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Cronuts where

No. Don't think they would ever do anything as faddish as cronuts. As you mentioned the donuts are made the same there as in the Eisenhower era, really before that. I've included a link with a menu. Very basic, very good, website says they go back to 1936.

Cronuts where

I highly recommend Primo's. I used to stop by on my way to work early in the morning around 7 and pick up a few. The one that stood out was the Buttermilk Bar. Going in early allows you to get them fresh and still steaming hot. They actually fogged up my windows. The taste was a ten experience for me, hot, crisp on the outside giving way to moist softness on the inside w/a very clean fried oil taste and only slightly sweet. I have not had them again as I want to savor the experience in memory.

Favorite All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant?

I suppose that Hometown Buffet should be mentioned. I go for the Seafood Salad which may be heavy on the mayo but has plenty of fake crab. I also have the guilty pleasure of their fried chicken which is usually in heavy rotation and always hot. Soup Plantation cheap this place has had one major drawback for me lately; way too much salt.

Costco - Mexico coke

Thanks for the quick reply. Is a 'new business' Costco different than the other? Does it only sell to retailers? Thanks again

Looking for Mexican Coke in/near West LA

I've just posted on a couple of other threads that the Inglewood Costco is no longer carrying Mexican Coke & said none of their other stores are either. They sold it for less than $20.00 a case w/tax & CRV. Is this the truth? My price point is a $1.00 a bottle or less so if someone knows where to buy The Real Thing in the South Bay area please share. Also for those who suspect that they may be buying HFCS Mexican Coke look on the bottle cap for AZUCARES & you should be fine. Thanks.

Mexican Coca Cola Alert

I've been buying Mexican Coke @ the Inglewood Costco for the last two years & when I went in there last week they said they no longer carry it & that none of their stores have it. It this true? I am fairly certain it is real Mexican Coke as the first ingredient listed on the stick-on label is sugar as well as on the bottle cap. It was bottled in Mexicali & definitely has a clean non-HFCS flavor. Any other places in the South Bay to buy Mexican Coke? Thanks.

Costco - Mexico coke

It seems the parties over. I first posted in Sept. 07 that Costco in Inglewood was selling Mexican Coke by the case. Well after two years they have stopped & said none of their stores are carrying it. So my fair cost outlet of less than $20.00 a case has dried up. Is there any place else to buy Mexican Coke in the South Bay area for a $1.00 a bottle or less? Thanks.

REVIEW w/ pics: Oki-Dog

Nice post Tom P. That is the traditional way to enjoy an Oki-Dog. Oki-Dog was an "OP" (original punk) place to eat back in the early eighties in LA and I enjoyed it the same way then that you did now, only at the since closed location on SM Blvd. There was nothing quite like finishing a night of listening to Top Jimmy & the Rhythm Pigs at the Cathey de Grande (a sweaty pit of flesh and noise back then) totally slammed, and then heading over to Oki-Dog at 2am for one of the cholesterol laden bombs that you described. The food aways seemed to match the music; intense, over the top and great for what it was.

What's Good to Eat at Arnold Palmers in La Quinta?

Hello All,

I have to go to an offsite event for my job in Palm Springs this coming Sunday the 7th and will be eating dinner at Arnold Palmers Restaurant in La Quinta. As there is no choice in the matter I wanted to make the best of the visit by finding out what are the best dishes there to eat, both meat and non-meat items (there are some vegetarians in the group). There really is no choice in the restaurant so limit your responses to what you know about this one in particular. Thanks chowhounders.

Oct 02, 2007
angelatmytable in California

Al Noor -- Pakistani in Lawndale and Halal Market on Sepulveda in CC

We have been eating at Al-Noor for almost 8 years now, since Jonathan Gold first published a review about it. Michael and I have been discussing the differences between Indian and Pakistani food--Indian food is lighter and has more flavor layers. Pakistani food is bright and intense--and usually significantly richer. If you want an idea of the difference between Pakistani and Indian food, a good item to compare is sag paneer versus palak paneer. They are both same dish--spinach curry--but the Pakistani palak paneer is rich with butter, cream and tomatoes, highly-spiced, incredible on nan. Sag usually is more spianch-y, more watery, lghter body, lightly spiced. (I guess you can tell which we prefer by that description.) The chicken tikka masala--tandoori chicken pieces floating in a rich cream-tomato curry sauce--is one of Al-Noor's signature dishes. If i knew I were going to die tomorrow, I would be in Al-Noor chowing down on chicken tikka masala, palak paneer and nan tonight.

A few years ago, Al-Noor expanded their menu to include non-Halal dishes, such as shrimp tikka masala. So, if you are looking for a place that it totally Halal, you might want to go to Al-Watan. Amazing kabob there.

Costco - Mexico coke

I just returned from the Inglewood Costco mentioned at the beginning of this thread and they do have 12oz bottles of Mexi-Coke in cases for $17.99 + $1.20 crv. I bought a case and they have plenty more. They're located on Century Blvd. across from Hollywood Park at the back of a shopping center (see the link).

3560 W Century Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90303

Place to buy Pure Cane Sugar Pepsi? Dr Pepper?

I'd posted a query about buying Mexi-Coke in the South Bay about two months ago but received no response. Your finding Mexi-Pepsi however is a good substitute. I did finally find Mexi-Coke at the price I was will to pay ($1.00 a bottle) at a Vallarte market in Santa Clarita where I do business once a month. Here is the thread regarding the Mexican Coke that I posted on from before (apparently some Costco locations do carry it for about $18.00 a case, just none I've been to):

Glacier Ice Cream/Gelato in Manhattan Beach

I just visited here tonight for the first time and wanted to report that I found the American style ice cream excellent, on a par locally with Fosselmans on a good day, as another writer here has mentioned. I had two ice cream flavors; Honey Maple and Death by Chocolate. The Honey Maple was great; dense, rich & very creamy, not too sweet with a smooth, not strong maple taste. The Death by Chocolate was gooey, rich and delicious with fudge ribbons and their own homemade soft chocolate chunks studded throughout the ice cream. I would have to agree with another writer here and say that the ice cream reminded me somewhat of Ben & Jerry (at least the chocolate I had) in that the flavors tended to be strong. The chocolate also reminded me of another great local favorite Lamperts, though they have slipped over the last year or so and the chocolate they now serve is milk rather the rich dense dark chocolate they used to have. I will be going back to this shop often as it is by far the best new ice cream destination we have in the South Bay area.

As for the Gelato, my significant other had the Chocolate Hazelnut. The hazelnut flavor was very pronounced and the texture of the gelato was smooth and rich, similar I thought to the ice cream. I've had gelato both in Italy and in good shops here in L.A. and this was not exactly gelato but otherwise very good in flavor. I did also try the Valhrona sorbet because I had not seen anything quite like it before and it had a clean, light but intense flavor with a great aftertaste. Combining this with one of their fruit sorbet flavors would be a real treat for next time.

Glacier Ice Cream & Gelato
1605 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

What's the Best Cake at Amandine?

I am looking to order a small round cake (8 to 10 inch) for the significant other's B-Day on Saturday. She really loves Chocolate and with all the good word about Amandine on the boards and their being only a mile from where I work I wondered if someone could recommend something there. Thanks hounds.

Amandine Patissiere
12225 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Costco - Mexico coke

Ok everyone I know for a fact you can buy a case of Mexican Coke at Beverage Warehouse in Culver City for $28.00 or so a case (they also have Mexi-Pepsi but I'm not sure of the price; please check their link on this post). Now I have so far not bought it there hoping find it in the South Bay or Westside for the $18.00 that's been mentioned on this thread. I've been to three different Costco stores (Santa Clarita because I go out there on weekends for business, Torrance & Hawthorne) and one Smart & Final but no luck. If anyone knows of a good Mexican Market in the South Bay that might have it holla back. Because of the price of gas it has to be on the Westside where I work or the South Bay where I live to be cost effective.

Beverage Warehouse
4935 McConnell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Attention South Bay Beard Papa Fans: New Location

Thanks. I noticed they only filled the cream puffs. If the bakery is at the other location then I hope the results are even better than before.

Attention South Bay Beard Papa Fans: New Location

According to my SO, who tried to buy me a treat today, the Beard Papa located in the Marukai Market on Artesia in Gardena has moved to a new location. The new address is 1620 Redondo Beach Blvd., still in Gardena and located between Western and Normandie (x-st, Denker). My SO was crushed as she had a jones for one of their chocolate eclairs and didn't have time to get to the new location. Enjoy one for her.

Delicieuse - French Ice Cream in the So. Bay (long)

I've looked up the name and it's Crema Dolci located at 1820 S Catalina Ave #103. I agree the favors are very good there and it's the other place we go down in these parts for gelato style ice cream the last few years. However, the few times we've asked, the counter girl who serves us there states that the ice cream is made offsite by a gelati maker in LA. That doesn't mean it's not tasty but it is a richer style than Delicieuse, who does make their ice cream on site according to the owner I spoke to today. The Cajeta (sp?) flavor they have at Crema Dolci is great and always seems near empty whenever we go there.

Delicieuse - French Ice Cream in the So. Bay (long)

Both my SO and I have been Chowhounders for only a few months and have not made that many posts because, frankly, there are just not that many places in the South Bay (the area south of LAX & west of the 405/110) that qualify as Chowhound establishments, especially for ice cream. So my discovery today of Delicieuse in N. Redondo Beach was quite welcome. Others have posted here about it in detail, one in particular about a year ago if you want to search. However, I first read about it on another post from yesterday that I think has since been removed.

I'll skip the description of the atmosphere of the place, detailed in the other post (unique, like someone's living room) and go straight to the ice cream. While the ice cream is described as french, it reminded me of gelato. We sampled quite a few flavors as one of the family members who served us is very generous. Although all were tasty (strawberry, maple, caramel w/salt) we ended up buying chocolate millionaire (rich, dark chocolate without being biiter), a mixed berry sorbet (absolutely fresh fruit), hazelnut (very nice) and coconut, a new flavor made with goat's milk and coconut. The coconut was the standout flavor of which the owner was very proud. This flavor was full, smooth and fragrant w/out being overly sweet. This flavor alone makes it a Chowhound destination.

Although Delicieuse is located on a major street (Artesia Blvd), it is not that easy to find. And it is only open for limited hours Friday through Sunday. Still, if you find yourself in that neighborhood when they are open, it is so worth the effort. Check their website at for the exact hours. According to the owner, the days of the week and hours may expand this summer. There is one caveat that I must add; I found the ice cream pricey at about $2.95 per scoop. For this reason I still find Scoops near LACC my favorite for value, taste and inventiveness (plus the owner seems to be on a mystical quest for the ultimate flavor).

Neighborhood Joints

I would have to say Eat at Joes in Redondo Beach, close by my neighborhood in Hermosa. It is mostly very popular for breakfast and lunch with big crowds. However it started serving dinner a couple of years ago and the crowds haven't shown up in the evening. My significant other and I eat dinner there about twice a week and the food, while only reaching the level of good and sometimes very good (pork chops, burgers, country fried chicken), is always satisfying. The real draw though is the crowd, old South Bay working class consisting of cops, fisherman, the few remaining aerospace workers and the occasional homeless person with just enough coin to enjoy a cup of coffee, a friendly space and the Lakers game the tv. The waitstaff is friendly to all.

Best Banana Cream Pie in LA??

Thanks. Also nice tip for the "Best Burger" post though I thought only I knew about B&R. I guess Chowhound will be teaching me that no place is a secret. They do have the best turkey burgers in my opinion though the service can be measured using tree rings (the fries weren't bad either they day I went).

Good Sushi on Redondo Beach Pier

Thanks for the post. My S.O. and I are always looking for good sushi locally. Most of the time we end up in Gardena but we are blessed in the South Bay to have such a sizable Japanese community. Additionally the International Boardwalk is a great place with an "I'm not in Los Angeles anymore" type of feel to it. I used to work there at one of the restaurants and it's a very tight knit community where everybody knows everybody else and the atmosphere is quite friendly.

Best Banana Cream Pie in LA??

This will be my first post to Chowhound. I'm an LA native and kind of a Foodie novice but I do love Banana Cream Pie. I cannot vouch for Apple Pan or Pie n' Burger since I have not had them (forgive me LA but I am a novice). I will try the Apple Pan though because all the banana creme pie I've had across the country has had whipped cream (I'm one of those Jan & Michael Stern 'Roadfood' types that take the book on those rare times when I can afford to travel; the Fairview Cafe in Wahoo Nebraska rocks for pie or at least it used to and they didn't even know they were in the book which was even better). In the past the best banana cream I've had in LA is at Dinah's at the intersection of Centinela and Sepulveda near LAX. It really reminded me of great pies I've had in diners in the South & Midwest. Unfortunately it's gone downhill since they no longer put whipped cream on top unless you ask for it and generally the quality is just less than before (it's lacked freshness). I've tried Susina recently and loved their pie, agree with other poster and would recommend it but it is not really traditional. Jongerrvards (sp?) Bake & Broil on Atlantic in N.Long Beach is another place that might be good since I have had their other pies (their fresh fruit pies are never very sweet though). The real plus there are their cakes which are excellent (and I'm not a cake guy). Be sure to try the Red Velvet sometime.