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Anniversary Dinner Near Ogunquit

Thanks for the input! I went ahead and made a res. online and included a note about our anniversary. :)

Oct 11, 2012
jens05 in Northern New England

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas near Keene, NH - help!

Just a very late update - we went with the pub. It was very casual but everyone had a great time and the food was fine. We were in the back room and it was great for milling around and visiting.

Oct 10, 2012
jens05 in Northern New England

Anniversary Dinner Near Ogunquit

My husband and I will be visiting Ogunquit for our 5th anniversary, and I need to decide where to have dinner.

Given the early sunset, a view isn't as important as a lovely warm ambiance and great food & service.

I have done a ton of reading on this board and other sites, and have narrowed it down to the following - I would love to hear opinions/ranks on this short list: Currently I'm leaning towards On the Marsh.

- Five-oh Shore Rd.
- Joshua's
- Jonathan's
- On the Marsh
- Gypsy Sweethearts

Thanks for your input!

Oct 10, 2012
jens05 in Northern New England

Favorite Casual restaurants in Nashua, NH

What are some other, better ones?

Outdoor Beer Garden at Charlies Kitchen

hey has anyone been here yet? is it open?

Jul 11, 2008
jens05 in Greater Boston Area

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas near Keene, NH - help!

Looking for a rehearsal dinner idea for 35-45 people near Keene, NH.

We'd like to have it at a restaurant or at a hall, and have it catered (that is, not at one of the many hotels). Luca's room isn't big enough, Del Rossi's might be too far away.

Any ideas? Restaurants or halls (that have either good in-house catering or will let us bring in our own).

Also looking for licensed bartending services, or anyone who has used the Pub and can comment on their on or off site catering.

We need your help & clever recommendations!

Aug 29, 2007
jens05 in Northern New England

Mid-Day lunch & something to do - Central Mass?

thanks for the suggestion! i was considering there or Tower Hill Botanical Gardens. If anyone thinks of anything else, let me know!

Mid-Day lunch & something to do - Central Mass?

On St. Patty's we're putting together a going-away lunch for a friend moving to NYC. Any good tips that meet the following?:

1. Worcester/Acton/Somerville ... anywhere in that arch
2. Good food, and we could order wine/champagne. The food doesn't have to be fancy or especially impressive.
3. Something to do on-site or nearby (tasting/tour of some kind?)

OM Tonite

Definitely the momos, and I thought the fried calamari was great! For drinks, the fred & ginger was especially tasty, as well as their house version of a mojito.

Feb 16, 2007
jens05 in Greater Boston Area