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Baldwin's Crab House, Joppa

I have heard nothing but good things about Balwin's Crab House in Joppa (route 40 near Joppa Road) but I have not been there. Is it as good as others in the area or better?

"Reasonably" priced restaurants

There was also a place called Brew's on 34th street that served only hamburgers, but great ones.

Feb 14, 2008
artcampb in Manhattan

"Reasonably" priced restaurants

The Waverly Inn was my favorite way back in the 70's.

Feb 14, 2008
artcampb in Manhattan

"Reasonably" priced restaurants

I used to spend alot of time in Manhattan and I knew the good and inexpensive restaurants, but that was many years ago and I'm sure most of those places are gone. I'll be back again later this month and would appreciate suggestions. I know "reasonable" is relative and has changed, but how about less than $150 for two?

Feb 14, 2008
artcampb in Manhattan

Good restaurant near BWI?

I have always enjoyed Michener's at the Sheraton right at the airport, near the daily parking garage. Good food, reasonable prices, and good service.

Sanders hot fudge; Detroit

I am originally from Michigan and grew up with Sanders hot fudge. I know the company still exists in Detroit but can anyone help with a location where I can buy it locally in the DC/Baltimore area. At one time Safeway carried their products including cakes but that era is long gone. I have a relative in this week from out of town and we both are wishing for a sweet tast from our past.

Fig; Asheville, NC

I have heard good things about this restaurant including fairly recent CHOWHOWN discussions. I have never been to this area of NC but plan a trip this week. Does this restaurant rate as one of the best in the area? Other suggestions?

Need recs for anniversary dinner near BWI

This may sound odd for an anniversay event but my wife and I have always enjoyed eating a Michener's at the Sheraton at BWI. We got in the habit when we were traveling to or from BWI and it is convenient. We have not been there in a while but they had good variety (including an excellent meat loaf and I liked their crab cakes) with excellent service.

Cafe Paris(or Cafe de Paris?)

It is a very nice French bistro with a crepe cafe next door. We always enjoy our food and dining experience. However it is not inexpensive as noted.

Robert Christian's near Blakeslee (Poconos)

I have been to the subject restaurant once and enjoyed it. I am contemplating a trip in the near future to the Poconos and would appreciate recent feedback on their menu and service.

Mar 27, 2007
artcampb in Pennsylvania

Shea's in Manchester (Vernon)

I understand Shea's has fairly recently replaced a western theme restaurant. I have been there twice and enjoyed the food. Good variety and flavor. The chef, who happens to be female, is very good. Any feedback?

Angelina's in Vernon, CT

We just got back from Angelino's. Very nice, dinners of their Penne Angelo and Mediterranean schrimp and scallops. Nice portions and good service. Melot was bad but bartender offered something better, by Opal; nice. Overall a very nice dining experience.

Angelina's in Vernon, CT

I have been told I spelled the name wrong, it is Angellino's.

Bread Flour

I make bread regularly and use a generic bread flour. The results are alway good but I am interested in comments on particular brands or flour type to add variety to my baking.

Feb 23, 2007
artcampb in Home Cooking

Angelina's in Vernon, CT

I have never been to Angelina's in Vernon Connecticut and am interested in comments and experiences good and bad.

Manchester CT - Main Pub

On our visits from Maryland, we have had many very enjoyable lunches and dinners at the Main Pub in Manchester, Connecticut over the years but in the last few months the food has gotten better. The bar and restaurat are in several connected buildings with a glass patio and it has atmosphere. A good place to visit. At the corner of West Middle Turnpike and Main Street.

Annapolis next week-

My family has really enjoed Les Folies Brasserie at 2552 Riva Road on the way into town just off of Aris T. Allen Blvd. I believe it is just behind Sothern States just at the exit to the right. Excellent French food and a band some nights. We also enjoyed the wine and drinks they offer. Their phone is 410/573-0970 and their website is

Greencastle/Chambersburg Dining

My wife and I are planing a drive to the Greencastle and Chambersburg area for a day of antiqing and touring and are interested in suggestions for lunch or dinner. Not too fancy but good food prepared well.

Feb 19, 2007
artcampb in Pennsylvania

Ideas for birthday dining in Columbia/Ellicott City?

I highly recommend Cafe de Paris in Columbia as an excellent setting with good food and service for your birthday dinner. I like the Iron Bridge Wine Company also but they tend to seve small portions. Sushi King is my favorite in the area for sushi if that is your interest. Tersiguel's is excellent for authentic French food in the classy setting of an old house with excellent service but the food is both good and rich.