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Does anyone know what happened to Pazza Luna

Ran into them the other day. They are re-opening tomorrow (Sat) night and might have to to a Sunday brunch as well now too.

Does anyone know what happened to Pazza Luna

Oooo, this hurts. I live a half a block a way and go once a week. What a great restaurant BECAUSE of Christa and Davide. First Gianfranco and now the Rossis? I'm done...

Baguettes in Baltimore

You know...the Wine Market sells baguettes at the front counter most days...I can't imagine they're that bad. The food there is so good. Probably worth a shot...

A Great Salad In Baltimore?

The Harvest Salad (with steak or chicken) at the Harvest Table in Locust Point. Huuuge salad with mixed Greens, walnuts (candied maybe), crumbled bleu cheese, big chunks of grapefruit...and some other secret stuff I don't know about ( I want to say dried cranberries) but it's amazing. Check it out.

Baltimore fish (no, not crab) restaurant for celebration?

I was really underwhelmed by the food at Black Olive, but the bill was salt in my wound. Kali's Court is fantastic. Oceanaire for a nice chain rest.