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Restaurants at Okemo

Thanks for the replies.
Mea culpa. Will use the SEARCH next time. : )

I need a little help from my springfield area friends

I went to Onyx/Fusion with a group of 12 in December and it was fabulous. Granted the drinks were expensive but everything we had was great. Service was excellent as well. Worth a try in my book.

El Sarape in Hartford-Closed?

Went to the Enfield Sarapes last night and had delicious food as usual. Waitstaff says Hartford store is still open.

Restaurants at Okemo

I'm taking my son to snowboard at Okemo for a few days and am looking for some recommendations. Good burgers, Italian, Home cooking type places would be great. Also, where to avoid would be helpful too. Thanks for your help.

El Sarape in Hartford-Closed?

I will ask the next time I am at the Enfield restaurant and report back.

good local eats: Hartford, Worcester, Pittsfield

Where are you staying when you come to Hartford?

Help -- Bubble Tea or Chinese Bakeries in Connecticut?

Pho Boston in West Hartford was just featured in the Hartford Courant a few weeks ago in an article about bubble tea.

Sugar shacks near Manchester, NH

Sorry I can't give you any recent recommendations as I haven't been in years. Here's a website with a sugarhouse directory. Good luck!

Sugar shacks near Manchester, NH

I know it's a little early for NH, but there are stirrings here in WMass for sugaring and it's got my mouth watering. I will be visiting the Bedford area in a few weeks and wondered if there are any nice little sugar shacks in the area that my college student and I could visit- preferably where we could have a few pancakes. I'd like to keep it within a 45 min drive, if possible, as I'll be coming off a 2+ hr drive. Thanks in advance for your help.

Any recommends for area around Enfield Ct on Mass. border

For breakfast, I'd head down from Enfield on Rte 5 South to East Windsor to Hotcakes. Homey atmosphere, killer homemade cinnamon toast. Can't-miss breakfast.

For Mexican, you can't beat Sarapes on Rte 5 in Enfield near Enfield Chrysler Plymouth. Same story-tiny place, homey atmosphere and delicious authentic food.

If you're dying for a great little burger, Take 91 N to Rte 5 North to White Hut on Memorial Ave in W Springfield (follow Big E signs). Simple menu- burgers, cheeseburgers,hotdogs, fries, that's it. Be sure to order the fried onions on your burger. There are only a few counter stools and a small table where you can stand and eat. Lunch time is best when it's packed with locals and they are calling out the orders. It's a classic!
Hofbraus House is right near there too and is a consistent hitter for German food.
While you're up there, I'd continue north on Rte 5 in WS past the Showcase Cinemas and head to Donut Dip (right side of the road a little ways up after you go past Chili's) to bring home the best donuts in the area. It's a blast from the past kind of place and has the best cider donuts around.
I would second Red Rose for pizza as well as the Student Prince for German.
Pizza Shoppe on Shaker Road in Enfield has its fans but mostly if you like their sweet crust. Bon Appetit!

One Time Cooking Class In Hartford/CT

Not sure I've heard of cooking classes in the Hartford area but if you don't mind the drive up 91 to Northampton, Betty Rosbottom, cookbook author and contributor to Bon Appetit gives them at the Different Drummers Kitchen. Although you don't actually do "hands on", you learn a lot and the meal she prepares is always phenomenal. Betty is down to earth, funny and gives lots of helpful hints to new and experienced cooks alike. Classes aren't as small as you'd like but usually not more than 20. Definitely worth checking out if you can't find anything closer.

Collegian Court Chicopee - Closed

As of New Year's Eve, the long-time Chicopee favorite has closed its doors. It was a vital part of the local dining scene for many years.

5oth Birthday Dinner Recommendations- Suffern Area

I am from out of state and unfamiliar with the area and am planning on getting my brother-in-law a gift certificate to dinner for his 50th birthday. He is not a picky eater so almost anything will go. I'd like somewhat upscale and nice enough to have that "special" birthday feel. He lives in Montebello, so I would say within a 45 minute drive would be great. I know he is not interested in going into the city. I also know he likes the Hudson House in Nyack but I'd like to try something new. Thanks in advance!!!

WMass Chinese Grocery

I'm looking for a grocery to purchase ingredients for a Chinese dinner I'm planning. Anyone have good recommendations?

Nice Deal - Grant's West Hartford

Thanks j. Our friends have been recommending Grant's to us for awhile. This may get us there soon.

Cooking Class for Christmas Gift

Ditto on Lamson & Goodnow. Haven't taken a class there yet but I'd suggest a class with Betty Rosbottom. Betty writes a weekly syndicated column and contributes to Bon Appetit, as well as having authored several cookbooks. She's has been teaching cooking classes in the area for years now. She taught at Atkins and then at Chandler's with Matt Sunderland. We're really lucky to have her in the area sharing her incredible knowledge. Matt is fun and a wonderful chef. Either of these two teachers are great. You learn a lot, have fun and have a fabulous meal! A can't miss gift for you both.

Thanksgiving SOS

You could try the Publick House in Sturbridge. They have their Thanksgiving menu and prices online. I haven't been but they've been around quite awhile. Good luck.

Visitor needs upscale "thank you" dinner; Enfield/Springfield

I'd skip Max's. My birthday dinner there was so-so. For all the buzz about the place, I expected more. It was standard at best and small portions. I definitely agree with the noise comment. It was anything but warm and cozy and that was early on a Thursday night!

Tradition Thanksgiving Dinner North Central CT

The Somers Inn does a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It books up quickly. The only problem I've heard of is that as a small restaurant in an older building with limited space and limited ways to arrange it, they sometimes get backed up if large parties linger into the next seating time. So be prepared to wait. However, as it is a holiday, that kind of goes without saying.

Puritan Back Room, Manchester NH

Thanks everyone for your input. My daughter and I stopped by last night (Sun) at 5:30 for our first visit. The parking lot was packed and there was a 20-30 minute wait in the Backroom.(I can't imagine a Fri or Sat night crowd.) As our schedule was tight, we walked around front instead and placed a take-out order for a chicken tender dinner to share. The tenders were ready in about 5 minutes and lived up to our expectations . They were hot, slighty sweet and perfectly cooked. The dipping sauce was tasty. The fries were terrific as well. The coleslaw was standard but good. We can't wait to try other entrees and the scrumptious looking ice cream sandwiches made with cookies and brownies that we spied in the freezer case!

Fairground food - the Big E

Couldn't find the gorgonzola fries either.
Thanks Soilman for a true blast from the past. I'd totally forgotten about Joey Chitwoods Hell Drivers- always a highlight. If you walked the fairground now you would still know your way around. State buildings haven't changed much, the Coliseum still looks the same although now seems so much smaller than I remembered it as a kid and the Better Living Center still has the people selling floor mops and cookware. The sausage grinders, candy apples and cotton candy have all survived along with the Lions Club chicken dinners.The fishing pond in the VT building is no longer there. If you're able you should get there. Food is always crazy and the memories are always fun.

Fairground food - the Big E

Heading there today. Can't wait.
Here's my take-
NH kettle korn is the one to buy. Made fresh and bagged immediately after popping, not stockpiled.
Finnish pancakes in MA bldg are nice.Flan-like taste that I get once a year.
Agree on RI clamcakes. If you like clams, forgo them. For me it's more of a tradition, I eat a few for the taste and pawn the rest off on whoever I'm with.
Ditto on loving the maple sugar cotton candy.
White Hut has a stand behind the Coliseum near the Midway. They are always good for a nice little cheeseburger with onions that won't fill you up. God forbid you eat one large thing and be unable to nibble your way thru the E!! : )
Haven't had the pot roast sundae but my understanding is that it is like a shepherd's pie type deal. Meat, corn, potatoes topped with a cherry tomato as the sundae top.
I'll think of you all as I eat my way through the fair! (And when I'm doing an extra 2 miles tomorrow to work it off!)

Hot Lobster Roll Mid/Lower Cape?

Thanks JenJen. Maybe I'll see you there. I'll be the one with the fried whole belly clams and a huge smile on my face. : )
And btw, if you're ever running late & want Arnold's, their take-out is just as good as eat-in. Comes in handy when you just can't handle the long in-season waits.

Hot Lobster Roll Mid/Lower Cape?

Don't want to rain on your parade but a few years ago, I went to Arnold's post-Labor Day to get my dreamed of fill of fried clams and they were closed. I too, will be in the area that weekend and for both our sakes, I hope I'm wrong!

REAL Southern BBQ comes to Western Mass!

Yum!! I'm hungry already.Thanks for the tip. I love Bub's and don't get up there often enough. Springfield will be much more convenient for me.

Fried Clams on Cape Cod

I second Arnold's.Just got back last week and I had clams there three times, including take-out (My kids are hooked and not adventurous to try new places). They never missed a beat. Clean oil, light batter, sweet,sweet,sweet clams.

BLUEBERRIES: Is it my imagination??

Pick your own is the way to go. Here in western New England, there are local berries that are giant and so sweet it is unbelivable. However, first pickings are the larger sweeter berries. Subsequent pickings on the same bushes are much smaller but still sweet berries. We also have varying varieties that seem smaller as the later in the season they ripen. August berries are definitely smaller and not as sweet as the July variety but that is the joy of berry picking. You never know from week to week what you will get.

Aug 06, 2008
lonborgfan in General Topics

Onyx Fusion, Springfield MA -- nope

I had heard the same about Lido's and it wasn't great the last time we went years ago!
Have you tried Touch of Garlic? It's a small little place in Spfld and has been there for awhile. We had good meals a few months back.
Good luck with your i-ls.

Worst of the Cape?

Hate to focus on the negative but....
Just got back from Eastham and would add the Seadog to the "worst of" list.
Although it was crowded in the evening and had an outdoor eating area which misled us into thinking it must be decent, we now think people came for the bar and not the food. My fairly easy to please family wasn't pleased. Chowder was given a thumbs down. The grilled chicken sandwich was pronounced okay by our non-seafood eater but was plopped on a roll- no lettuce, no anything.Our other non-seafood eater had the open faced roast beef which looked gray and mushy. Both unappetizing to say the least. (I know it's the Cape so what did we expect with non-seafood but this was too much.)
The seafood "bowl" was pronounced barely serviceable. Fish and chips shouldn't be hard to mess up-it's the Cape for goodness sake- but consisted of soggy fish adn standard fries. Yuck!
Two of us had unsettled stomachs after lunch. This would place the Seadog on our Never Again List.
On a positive note, the next night we ordered take out from Arnold's and got tasty chowder, perfectly cooked seafood and no indigestion. : )

Spicy Red Pepper Jelly

It's really not too hard to make if you are so inclined. My mom had a recipe years ago and this one looks similar.