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What's up with Clarklewis in PDX?

I don't believe it is the same chef at darklewis, last I heard he was taking time off to paint.
There's so many better places now, Le Pigeon, Alberta Street Oyster (NOT!),
Simpatica Dining Hall (check out their website and see if you can get a seat at their
ripe-like family style weekend meals), Park Kitchen, many! Hope you find
something good.

Best place for Indian in Seattle for Bday

I'm visiting Seattle for two short days and want to get the best Indian fix
before returning to the dire sitch in good Indian here at all.
I'm looking for authenticity, I'm pretty picky and won't go in for crappy
buffets or 'one pot' places (you know, one pot of catch-all gravy slightly
altered to fit all things on menu).

Thanks a million rupee!

Portland Advice

Hi there
try Masu just off Burnside on SW 13th. It's upstairs, sushi, fun cocktails with a really hip, young vibe, big city feel but not stuffy.
Another unique place is Le Pigeon, on Burnside on East side of river, close in. It's very unique, small, crowded but really excellent food for not a lot of dough.
Sinju note, if you go there, you'll have to reserve a tatami room and i believe they only allow that for 4 or more people.
welcome to pdx