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Portland for one night

Not my first time to the city but looking to be wowed for my only dinner while in town. Regional cuisine and use of local ingredients is preferred. Suggestions?

Sep 02, 2010
fryguy71 in Metro Portland

Thoughts on kaiseki recommendations in Kyoto

I will be in Kyoto for 5 days in mid-April and looking for help choosing a kaiseki meal for my final night. I'm staying at Yoshimizu on my last night, so would prefer something not too far away but am willing to travel for something worthwhile. Someone suggested Kichisen, but I've also heard Aunbo J is very good (and a little closer I believe). Anyone have thoughts either way? Is there a significant difference in price between the two?

Also, any other recommendations for additional, more moderately priced meals for my stay will be greatly appreciated.


Mar 09, 2010
fryguy71 in Japan

Deerfield or Pompano Beach area

Good food is more important that hip and trendy...used the terms to try and get away from the "old guard" type restaurants, if you know what I mean....

Deerfield or Pompano Beach area

Thanks for the recs. Any thought on Cafe Maxx?

In Delray I went to Tryst. Was very good, but some of three of our dining companions were in a rush, so we didn't get to enjoy it as much as we would have liked.

Deerfield or Pompano Beach area

Hello Hounds.

New Yorker coming to Deerfield Beach next week for one night and looking for recomendations for a good, hip place to eat in or around Deerfield or Pompano Beach (or even Ft. Lauderdale)? Ideally a place with a great foie gras preparation - had a great one in Delray but want to try a new place - and interesting menu.

Thanks in advance.

Miami (not South Beach) eats and drinks

great recs. we're actually staying at the Epic but looking to get out for dinner. River Oyster and Tabacco Road sound like a good pair, and look to be only a few blocks from the hotel. thanks.

Miami (not South Beach) eats and drinks

Looking for some last minute suggestions. Visiting Miami for the weekend and staying near Brickell Avenue. Looking for resturant suggestions that don't involve driving too far and avoids dealing with South Beach. Preferably some good seafood but am open for anything with the Miami flavor....

Also, if anyone knows some good, mellow places to kick back and have some drinks I would be very appreciative.....

Best bulgogi in Manhattan?

Been to Kang Suh many times as well as Woo Lae Oak, but wondering if I'm missing the really, truly great bulgogi in town. Any suggestions?


Feb 19, 2007
fryguy71 in Manhattan