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Let's discuss the menu for Rosh Hashonna/Yom Kippur

More specfically, the apples are infused with a Concord grape-based solution. The "GR" in Grapple stands for "grape".

Sep 22, 2009
orthochow in Kosher

Upper Crust?

An old bag with a URL on it? Not likely.

That domain was created on on Sep-18-2008 to someone at a Monsey address. I can think of multiple explanations for the use of the bag, but without any additional info, it would just be guessing.

Jan 26, 2009
orthochow in Kosher


I have friends who make cholent on Pesach using quinoa instead of the usual beans and barley since quinoa is not listed as kitnios. I've never been with any of these friends on Pesach and I've never tried it personally, but everyone I've spoken to raves about it.

I do know others who question the use of quinoa and will not eat it on Pesach (though I'm not sure if that is based on any halachic reasoning or just a "spirit of the rules" kind of thing). I guess it would be another "check with your rabbi" kind of topic...

Jan 21, 2009
orthochow in Kosher

Elite Chocolate with Pop Rocks

Well, that would explain the fast delivery and free shipping. :-)

Nov 11, 2008
orthochow in Kosher

Agriprocessors files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

This was just announced today over the AP wire. You can read it here:

Nov 05, 2008
orthochow in Food Media & News

Pizza Cave & Levana's closing?

The management and service may have changed? I hadn't heard about that.

Well, based on yesterday's election results, it seems to be a time to opt for change, right? :-) So maybe I'll give them one more shot next time I'm on the UWS.

Nov 05, 2008
orthochow in Kosher

Pizza Cave & Levana's closing?

And don't forget Bagels and Co on Amsterdam between 78th and 79th. For quite a while now, I've actually been getting pizza there when I go to that neighborhood.

I, for one, will not miss Pizza Cave at all. It was never spectacular to begin with, but it got progressively worse over time, eventually to the point that I decided never to eat their food again.

Nov 04, 2008
orthochow in Kosher

Pleasantly surprised at Prime

I will preface this by saying that I glad you both had favorable experiences there and I sincerely hope it continues for you in the future.

However, I have had such horrid experiences at Prime Grill that I will never go back and refuse to recommend the place to anyone. I found the food preparation (the steaks came extremely rare regardless of how it was ordered and some sides came late or not at all) and the service (besides the missing food, the complete lack of attention by the staff as well as the haughty attitude once they finally did remember that you might possibly be worthy of their time) severely lacking in quality control. After the first disaster, I even insisted that we go back again as I was sure our experience must have been an anomaly. But no dice -- different day, same service.

As someone who is so fault-tolerant as a patron that my wife and friends have many times laid into me for being too forgiving of poor service, it speaks volumes to my family that I found every part of the experience totally unconscionable.

In summary, I'm glad things went well for you there, but I personally would sooner order steak at Kosher Delight than ever again subject myself to the indignities that made up my Prime Grill experiences.

Aug 04, 2008
orthochow in Kosher

New butcher in New Rochelle?

My apologies in advance for any vagueness here, but I don't live in New Rochelle. However, I was a passenger in a car there recently that passed by the new store's location, which triggered a little mini-discussion.

For starters, it's in the shopping center right at the entrance to Bonnie Crest (the one behind the kosher strip on North Ave) There is already an awning up (don't remember the name) and there is a help sign in the window. Supposedly it is being opened by the Chap-A-Nosh folks out in the 5 Towns (which may be true given the 516 number on the help wanted sign) and will provide the same services as the 5 Towns store. I don't remember seeing any details posted in the window about when the place would actually open, though.

I'm sure there were more details tossed about in the car at that time, but that's all I remember.

Jul 22, 2008
orthochow in Kosher