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Village Market & Bakery (Gardiner/New Paltz)

Thank you for your post!

In search of GREAT Thai food...

Thanx a ton everyone!

In search of GREAT Thai food...

OK...we live in New Paltz and have been unsuccessful in our search for GREAT Thai food...any thoughts or suggestions?

New Paltz Favorites

I love Rocco's pizza! I with there was a GOOD chinese restaurant in New Paltz...we either travel to Rosendale or into Highland for Chinese...

For a special occassion ~ definately Locust Tree or Besos!

Asking for water at restaurants

Sometimes I feel like their should be disclaimers and releases prior to the servers placing orders..."Check here if you agree to pay this outrageous amount for flat water, extra blue cheese, etc"

Feb 19, 2007
krisfrisrich in Not About Food