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Help with homemade pizza

Thank you all for your many helpful suggestions. I cook with one hand due to a physical limitation so the efficiency part is really important to me. Cheers!

Dec 16, 2014
stonesown in Home Cooking

Help with homemade pizza

I should add that I bake the pizza on a pizza stone.

Dec 15, 2014
stonesown in Home Cooking

Help with homemade pizza

I've been making homemade pizza lately and have an issue I'm hoping the chowhound community can help solve. I make my own dough and use a pizza stone, oven preheated to 500. Invariably, the cheese will start to brown before the dough is sufficiently cooked. I realize I can precook the dough but I'm a stickler for efficiency. Any other thoughts? What do you guys think about putting the shredded cheese in the freezer for 30 minutes before baking?

Dec 15, 2014
stonesown in Home Cooking

What type of sauce to put on pumpkin ravioli ????

I make a gorgonzola cream sauce and top with crushed toasted filberts.

Nov 10, 2013
stonesown in Home Cooking

Any Ashkenasi Jewish chowhounds make farfel the way my family does?

My family recipe calls for browning chopped onion in butter then adding chicken or vegetable stock, bring to boil and add the farfel, simmer covered until all the liquid is absorbed. Growing up my mother called it barley, I thought that's what barley was until I reached college and my wife (then girlfriend) explained the difference. She thought it was hysterical.

Jul 02, 2013
stonesown in Home Cooking

ISO: Food Markets near Stockbridge

My family has rented a house in Stockbridge, we'll be there next week. Can anyone recommend markets for meat, fish, and groceries? We're on vacation so would happily trade less value for high quality.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Pork Shoulder Cooking Time

I have a 2 lb. pork boneless pork shoulder I plan on cooking for dinner tonight. At the moment it's in the fridge with olive oil, salt, rosemary, and garlic rubbed all over. Can anyone help with oven temperature and cooking time? I was thinking I'd cook it in a small dutch oven.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Apr 18, 2010
stonesown in Home Cooking

dragon boat festival update

There was a post about this event (which takes place this wekend) from 2002. At least then, the "food court" was uninteresting. As I'll be cheering on some colleagues this year, has there been any change in the diversity of food options...for the better?


Aug 03, 2009
stonesown in Outer Boroughs

Buying gelt in Park Slope

I picked some up at Kings Pharmacy on Flatbush Avenue.

Dec 21, 2008
stonesown in Outer Boroughs

Turron Blando

I bought a box of Turron Blando in Barcelona thinking it was a type of cookie. It is more of a paste, like the consistency of peanut butter made mostly of almonds, honey, and egg. Any ideas what I can use this for; as an ingredient in baking? as a spread? etc...

Thanks for any suggestions.

Sep 30, 2008
stonesown in Home Cooking

Clover- and Siphon-Brewed Coffee

There is a Clover in Brooklyn at Root Hill Cafe (I think that's the name) on 4th Avenue at the corner of 1st Street. It's a little more expensive but well worth it in my opinion.

Jun 15, 2008
stonesown in Manhattan

Visiting from NY (Mesa, AZ)

I'm visiting my brother in-law in Mesa with my wife and 4 year old daughter in April. Can you recommend a restaurant with good spicy mexican and cocktails for the grown-ups and a kids menu (They have 2 children under 4). Thanks.

Mar 12, 2008
stonesown in Phoenix

Park Slope restaurants for kids

We've taken our 4 year old to some of restaurants in the area you wouldn't normally think of as kid friendly and never felt anything less than welcomed (Stone Park, Moutarde, AOC). We do particularly enjoy Blue Ribbon (we arrive between 5 and 6 typically) and La Villa.

Feb 02, 2008
stonesown in Outer Boroughs

Jamaican Curry Powder

This may be an amateur question, but:

I have Jamaican curry powder which I think is mostly used as a dry rub. Anyway, I'd like a Jamaican curry *sauce*, what can I add to it to make it into a sauce? Thanks.

Jan 22, 2008
stonesown in Home Cooking


Sunday night pizza is becoming a tradition in my house. We are having a problem getting the fully loaded pizza off the peal. Any suggestions? I imagine perfection stars with the dough but for the record, we have a metal peal (maybe wood is better?) and tried cornmeal.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Jan 13, 2008
stonesown in Home Cooking

Bay Ridge Carrot Cake

I'm throwing a birthday dinner for my wife Saturday night at Sally's in Bay Ridge. Can anyone recommend a nearby bakery to pick up a carrot cake? Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a decadent chocolate cake :)

Nov 06, 2007
stonesown in Outer Boroughs

Croissant recommendation

I recommend you try Patisserie Colson on 9th Street and 6th Ave. in Park Slope if it's not too late. I travel to Paris on business a lot and these are the closest I've found in the area.

Nov 03, 2007
stonesown in Outer Boroughs

Visiting from New York City

I will be in Addison between Oct 8 and Oct 11 for a company meeting. As a known foodie I have the honor of choosing our dinners. Please post any suggestions. I'm thinking along the lines of Mexican one night, Barbecue one night, and a steakhouse for the third night. If there is a local spot that doesn't fit, however, I'm open to it. We'll be approximately 10 people each night and prices in the $15 to $25 range for an entree. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

Sep 14, 2007
stonesown in Texas

Visiting from NYC

OK, it will be mostly business dinners in that area with a group of 4-6. Walking distance is preferable but a short cab ride is fine if the restaurant is exceptional. Price shouldn't exceed $25 for an entree. Good wine list and fresh seafood is ideal.

Visiting from NYC

I'll be in San Francisco next week for a week on business from NYC. Where should I go near the Hotel Triton?

Best Coffee Beans?

I second Gorilla coffee for great beans, roasted in Brooklyn, and a free cup of coffee with each pound. I also buy from Fairway which roasts on premises, the brooklyn java is particularly good and cheap ( $6 per lb. iirc)

Jul 07, 2007
stonesown in Outer Boroughs

Delivery in North Park!

I like Bogota (Cuban Style Burger or Skirt Steak Sandwich) and Miracle Grill (Catfish Tacos or Burger) for takeout.

May 30, 2007
stonesown in Outer Boroughs

ISO Lunch Rec Near BCPA

I'll be attending a show at the Brooklyn Center for The Performing Arts on Sunday and I'm looking for a kid friendly place for lunch prior to the show. We are 4 adults and 2 3-year olds. Caribbean would be great but which one?

Feb 16, 2007
stonesown in Outer Boroughs