morning this on the local cbc.... not looking good.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Was just there picking up some stuff for work and everyone in the line ahead of me was interrogating the poor cashier about this change. You can always still use cash! I only have an amex for Costco and for skipping the line at sporting events where the have a line for such things.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

More in the snack aisles, there were maybe 3 or 4 stacks of boxes of different kinds of "fancy wafer cookies in different packages" - I will make a note of any regional stuff I see out here in the wild west! haha

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Love your posts! Just a note from the hinterlands here, no curd at the Burlignton location that I could find (I looked all over) but a well stocked fancy cookie section.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Weighin in from the hinterlands here, the Burlington location has both the mini variety packs and the full packs of only butter tarts. I didn't buy but they had lots. Was tempted by the butter tarts but I'd have to walk the neighbourhood giving them away so I didn't eat them all.

Prince Edward County 2014 summer season

Depends what kind of breakfast you are looking for. The lighthouse restaurant at the Picton Harbour does a diner style breakfast that is quite good. Also Gus' in town is good too. If you just want a coffee and a pastry then Miss Lilly's at the top of town hill is good for that kind of stuff.

Hamilton near Courtyard by Marriott

Is that the one on upper james? If's a bit of a wasteland up there, I'm sad to say. There used to be a hooter's across the street but I think it has closed.
There is sushi up upper james with the starbucks at Upper James and Rymal which is supposed to be decent for AYCE.
Mostly standard chains up that way, regretably.

Mothers Day Brunch in Belleville or vicinity?

I would give waring house a call, I'm sure they are doing something but aren't great at keeping the info on any media other than the sign outside. If you're up for a bit of a longer drive Lake on the Mountain is always nice.

Mothers Day Brunch in Belleville or vicinity?

Is Prince Edward County too far? East and Main would likely be a good option, not sure if they are doing anything special. If you are looking for sheer volume of food then Isaiah Tubbs - Restaurant on the Knoll would likely be a decent option. Can you give a bit more info about what you might be looking for as far as food and atmosphere?

'Skyview Fusion Chinese' - Sorry folks! Another relatively new kid on the block. This one could be the best 'early-bird' Dim Sum in the GTA?!

I love THW, more or less lived there when I was in Hong Kong in October. Going back in March, can't wait!

'Skyview Fusion Chinese' - Sorry folks! Another relatively new kid on the block. This one could be the best 'early-bird' Dim Sum in the GTA?!

You had me at "Tim Ho Wan"...I'm not even dropping my luggage at the hotel before I go when I am in Hong Kong in March. Will be making the trip out to Skyview to compare ASAP. Thanks for the great review.

Prince Edward County

Hi there, check out this trip report from last summer, it still holds true (special dinner East and Main would still be my best suggestion. Super casual is Schrodeters or anywhere in Picton or wellington or county cide co (great view but on the other side of the county) or Lake on the Mountain (should be open by then but call to find out for sure for both of these options
)The folks who onw East and Main are opening a new place next door but I have not been yet!
let me know if you need anything else!

Hamilton/Burlington Restaurant for wedding lunch

Have you tried The Old Mill? This sounds like right up their alley.

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

Big Fat Burrito (kensington location prefered)
Sandwhich box
The korean bbq place south of Wellesley on Yonge

Current thoughts on Prince Edward County?

I'm struggling a bit to come up with suggestions of places that are actually good (ie. better than average) at that price point. If average is ok then I would say Picton Harbour Inn (see previous breakfast suggestion, but they also have lunch), Budha Dog on Main Street in Picton, Scooner's Fish and Chips (if you like that sort of thing), Lake on the Mountain (about half of the dinner entrees are less than $22), Barley Days Pub (just outside of Picton at the traffic circle). None of these are adventurous in the least but should hit the spot. Lunch is, as one expects, less expensive than dinner so maybe max out the budget by making that your fancy meal? (For my money, I'd do East and Main in Wellington for your fancy's great and not crazy expensive)

Current thoughts on Prince Edward County?

What kind of food are you looking for? Ambiance? There are no "no kids allowed" places in the county that I know of . Can you be a bit more specific with your price range?
Pretty much anything on the main street of Picton would be a good bet, depending on what kind of food you're looking for. If you want the little one to be able to run around a bit you could split a pizza between 2 people at the County Cider Company - seating is all outside and the pizzas are big.

Current thoughts on Prince Edward County?

Just went the other day again. Great view! service slightly spotty on busy weekends and there is a bit of a line to pay at the front (also, if you're paying by credit card and also buying cider, don't use the % tip function, since it takes a % of the total amount, not just your meal!). They offer free tastings of the cider (I like the peach!). I had the humus and olives app (lots of flat bread, I hate it when they stinge!) and then the pollo pizza for the main. Both were great!

Trip report: Prince Edward County (very long)

Big scandal with Barley Days last year, they had brought in a brew master from Germany but he left (or was asked to leave??) when the brews he was producing didn't sell as well (sources unverified, just the local gossip mill). The beer is ok, nothing earth shattering, I like the Pale Ale...all of the beers are very "full flavoured" if that is your thing!

No word on Claramount from my sources

Trip report: Prince Edward County (very long)

They only offer outdoor seating, just fyi. I have heard that the pizza especially good but I've never had anything sub par there. Nothing too complicated just yummy. and the cider is delish.

Trip report: Prince Edward County (very long)

County Cider is amazing. Great view. Amazing food. Sent a co-worker there the other week and he raved.
The east end the county is my area and it's a bit empty as far as places to sit down and eat, sadly. I have been to the Duke...didn't find it as scenic as County's a bit of an overlooked cousin of county eateries, to be honest, but it is pretty low key as far as service. It has been a few years since I've been there.
I have heard sub par things about Wapoos Winery as far as food goes but have not been there myself to verify.

Trip report: Prince Edward County (very long)

So glad you enjoyed the county! I've heard a rumour that those donuts sell for a pretty penny somewhere in Toronto after being shipped out frozen but there's nothing like getting them fresh!

'QUATRE-FOODIES' trying out 'QUATREFOIL' ( long with photos )

Wish I knew you were coming, that's a block from my house! There are a few other places sort of in the area worth visiting (thinking Locke st. in Hamilton, mainly) so you certainly could have done a combo trip but thanks for making the treck west!

Favourite downtown Sandwich?

Anticipating getting some flack, but I love Sandwhich Box. There are a few locations downtown and you can pick bread, meat, cheese, spreads etc.
I am also a big fan of the tuna melt at 7 west (Charles and Yonge) and I have had Tuna Melts by the dozens in my life. This is my all time favourite.

Current thoughts on Prince Edward County?

Cider, all the way Prima! Buddha Dog is great, but more of a snack if you ask me, those dogs are small and I feel weird ordering 3 hot dogs. Maybe just me.

Current thoughts on Prince Edward County?

Spelling it properly might help, sorry! It's Schroeder's market...They don't have a website I'm pretty sure. It is right by Huff Estates if they are on your wine tour. If you aren't going for a meal I highly suggest the donuts. for the harbour inn...Again, my apologies with not actually knowing the name of things! Scroll to the bottom of that page for a sample menu. They have lunch stuff on the menu so I guess you could go there but it's really better for breakfast. If the wait is less than 15 minutes, it's worth it.

Current thoughts on Prince Edward County?

You could also do Schrodeters for some take out. It's a farm market with great home made soups and sandwhiches and lamb shanks to die for. Also great options for the Gluten Free crowd. Good fried egg sandwhiches for breakfast as well. Atmostphere is county quaint...

Current thoughts on Prince Edward County?

Waring house is good but crowded and can be noisy if they have music in (which they usually do. But if you like that kind of thing it's great!). If you are looking for a bit quieter they have the same menu but you can be seated in the dining room instead of the pub which is a bit nicer. The food is decent. but its more about the pub atmosphere if that is what you are looking for.
Merrill in - some love, some (such as myself) have a less than inspiring experience. The food was ok, service was uneven, room was HOT (dress in layers or sit outside. its in a basement)
Can't vouch for the carriage house.
Have you looked at Currah's? Atmosphere not inspiring but food is good.
Or you could do Lake on the Mountain for dinner....I would suggest the strawberry Salad if it is still on the menu (haven't been yet this year).

Currah's Cafe & Restaurant
252 Main Street, Unit 2, Picton, ON K0K, CA

Current thoughts on Prince Edward County?

For Lunch I would do County Cider Company (Bongard's cross road and #8). Lake on the Mountain is over priced and uninspiring. I would stop for a drink on the patio if you really want to go.
Breakfast you want to go either to the Harbor View in Picton (at the bottom of town hill). It is worth a wait, diner style pancakes and eggs. Also, Miss Lilly's in Picton has good coffee and croisants.
East and Main - Make a reservation! Ask to sit in the window. It is all amazing.

Korean takeout walking distance from Spadina and Dundas?

Yummy BBQ is my FAVOURITE. Younge just south of wellesley. So cheap (the lunch special is like 6$ I Think) and I love that they have pictures of everything on the wall. It's next to Asian Bowl and looks slightly dodgy but I promise, totally worth it.

I walk slowly and estimate no more than a 20 minute walk.

Yummy Barbq
522 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y1X9, CA