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Best food-driven island vacation?

I have time for a quick trip to the Caribbean and I'm trying to get opinions on which island will offer the best culinary experiences.

I'm less in interested in fine dining restaurants but holes-in-the wall and food-related activities get a thumbs-up. All-inclusive buffet breakfasts are forbidden!

I briefly lived in Turks and Caicos, which boasted a conch farm and brewery - nothing huge but interesting enough. Martinique's rum distilleries also pique my interest. So I'm thinking along those lines...

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Losing my religion (fried chicken)

I have mixed feelings about the new Korean fried chicken shops. The flavor is great but the prices are a little high and the service needs to improve. I suspect that the fried chicken chains in Korea don't charge nearly as much as they do in New York. I paid $13.95 for a plate of wings the other day!

Feb 19, 2007
buddhadrinksfanta in Manhattan