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DBGB for one?

thanks to you both

Aug 12, 2010
dandushy1 in Manhattan

DBGB for one?

Am in town and want to go but am wondering is it possible to eat alone at the bar here? Also will I be able to order off the dinner menu or be limited to the bar menu, and can I just walk in, no reservation, since I am by myself?

Thanks for the info!

299 Bowery, New York, NY 10003

Aug 11, 2010
dandushy1 in Manhattan

Raw Food restaurants in Palm Beach and Broward

so, a while back the palm beach post reported on two restaurants in the area that are strictly raw food restaurants. One was in Palm Beach and the other was in Fort Lauderdale but I cannot remember the names. I thought one was at the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm but there is no mention of serving lunch on their website so hopefully there are some chowhounds in the area who can help. Thanks!

Jan 06, 2008
dandushy1 in Florida

Has Taverna Opa gone downhill?

Thanks for all the replies, I definitely never thought the food at OPA was the star of the show but remembered it being decent to pretty good, with a fun atmosphere, however read on this site that food was coming out cold or not arriving at all which to me puts a damper on the meal. Anyway thanks for the franchising insights from all, we ended up at Bluepoint at the Seminole Hardrock, food was fine but not sepctacular, we ordered the fish tacos, mahi mahi, chicken, and calamari. Nothing too memorable but all fine and the service was quick, friendly and all requests were honored and executed perfectly. We chose the Seminole thinking we would be able to go from dinner to something with more of a party atmosphere but at 9pm on Saturday night the whole place was while not dead, pretty subdued. Our server said thats how things are the first week of January but still ....

Jan 06, 2008
dandushy1 in Florida

Has Taverna Opa gone downhill?

Was thinking of going to either the hollywood or ft. lauderdale location tonight for a birthday dinner but have been reading on this site that the food quality hasnt been so great. i have always enjoyed it but its been a few years so anyone who has been recently please chime in!

Also any other suggestions for dinner in broward county tonight would be great. Please no italian. We are looking for something that is not too expensive (ideally where the entrees are under $25) so many of the las olas restaurants are out. East or West Broward doesnt matter. There will be four of us and we like pretty much everything but do not eat shellfish. Thanks is advance.

Jan 05, 2008
dandushy1 in Florida

Lychee Time!!!!

I bought a box of lychees at whole foods in boca raton last week. They were $2.50 for a box the size of a strawberry or blueberry container.

Jun 30, 2007
dandushy1 in Florida

Boca Raton/ Delray Beach : Restaurants with vegetarian-friendly menus?

maybe greek?

Feb 20, 2007
dandushy1 in Florida

Help need no pork, no shrimp dim sum in SF

thanks for the help, i saw a menu online from ocean restaurant on clement, that seems to have a lot of viable option, are they any good?

Help need no pork, no shrimp dim sum in SF

i dont eat pork or shrimp where can i find good dim sum in the city to accomodate this need?

best breakfast with a twist in SF

hey will be in san francisco for four days and am wondering about places that do an interesting breakfast. Somthing different than the eggs, potatoes bacon thing.
I read about Kate's cafe , any ideas?

3 night 3 days in san francisco

I am going to be in san francisco from thursday afternoon to sunday afternoon on March 1st-4th, flying in from florida.

would like to try dim sum, as there is no good Chinese in south florida, but do not eat pork or shell fish, are there enough non pork/shrimp options to make a good dim sum meal? If so where/which ones.

Also I am meeting a friend on saturday who is from out of town and vegetarian what are good options, we are students and so would appreciate restaurant suggestions that are not super expensive.

We will be without a car so please only places in san francisco.
Otherwise any general recommendations would be appreciated and also places that make creative breakfasts.