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Delivery in Alexandria?

Ah hah! I knew SOMETHING had to exist for the area. Awesome site... thanks!

Delivery in Alexandria?

One answer to my own question... delivers from 3 local restaurants - one pizzaria and two Chinese restaurants.

Delivery in Alexandria?

Do any of y'all know a delivery service... or non-pizza places that deliver... in the Del Ray/ Alexandria area?

My husband and I used to live in Arlington - and really liked for the occasional dinner delivery. Neither of us are feeling like pizza, and Dr. Delivery doesn't delier to Alexandria.

Now, we're in a new house... have totally ripped out our kitchen (not even a microwave)... and I'm 9 months pregnant, today - and feeling completely pooped. He's busy working on the house while he still has a little daylight and I REALLY don't feel like going back out to order and pick up take out.


Columbia, SC girl's night?

Aww - the Gervais & Vine place looks fun, but I called and they said they don't accept reservations... and that Saturday evenings, they're really busy. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable showing up with a group of 9 and just hoping for the best... would we ever get a table?

Happy Hour in Savannah?

Thanks for the suggestion! We ended up going to the Blue Moon Brewing Co. - and it turned out to be great. There was enough room for folks to circulate, the beer was good... the place did get really crowded as the evening went on - but it was super easy for all of our out-of-towners (most who stayed at the Marshall House) to find. As the place got more busy, the food service got REALLY slow... kinda expected and understandable - but still a little frustrating at the time.

But a big plus for the younger crowd - the ghost tour starts at Moon River... so, after food and socializing with the family, everyone that was in the mood for a bar-crawl just stumbled on out the front door.

Ultimately, it was a great time.

Columbia, SC girl's night?

I'm hosting a bachelorette party in two weeks and am looking for a good girls night out restaurant in Columbia. Any ideas?

Right now, I have reservations at the Melting Pot - I figured it'd be a fun group meal... and chocolate and cheese...

BUT - are there any other really unique or fun places around... any Columbia secrets? Thanks!

Happy Hour in Savannah?

So, I'm trying to decide where to host a Welcome to Savannah happy hour for my incoming friends and family. ...on a Friday, for a good sized wedding crowd that'll come and go throughout the afternoon. I need more than a bar - less than a sit-down dinner. A nice combo of the two options would be great... preferably down by the waterfront... even better, if there's a deck or a view and entertainment.

Any ideas?

There are obviously a lot of straight up bars - but not so appropriate/comfortable to invite the grandparents to. I am hoping for something a little more all-age friendly. Also, there are a ton of great restaurants... many with bars... -but not having much of a happy hour scene. IE - it'd be awkward to hang out for several hours... especially when we'll be starting around 3:30 or 4.

Does anyone know anything about Tubby's Tank House?

What else?

Oysters in DC

Oooh, I definitely like the oysters/happy hour at Old Ebbitt. I totally go along with the previous recommenders on that one. ...not my favorite for full entrees, but oysters and happy hour - they've got down.

Lunch in Old Town?

Oui! So many places to go! If you like chili - the Hard Times Cafe is always tasty. If you want a good beer selection plus good food, try Bilbo Baggins at 208 Queen Street - about a block or so up from the water. If you like sushi or seafood, the Flying Fish on King St. is great. If you like Lebanese, I totally recommend the Pita House at 407 Cameron Street.
Oh - and if you want awesome food with a very cool/eclectic atmosphere to boot, check out the Stardust Restaurant at 608 Montgomery Street. I was very impressed with the food, when I was there about a month ago.

Breakfast in NOVA?

Wahooo! Looks like there's hope for me yet! ...I may have to do a little traveling - but breakfast is not lost after all. :-)
I stumbled across the Silver Diner this morning. Although it's a chain, it was kinda fun - and had a decent crabcake benedict.

Where to eat in DC??

Oooh - go to Annapolis for crabs! There are tons of places, depending on your desired formality. I personally love Cantler's Riverside Inn... very informal, but lots of fun - if you want to spend the evening whacking things with little mallets. Also, Buddy's in Annapolis is fun. -both have great food and are fun, but can get a little noisy at times... so don't go for the nice intimate dinner.

As for IN Georgetown... If you want to try something a little different, Zed's is a great Ethiopian restaurant. Everything your group orders is served family style - on one platter... usually on injera (a really cool - kinda spongy flat bread).

For a nice dinner, I really enjoyed the 1789 Restaurant near the university. It's right over The Tombs - a great little bar... if you're needing to wait for a table or something.

Mie N Yu (Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, some Asian influences, - ethnic fusion) has a really fun atmosphere, and it's right on M Street. I think it would be an entertaining evening, if you're looking for something that would be good for a family. -also very date appropriate. On Friday and Saturday nights, they have belly dancers... otherwise, it has great wine and food - a neat bar area... and again, the atmosphere is really unique. The place hasn't been around that long - so it isn't what I'd consider a local staple - but, definitely worth checking out.

Breakfast in NOVA?

Hey - so maybe this is just the dilemma of a newly transplanted Southern girl... but, does anyone know where to get a good breakfast around here? I'm not talking Sunday brunch. I'm not talking a pastery from the coffee shop. I'm talking - a real breakfast. You know... the kind that I'm beginning to think people up here don't do very often.

Eggs? Toast? Grits (maybe that's a stretch)? ...ok, pancakes? ...although I'm a vegetarian - bacon? You know the type.

I know about Bob & Edith's... it kinda reminds me of the Waffle House. -not that that's a bad thing - I covet the WoHo.
I know about Jack's Place in Old Town... it has become my FAVORITE spot for Saturdays (particularly Saturday... it's the only day that Kelly works - the woman behind the counter. She totally makes the place.) ...but Jack's Place isn't the best for groups over - say - two.

I'm looking particularly for things in the Alexandria/Arlington areas... that has a breakfast menu on a regular basis, vs just as a "Sunday thing."

Any other recommendations?