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Vega in Hartsdale

So disappointing! My daughter and I ended up at Vega for dinner tonight - The first thing I will say is that I will never cheat on Hacienda Azteca again -The service by the waitress was horrible (the guacamole maker and the busboys were fine) - she came by about 10 seconds after we sat down and then to take our order - She walked by a number of times but did not stop to ask how anything was - (Tasteless!) - I got up to get dessert menus and then asked another waiter to find our waitress so we could get the check

The food was bland - The table made guacamole was fine and the chips were fresh - The vegetable enchildas were almost inedible - corn tortilla was tasteless - vegetables were hardly seasoned and were sitting in a pool of liquid (that's what happens when you use zucchini) - The churrasco - strip steak - was soft but a little tough, the chimichurri was spicy and uneven in flavor - No one questioned if we liked our food even after sending back half full plates and nort requesting anything be wrapped to take home

The rice pudding was decent but almost frozen in the middle - Mexican coffee was average -

And whoever decided that the time cards for punching in and out belonged in the dining room should be scolded - poor placement choice

anyone remember SHATZKIN'S knishes

There is nothing like a Shatzkin's knish - it was round and soft and perfect at those high tables withe wooden forks -

I can still find a decent square knish around (I still live in New York area - White Plains) but it was the dough that made it -a little gummy but not chewy

Yum! that was my church on Sundays

Aug 09, 2011
MotherBucker in Outer Boroughs

gastronomy kits

has anybody purchased either of these molecular gastronomy kits:

molecular gastronomy starter kit from think geek -

cuisine revolution from saveurs molecule-r

i am looking for a fun gift for a foodie

Nov 29, 2010
MotherBucker in Cookware

New Frozen Yogurt Shop on Garth Rd. in Scarsdale

Just had go greenberry with my daughter - we had taro, plain and chocolate - with mochi chips and honey - very good! not bloomongdale's or fort lee yogurt bars but quite yummy

cooking classes

Renee Cohen - CuisineArts in Mamaroneck

Worst restaurants in Westchester

Globe in Larchmont - memorable for its awful everything -

Onward...White Plains Primed to become America's Sienna, Paris, Bruges, etc.

Have not tried Roberto's but will get there very soon - Hacienda Azteca is my go to Mexican in WP - the salsa is addicting - the margaritas are fresh and tasty - and the food does not disappoint - my only kvetch is that I wish they made the guacamole portion larger - Staff is friendly and helpful -

"Iron Tomato" White Plains

My family and I wandered into the Iron Tomato yesterday and I have been back twice so far - Cappuccino was fresh and smooth - I spoke to the person who took my order and made it - She did not have to call it our or mark up a cup to get it right -and for $2.25 - a nice alternative to the green and brown place around the corner -

The gelatos and sorbets (there were five of us so we had a well rounded tasting) were fresh and tasted like their names (blood orange was tart and refreshing, cappuccino was good coffee, dulce de leche was sweet)

I found the grocery prices comparable to those at other specialty shops - some even lower than expected - A can of French Walnut Oil was only $10 - The pasta selection had my children giggling - Penne Gigante - and I have yet to find Farro pasta at Whole Foods - After a lifetime of eating fresh Cerignola olives and not always having them on hand, I was excited to find them jarred - now I can have an emergency stock on hand

I love the Italian shops in Mamaroneck and will shop there if I am that end of the county but with gas prices rising - I will gladly walk to the Iron Tomato and partake of their wares -

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable - Jillian (at the gelato counter in the evenings) is already familiar with my daughter Maya and her love of little pink spoons -

Let's enjoy what we have and support the effort they have put forth and hope the Iron Tomato does not meet the same demise as Gourmet Garage - It wasn't perfect but certainly had a lot to offer at the time

best barista/capuccino/cafe in lower westchester, PLEASE!

The name is escaping me at the moment - it is next to Schakolad on Main Street in White Plains - It is in the corner of a set back (from the street) bunch of shops - You will enjoy a true Italian capuccino

does anyone still use instant coffee on a regular basis.....

Filter coffee (the pre-packaged things, you mention) are not new - the first time I had one was in Israel in the early 1980's and I am sure they were around way before that - The ones I drank when living abroad were made by Rombouts - I have not seen them in any grocery stores in the States but you can order them online although shipping costs may not make it economical -

Oct 14, 2007
MotherBucker in General Topics

Braids of Gold: Worthy Challah in Westchester

Heisler's Bake Shop in New Rochelle

zeishe's in monsey

Oct 14, 2007
MotherBucker in Features

Newly Renovated Morton Williams

If you are already at Morton Williams and need some Italian fill ins or a good sandwich try Dante's across Central Avenue - I am not sure of the address and the few parking spaces can be a bit sketchy at lunch - The fresh pizza dough is from a bakery in the Bronx and I find it to be a step above Trader Joe's (it is more expensive than the 99 cents ate TJ's)

Cafe Mirage ... I'm worried

Sal's - what happened to Sal's - it is (was-maybe!?!?) some our favorite local pizza

Dinner Sat. Night in Westchester

I am guesing that by now you've already eaten and I hope it was enjoyable - I will admit (all too quickly) that Westchester is not the City (or Brooklyn - my true home) but there are more than a few mostly consistent restaurants and usually yummy (in my opinion) - Moscato and Lusardi's, Le Provencal, Toll Gate Steakhouse, Bengal Tiger, Toyo, Sushi Mike, Trotter', City Limits, Bayou - and I could probably add some more if I sat longer - The ambiance factor of this list is all over but to me an adult-only night out is enjoyable practically anywhere

Lime Pound Cake

Sounds great and I am looking forward to making it - From the looks of it, this recipe is similar to the lemon-poppy loaf I make o I am going to line the pan with parchment - when the cake comes out of the oven I am going to poke it all over with a bamboo skewer and brush it with lime glaze, when it is cool enough to handle, I will put loaf on a rack, carefully remove the parchment and poke the bottom with skewer and brush with glaze and brush sides with glaze - When cake is cool, wrap it and let it sit for a day so the glaze really moistens the cake -

I will let you know if it was successful or cocky

Jul 21, 2007
MotherBucker in Recipes

Lunch in Lower Westchester

toyo's lunch pecial is a great deal and their sushi is fresh

Italian takeout in lower Westchester

dantes all the way!!! the smell when you walk in makes you want to eat!!

Foods you love at Trader Joe's that got discontinued? [OLD]

I miss the Jambalaya in the jar - it made a great quick, lowfat dinner - had good spice - also, I mourn (along with my children) the Strub's pickles, Sandwich Stackers (thin sliced, cold dill pickles) - so yummy straight from the jar - and lately, no rice pudding!! what's up with that

Jul 20, 2007
MotherBucker in Chains

Fairway coming to Westchester, could it be true?

Maybe if all of us stopped trekking to 125th Street and other Fairways - they would consider Westchester a destination - No, I'm not serious - I would go through withdrawal -

Thai in Westchester - Rate Your Best

I agree - Reka's is awful - I don't understand why we don't have better Thai food in Westchester -I would welcome a Lemongrass Grill - the chain from the city - I used to live up the block from one in Park Slope - the smells were delectable - and the food tasty and reasonable priced -

Justin Timberlake: Bringin' Fried Pickles Back

Fried pickles are the perfect appetizer - followed by an Amber Jack sandwich - I'll try the fried pickles in the City but cannot imagine them holding a candle to Buster's in Destin (florida)

Jul 19, 2007
MotherBucker in Features

Root of the Matter

I love Virgil's but my sentimental favorite is Old Dominion Root Beer - whenever we are down in DC - we live in New York - we cross into Virginia and bring some back for old time sake -

Jul 19, 2007
MotherBucker in Features

The Microwave Turns Forty Amid Mixed Reviews

Microwaves are a legitimate kitchen tool - I use mine for melting chocolate and butter and for popping popcorn and also for quickly cooking veggies, reheating leftovers, defrosting soups and stews in a jiffy - Granted, mine sits above my stove and does not take up any counter space - My kitchen is tiny and has very little space to spare so if I had to choose between counter space and microwave - Counter space would win -

If oyu have a crying infant and no white noise machine, a microwave is a great stand in - just don't stand too close, who really knows what micro- waves can do to an infant

Jul 19, 2007
MotherBucker in Features

Kataifi dough in Manhattan?

Try Sahadi (in Brooklyn on Atlantic Avenue but very close to Manhattan) or Damascus Bakery - or some of the other stores on Atlantic Avenue or, if you are feeling like going deep into the heart of Brooklyn (it is very safe) - try Mansour's on Avenue S (I think) - or there are also many shops on Coney Island Avenue around Glenwood Road in either direction

Feb 19, 2007
MotherBucker in Manhattan