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Frank Pepe's

we love the original in New Haven and the one in Fairfield is great but the one in Yonkers is inconsistent. we have had a good pie there but most of the time the pie has come out doughy and half cooked. I recommend traveling a bit further to the CT locations.

Good sandwich place?

I'd skip deli delicious - I went in once a few years back and I can't even discuss..... ICK! I know I was not the only one - it was not the food so much as what was crawling on it. Altho, this was a few years ago and maybe things have changed but I just can't go back.

Black Rock Tavern & Moe's on Black Rock Turnpike Fairfield CT

Then this may be worth a drive. Greenwich Tavern has been great so far. Even when we had an "incident" there a week or two ago - they more than made up for it and I'd head back in a moment!

Greenwich Tavern
1392 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06870

Nov 10, 2009
KarenNYC in Southern New England

Good sandwich place?

ok - sorry about not knowing BSF had sandwiches but they so make the best dang burgers within a 30 mile radius.

At least someone verified Katzenberg's is still open in Scarsdale.

Good sandwich place?

NOT fireman's deli - it is called Firehouse Deli and it does a great sandwich but is take out only! It is on Mill Street on the Port Chester/Greenwich border. Burgers, Shakes and Fries is AWESOME but does not have sandwiches - as the name suggests go for the AWESOME burgers.

If you also want a great sandwich, sit down style - go to Rye Ridge Deli in Rye Ridge Plaza in Rye Brook, NY. (I know chow added the address in CT but the main/original site is in Rye Brook, NY).

We also LOVE Katzenberg's on Greenwich Avenue (there is also a location in Scarsdale now) and have found tasty sandwiches at Olive Branch on Railroad AVenue in Greenwich.

Rye Ridge Deli
2267 Black Rock Tpke, Fairfield, CT 06825

Olive Branch Cafe
26 Railroad Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

Mill Street Cafe
107 Mill St, Greenwich, CT 06830

Pizza - Greenwich?

as Pizza goes in Greenwich - the two best are Glenville and Express. I LOVE Glenville Pizza but you have to eat it there to experience the joy. Having eaten pizza around the world (and having grown up in NYC) I will still say Glenville is a great slice place. If you are looking for thin crust, deep dish or "fancy" pizza - this is not the place tho.

Skip Tarry Lodge - the pizza is pretty good but NOT worth it. We love Mario Battali and this place was a TOTAL let down. We have gone several times, just hoping it gets better but alas, nope.

Nov 08, 2009
KarenNYC in Southern New England

Douro in Greenwich

never heard of it. Where is it located??

Nov 08, 2009
KarenNYC in Southern New England

Port Chester: Every great cuisine except Chinese

there are a few good places in Greenwich - close to PC. We like Asiana and Hunan Gormet. Panda Pavillion is hit or miss. Water Moon in Rye is also really good.

Water Moon
66 Purchase St, Rye, NY 10580

Asiana Cafe
130 E Putnam Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

Delivery Around Port Chester/Greenwich/Stamford

You might want to do a search as there are a TON of posts on this very topic. a great place to start your search is seamlessweb - they list a ton of restaurants in the area that deliver. Not sure where you are located but generally if you are in Greenwich, close enough to either Stamford or Port Chester the opposite one will not deliver.

If you give us an idea of where you are we can better offer suggestions.

Bambou, Greenwich Ct

are you talking about Bambou in Glenville located in the Mill? If so, we eat there/get take out from there all of the time. the food is fabulous. The fish is fresh and we also love the cooked dishes. personally, I like it better than Baang - but Baang has been around for ages and has a fun vibe while Bambou is rather new and more quiet.

Garden Catering Opens in Fairfield

I've never understood the lure and obsession with Garden Catering - I also thought that the nuggets were less than nothing special. Weaver's are better IMHO.

Rita's Ice on Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers, now open!

we've been waiting for this for years and Rita's has finally made it out of Philly/NJ to our neck of the woods and it was well worth the wait. it is fabulous - make sure to have the misti - a layered treat of custard and water ice. yum, yum, extra yum!

Need Place Near Greenwich For Rehersal Dinner

there are tons of places - what type of food and price tag are you looking for? as an aside - Greenwich Tavern is FABULOUS we just ate there last week.

News on Pepe's in Yonkers

if you don't want to wait - hit the Fairfield location - the pies are as amazing as New Haven but less of a wait.....

Jfood to Kneaded Bread (P'Chester) - Great, Good and Not So

my kids go ga-ga for the brioche bread!!!!! The ring ding is outrageous.

Downtown Stamford restaurant update

sounds like a major change in Stamford - will have to try them all out. anyone been to any of he above yet? Even tho it was a chain I already miss Houlihan's....

New Sandwich joint in White Plains, MELT, anyone try?

sounds awesome - are they open on the weekends as well or is it strictly a work lunch place?

Rosie's on the River in Port Chester - anyone been there yet?

I was on my way to the movies and saw Rosie's on the River and was wondering if anyone had been there yet. I saw the placard outside and the specials looked interesting - sounds like a good pre or post-movie restaurant but I wanted to see if anyone else had been there before heading in.

White Plains

we love Nessa in Port Chester, about a 10-15 minute drive from White Plains. There are also a number of great places in Greenwich and Rye - will you have a car and how far are you willing to drive?

Peniche - WOW!

sounds like it is well worth a trip!

Any suggestions on Arthur Avenue?

sounds yummy - guess this is the place to be!

Apr 18, 2009
KarenNYC in Outer Boroughs

Looking for Lobster (Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk/Westchester area)

yum yum, double yum! makes me want to go right now. anything else new on your radar that is a must dine???

Any suggestions on Arthur Avenue?

where is that located (obviously I know it is on Arthur Ave 0 but was wondering where).

Apr 17, 2009
KarenNYC in Outer Boroughs

Little Italian Restaurant - Byram Closing

a shame as we never made it That Little Italian for some odd reason but I am VERY excited for what will hopefully be a good mexican as I have yet to find one I like around here. The group that is opening the place there has mostly hit homeruns with their other restaurants so I expect good things.

also, I disagree about "upscale" meaning expensive - I am sure it won't be outrageous (even Tarry Lodge is not obscene) but I am sure the rent there is substantial....

Any suggestions on Arthur Avenue?

It has been ages since I have headed to Arthur Avenue for a meal but friends of our suggested it as it is between our homes in LI and CT (sort-of) and I was hoping the hounds could suggest a food good choices. Of course I am looking for fabulous pasta and bread - a carb lovers paradise but I am open to any and all ideas!

Apr 17, 2009
KarenNYC in Outer Boroughs

Looking for Lobster (Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk/Westchester area)

I always welcome jfood and laylag's suggestions as we always seem to be on the same wavelength. sadly I did not get the responses until AFTER we went out. I called FISH (which we love) and Morgan's in Rye. Should have gone to FISH but forgot to call to have the order the 2 pounder for me.

we went to Morgan's - the food was fabulous but oy.... w had an 8pm ressie and got seated at almost 9pm!!! I had the soft shell crabs special and it was to die for. DH got the scallops with risotto and I was jealous as it too was tasty. Mom got the lobster (not on the menu but they have it) and was thrilled.

If I had known how trendy (loud and "see and be seen") I would have gone elsewhere as mom is not usually a big fan of loud but she had a great time and now I can hit Gus's, Sono, Aquario etc...

can't wait!

Any other good restaurants in Port Chester?

well - you could get something for a bit more at Nessa but it is totally worth it. YUMMMM.... I would be interested in hearing you Tarry Lodge is as we have been 3 times and were totally unimpressed each time.

French Fries & Where to get Brioche Breads & Rolls, etc

wish I had advice for you on the fabulous frites and I am looking forward to hearing the responses. I find the best bread at Kneaded Bread in Port Chester.

Looking for Lobster (Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk/Westchester area)

actually the place I was referring to (and have now since looked up) is Gus's in Harrison. has anyone been there recently?

Looking for Lobster (Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk/Westchester area)

Ok all,

I need some serious chow help here. My mother's birthday is this saturday and she just decided that she is REALLY in the mood for lobster for her birthday. any good reccos? Is Greenwich Lobster house any good? I also heard about a divey seafood joint that is supposed to be fabulous around here but forgot the name.

HELP! any and all suggestions for a good seafood place or some good lobster would be VERY appreciated.