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Wine & chocolate pairing(s)?????

Since a server brought it to me in a restaurant recently, I've been having Banyuls with all my chocolate. Yum.

Apr 27, 2007
meganw in Wine

Afghan Horsemen (Vancouver)??

same again... and I did just notice that they're opening in a very strange spot just at the entrance to Granville Island - must be what Sam was referring to.

Parkside rec's

I think the little 'room' only seats about 5, but there is plenty of room for groups - the times I've been there, more groups than couples, actually! The chocolate beignets for dessert... must not miss. I've never had anything that wasn't fantastic... Enjoy!

Vancouver-4 nights-July

Wow... you're sure making the most of 4 nights! If you like Indian, try Vij's; I'm also a huge fan of Feenie's and the Gramercy Grill - all are about a 10-minute cab ride from downtown. If you don't get outstanding Japanese where you live, try one of the Guu restaurants. So many meals, so little time...

where to buy fresh or frozen duck breast in vancouver?

I've definitely also seen it at the Gourmet Warehouse (Hastings & Clark).

Where are the best Easter Brunches in Vancouver?

JV, not sure about Easter-specific brunches (are they different than regular brunches?), but I've always found the Sutton Place to be quite reliable - for a buffet. I also have fond memories of brunch at the Wedgewood. Are you looking for a particular neighbourhood? I keep meaning to try brunch at Feenie's, but can never get my act together ahead of time... let me know what you find.

One Vancouver dinner in June

I agree with Jayes... based on food, Parkside wins hands-down. I think a well-behaved 5 year old would be okay at that venue, and I'm sure they would go out of their way to make the youngster comfortable. Fish House is a beautiful venue with a fantastic menu - if you love seafood. As a non-seafood eater, however, I didn't get a lot of love from the menu.

Parkside in Vancouver - where have you been all my life?

Many thanks to all of you who have recommended Parkside on recent posts - we had our first dinner there and can't wait to go back! (I had been back in the Delilah's days, but didn't know Parkside existed - I can't believe I've been missing out all this time).

At the server's recommendation, we each had the three-course menu, sharing a mid and a dessert. Next time, I'll be having my own dessert - the chocolate beignets were heaven. The food was amazing, and the service was the best we've had out in Vancouver in a long time. I'm converted!


Canned condensed milk morphs into Dulce de Leche

Yep, that's why ensuring that the can is always completely submerged in the water is so critical - if the pot boiled dry, the can would explode. I use my pasta pot to make sure there's no chance of there NOT being enough water.

Mar 18, 2007
meganw in Home Cooking

Canned condensed milk morphs into Dulce de Leche

Katkoupai - a typo in my recipe - the can should be boiled for 3 hours, not 90 minutes. But you're right - pretty easy!

Mar 18, 2007
meganw in Home Cooking

Canned condensed milk morphs into Dulce de Leche

The Chowhound Team split this tangent from its original location on the L.A. board.
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I saw a great version on the food network recently... drop a can of condensed milk in a pot of boiling water, and boil for 90 minutes. Make sure the can is always completely submerged, and after boiling, don't open the can until it has cooled. When served warm, it's fantastic!

Mar 18, 2007
meganw in Home Cooking

Need a rec for a nice restaurant near Robson (Vancouver, BC)

I'm with lotuskitty... if you're coming this far and want the Lumiere experience, don't let a cab ride stand in your way! It's really only a 10-minute cab ride.

First date ideas-Vancouver

How about Delilah's in the West End? Great martini list.

Vancouver ethnic food recommendations? [moved from Canada board]

Chambar IS fantastic - a must-try. If you're in the Chinatown area (and not necessarily looking for Chinese food), try Wild Rice (also open for lunch). The Sitar in Gastown is also good, reliable Indian (though if you're coming to south Granville, definitely give Vij's a try).
For Chinese, I go to Connie's Cookhouse in Kits every time - at 4th Ave and Arbutus.

Cake in Vancouver

Sweetie's in Kerrisdale... but it's wise to go early or order in advance.

Mar 12, 2007
meganw in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

How is the Smoking Dog Bistro in Vancouver?

I second the vote for Smoking Dog - great food and reasonably priced. Another of our new favourites is the Gramercy Grill on Arbutus at 11th Ave - similar prices to Smoking Dog and outstanding food and impeccable service. Definitely lots of young-adult friendly menu items.

Visiting Toronto Solo, 1st time...

thanks for the review of Rain - now I'll have to go on my next trip to Toronto. Let me know how your Vancouver dining experience goes (and, of course, where you go!).

Mar 06, 2007
meganw in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Tapas in vancouver

I second the votes for La Bodega and el Patio (as the name suggests, they have a spectacular roof-top patio in nice weather). Latin Quarter was good food the last time I was there, but slightly lacking in atmosphere.
I haven't tried Yew York yet because the name changes so often I can't always get there in time! Would be interested in any reviews...

Vancouver B.C. for 3 days-must eats?

If you like Thai, Montri's is a must - on Broadway near Alma. By far the best Thai in Vancouver (with Thai Away Home a second choice).

Birthday in Vancouver

Feenie's for sure! Very kid-friendly - poutine, Feenie's Weenie, and a $14-hamburger (my husband's favourite). Also lots of adult options. Definitely a favourite...

Can't afford Lumiere: Where do I take my foodie friends in Vancouver?

hey LaGoulue... an obvious second to Lumiere would be Feenie's next door - easily kept to $300 for food, wine, etc... another, recently-discovered favourite is the Gramercy Grill (Arbutus and 11th Ave). Oustanding food and service with an average entree price of $20-25. Also, an excellent wine list. Gramercy Grill is mostly west-coast food with an italian influence. Lemon tart for dessert is fantastic. I also love Cioppino in Yaletown - Italian for sure, and a bit pricier - most entrees in the $25-30 range. Chambar, close to Chinatown, also has great food at pretty reasonable prices. Everyone goes for the mussels and fries, but my favourite was the ostrich tenderloin. Good luck!

Mar 06, 2007
meganw in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Visiting Toronto Solo, 1st time...

hey Cups,
Canoe is outstanding - great food, impeccable service, very good wine list. The desserts don't stand out in my mind, but they're pretty good about changing the menu often. Canoe isn't a steak-and-potato kind of place. The last time I was there, I had the bison tenderloin since I'm not the biggest seafood fan. Expensive, but not outrageous, and absolutely worth every penny. I would advise making reservations, and if you're from the west coast, wear your nicest pair of jeans there - it's a bit less casual than we're used to out here. Also, if you make a reservation, try to get a table next to the window - on a clear night, you can see forever. I never have enough advance notice about my trips to Toronto to organize a reservation at Susur - it's at least a couple of weeks out, in my experience.
My favourite indian food in TO is Babur on Queen West. A new one for me but an exceptional dining experience on a recent trip was at Crush on King West (close to Spadina) - I would also recommend reservations, but you can wear your nice jeans there, too.
Have a great trip!

Mar 06, 2007
meganw in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Olive Oil Name Your Favourite

In Toronto, check out "Oliviers & Co" in the First Canadian Place underground. I first found this shop in Seattle, and happily discovered in on my last trip to TO. It's just past the LCBO on the left - can't rememer the name of the food court. They also have an olive oil tasting bar and lots of different varietals to choose from. Also try their aged balsamic - expensive, but worth it!

Mar 04, 2007
meganw in General Topics

Best Delivery Pizza in Van

second the votes for Nat's (the best) and Hell's Kitchen - the Siamese Dream pizza is fantastic.

Jerusalem artichoke (aka sunchoke) recipes?

Cheryl, thanks so much! I'll give it a try... sounds fantastic. M

Mar 01, 2007
meganw in Home Cooking

Jerusalem artichoke (aka sunchoke) recipes?

Cheryl, do you mind sharing your sunchoke soup recipe? Have been looking for one since I had it out recently and I'm desperate to make it at home!

Feb 17, 2007
meganw in Home Cooking