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Chinatown - Let's seperate the winners from the losers

Golden Stone.

wake up at 3am like me it narrows it down your choices easy. lol

May 06, 2007
r7ug in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best NON-CHAIN pizza, downtown toronto.

Pizza is mood-food, that's the only time I eat it. So depending on my mood I will go to whichever for a different pizza. There are several places near where I live at Bathurst & Harbord:

Pizza Gigi (Harbord Bathurst) - when I want it heavy, sweaty and Rubenesque. Whether you like it that way or not once you've had one you definitely won't forget it.

Mama B's (right next door to Pizza Gigi) - when I want it quick and ordinary, because sometimes I do not want the spectacular, I'd rather have something predictable, reliable. Also the couple who own MB's are the warmest and friendliest people that you could meet, down to earth and always willing to have a chat with you.

Massimo's (College Spadina) - when I want it greasy and salty and so nasty it is good.

Amato's (College Bathurst) - when I don't feel like going to the above 3 or when a cute cashier happens to be standing at the window as I'm walking by. Instead of standing on the sidewalk and staring at her I'll go in buy a slice, doesn't matter which slice you get for they've been sitting on the counter for hours and all taste like beef jerky. I swear, for slices I'd rather go to 967...

Pizza Pizza - when I'm really hungry and on the go, but lately I've been detouring to Ghazale for their veggie plate instead

And I should also mention Pizza Memo that no longer exists, it used to be across from Bloor Cinema where the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant is now, just because *that* had been my 1st choice for 2 years for my weekly pizza fix. They made an excellent pizza, not heavy, not too light, kind of ordinary like Mama B's but a couple of notches more delicious, richer flavour, texture, better cohesion - this was the perfect pizza for me, as if tailor-fitted for my tastebuds. I felt as if I'd finally "arrived". They cooked other things too, sometimes I had their falafels instead. Damn, I remember it like it was yesterday, and I miss the people who worked there too who were from Turkey. I remember saying goodbye to them and wishing them the best of luck on the last week that they were there. Sigh.

Feb 18, 2007
r7ug in Ontario (inc. Toronto)