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Restaurant Chantecler - Parkdale

agree completely with you, atomeyes.

we live in the area and go around once a month as well. wife and I really like the place and have gone for birthdays.
would easily place it among our favorite places in the city.

but you're right, it's definitely a Parkdale place and not a Momofuku.

Jan 04, 2014
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dinner Reccomendations

Definitely go to Bar Isabel if you can get a table. might be easier to go later in the night. food is served late.
Edulis - but also hard to get a table.
Zakushi. fun japanese bar place for skewers.
for a quick lunch/snack, one of the many ramen shops that have opened up.

Dec 27, 2013
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Cafe Bar Pasta

tried this new place:

fantastic pasta! friendly service, casual environment. decent portions at a decent price.
i loved the papardelle pork ragu and wife loved the tomato tagliolini (vegetarian).
the Kitfo 1st plate was fantastic. definitely surpassed expectations.
meatballs were good. wife really liked the fennel-orange salad.
only downside is that we didn't love the dessert though. had the raspberry chocolate pudding dish.

noticed they had a private room in the basement that appears to seat 10.

i'm already looking forward to our next visit.

Aug 04, 2013
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


went last night for the first time - wow, great burger!
grilled octopus and steak tartare were fantastic.
really enjoyed our meal and would definitely go again.

May 06, 2012
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Federal

Wife and I love the rosti there! She usually doesn't like potatoes of any kind too!
tangerine juice is really good. cobb salad was great.
overall, better than we expected.

Apr 11, 2012
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Enoteca Sociale or Campagnolo ?

Campagnolo for us.
Been twice to Enoteca and have not found anything stood out enough to go back. Nothing bad, but just not for us i guess.

Jan 16, 2012
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

The Caledonian pub on College, between Ossington and Dovercourt. easily the best fish and chips i've ever had. the fish was really fresh and soft inside the batter.

Dec 03, 2011
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What's the best red velvet cake in Toronto?

this would be my vote too. i'm not a dessert person, but their red velvet cake is awesome

Sep 05, 2011
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Porchetta + Co

$9.95 for sandwich and corn on the cob. it was good.

Jun 05, 2011
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Eglinton Grand - HELP????

don't mean to be a spoiler, but good friends of ours recently attended a wedding there and really weren't impressed with the food. we almost booked it ourselves a few years ago, and changed our mind when we heard similar comments from other friends.
i don't know which menu it was.

May 18, 2011
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Beast Tasting Menu - Whole Beast

We've done this twice now and both times have been fantastic. The first meal was with duck and last night we had a private birthday dinner for 24 people with beef. All the guests were happy with their meals and enjoyed the experience. The chef, Scott, works with you ahead of time to arrange the meal with respect to the number of courses and the dishes being served. Service is great. With this menu, they have a $10 corkage fee too. Overall, can't say enough about this concept and am already thinking of our next "beast" to try.

thanks again to the excellent team at Beast.

May 18, 2011
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Food Deal - Lafayette Bistro ($20 for $40) - same owners/location as old La Brehandaise)

we bought this deal and went last week.
we had the french onion soup - pretty good. what i'd expect for a french onion soup. another roasted tomato/garlic sort of a bruschetta thing that was really tasty.
our mains: beef bourbuignon on pasta - not that great. a bit bland. extra sauce on the pasta helped.
duck leg: average
bottle of grenache at $35 was good enough.
overall, not a terrible place, but not something i'd go out of my way for. we live in the neighbourhood so it wasn't much trouble.
the service was really friendly and we liked the charm of the place, cozy and quaint. the prices are not expensive, so I wouldn't feel cheated for the quality of food we received - especially with the voucher.

Jan 19, 2011
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Hong Kong: need a recommendation for fun/hip dinner place.

thanks. will look into it.

Dec 30, 2010
igk in China & Southeast Asia

Hong Kong: need a recommendation for fun/hip dinner place.

We'll be visiting from Toronto over the holidays and meeting up with another couple for dinner. Last time we met up, we ended up at a fine dining place in Central, and the food was great. This time, looking for something a little more casual and fun. If you know Toronto, we're looking for something more of the Ossington/Queen west atmosphere (think converted warehouse spaces, hipster-types, though quaint-and-first date-ish place would be fine as well. We are fans of Foxleys, Delux, Black Hoof, not really Splendido/Canoe). Basically, not looking for fine-dining atmosphere, but want something that would leave an enjoyable impression. no hotels or places where people are in suits having a business dinner.

Type of cuisine isn't that important, but good food is. Price point isn't too important either as long as it is justified by good food.


Dec 26, 2010
igk in China & Southeast Asia

ISO Fresh Roasted Coffee,Daily in Toronto

Full of Beans on Dundas, between Dufferin and Dovercourt. They roast every day. The roaster is right in front of the shop and does 1lb at a time (there are 5 of them). Just recently opened.

Oct 25, 2010
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay- need suggestions

I was in Sault Ste Marie for work this week. Tried:
- Giovanni's: decent, but nothing special. good for the price. didn't like the ravioli too much.
- Panna's: a trendier spot for the Soo. opinions on the food are mixed. had a great steak tenderloin, but wife's whitefish kimchee style wasn't that great. had to send it back because it was really overcooked the first time - i think this may have been the second time in my life that i have send something back, but i have become a bit pickier with my food over the years as well.
- A Thymely Manner: this place is really really good. i haven't eaten at any Michelin star restaurants, but i'm pretty well traveled and have eaten at many places. we had a "nutty duck" starter - amazing. baked brie: really good. veal dish and a bouillabaisse-dish: both very tasty. service was great too. it is really good, hearty food that has a home-cooked quality to it. we couldn't finish either of our mains, and they made for a great lunch the next day. This is one restaurant that i wish we had in toronto.

the people here are really friendly and there are lots of hiking trails around to walk off all the calories. overall, it was a pretty good trip - especially since it was for work.

Aug 13, 2010
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Rosewater Room

was at a wedding there last year and thought the food was quite good. thought the venue was nicer than most halls, and enjoyed it more than most hotel weddings i've been to.

Aug 04, 2010
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Local kitchen and wine bar

was there last night:
- the Ontario Berkshire Pancetta was so good! as described on the menu, maple cured then smoked. it had that nice combination of flavours and it was cut so thin that it just melted in your mouth. one of my favorite things i've eaten this year.
- the steak tartare was good but not exciting, though i prefer it more spicy.
- the Ontario lakefish was perfectly done. my wife doesn't normally like fish, and she couldn't stop raving about it. the skin had a nice crisp to it, and again, this is the one part of the fish she normally would not touch, but loved last night.
- the gnocchi, as described below, very soft and nice texture. flavour was nice, but i would have preferred it to be a bit stronger.
- their special cocktail of the night was very refreshing, a gin and tonic, with cucumber/mint/lime

overall, we really enjoyed our meal.

Jul 18, 2010
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where can I dine near Dundas and Brock that isn't Lula Lounge?

i thought the rotisserie chicken was one of the better portugese chickens i've had around here. we also enjoyed a bean/pork stew dish. i wouldn't call Bairrada a destination place, but more of a good place for a homestyle meal in the neighbourhood. we live right at that corner and haven't really found many restaurants that are walking distance i'd call must-go places.

down on queen, there are the roti shops (Mother India, among the caribbean places). Roncesvalles has some ok places. Local Kitchen isn't too far. but i can't think of much within 1 or 2 streets from that corner. I'm definitely interested in finding some more local places too.

We enjoy grabbing drinks at The Black Dice. Atlantic makes a good Manhattan. Brunch at the Henhouse and Lula lounge are decent enough.

Jun 10, 2010
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where can I dine near Dundas and Brock that isn't Lula Lounge?

We prefer the food at Phoenix (College/Sheridan, SE corner), though it isn't as fancy a place.

Portugese at Bairrada (College, just east of Dufferin) is really good. The backyard patio there is really nice and cozy. Wednesdays they have a suckling pig, though it was sold out by 8:30 when I went a couple of weeks ago.

I haven't tried Naco, but my neighbour tells me the bean soup is really good.

Dufferin Cafe
2917 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6B3S7, CA

Jun 09, 2010
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Anyone attend or have a wedding at the liberty grand or berkeley church?

we went to a wedding once 4 yrs ago. i remember that the fish was quite good. i thought it was a nice venue. we have another wedding there in July, so i can update my thoughts then.

May 29, 2010
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Nota Bene Lives Up to the Hype (Mostly)

the burger is very good, but the wagyu burger is a taste of heaven! it is one of my favorite dishes ever. burger patty, topped with short rib, topped with truffle, topped with a poached egg. for the regular burger, try getting the onion rings instead of the fries - much better.

the tuna tartare there is one of the best in the city.

you're right about the atmosphere, and not my usual kind of place, but the food is so good!

May 27, 2010
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Coffee quest: Is there a Toronto equivalent of Vancouver's Cafe Artigiano?

you've definitely tried many of the better places in the city.
i like cherry bomb on Roncesvalles and Mercury on queen, out in leslieville. Probably Mercury more. Given their hype, i'm not crazy about either Manic or Sam James', but both are more than adequate.

Feb 03, 2010
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Guu is Guu(d) – review + pics

"hoots and hollers." is actually being very polite and welcoming you to the restaurant. This is quite common in most restaurants when I was traveling in Japan.

Dec 31, 2009
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

brunch at Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill at Bayview Village

Went for lunch today...had the chicken and bacon panini...really bland. My wife has been before and she wasn't impressed with the food either. I don't think I'd be going out of my way to go there again.

Dec 19, 2009
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

looking for restaurant for anniversary dinner

I'd have to agree that the decor is very dated and in need of some revitalization. Also would agree with an above post that I think Scaramouche may have my favorite service in the city. Attentive, but not overbearing. Not too formal, like I found at Splendido.

Dec 15, 2009
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

looking for restaurant for anniversary dinner

I think Auberge has the best romantic atmosphere of the places mentioned, but I like the food at Scaramouche better, especially their famous coconut cream pie! Despite all the votes for Scaramouche's famous window seat, I really didn't find the ambiance anything special, though I have used it for special occasions in the past as well. Perhaps it is for a different target age group. I am in my early 30s and I have found that a larger portion of the other diners at Scaramouche could have children my age or older. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, but it is something I noticed.

I prefer the food at Nota Bene over both of the other 2. Can't get enough of their tuna tartare! Nothing special about the ambiance, more of a corporate scene in my mind.

Dec 14, 2009
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Le Creuset Dutch Oven @ Home Sense

i went this morning and they told me it was sold out in the GTA. no rainchecks were being given out because it is a special item. :(

Nov 29, 2009
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Le Creuset Dutch Oven @ Home Sense

Has anyone tried the Kitchenaid 3.5 Qt dutch oven on sale this weekend? It is only $30.

Nov 28, 2009
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Malabari Food Festival at Maroli

I can't make it today, but if anyone goes, can they please write a short review? I can hopefully go tomorrow for dinner.


Nov 28, 2009
igk in Ontario (inc. Toronto)