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Non-chain restaurants in the Triangle

You can, in fact, purchase a product called "liquid smoke" and it does taste fake to me though supposedly made from real smoke. I was at Allen & Son a few weeks ago and while good there was something too smoky going on and now I know what--thank you. BBQ joint has an honest respect for the pig but is not Eastern NC BBQ. I grew up with my dad cooking whole hogs in the backyard for his restaurants--ala Bob Melton's.

The Cupcake Shop - Raleigh

Funny-I like Pound cake company's pound cake but not their cupcakes. A friend and I have been to the cupcake shop in Raleigh twice now and I doubt we'll be in a hurry to go back. Cakes are a bit dry and too much icing--I think they are not selling as fast so are getting dry before they sell. The prices are sky high--$16 for a box of six and she refused to mark our frequent buyer cards for the six we each took out-only for the ones we ate in. While there we also noticed Ghiaradelli commercial pack brownie mix on the shelves in the kitchen--that just throws the whole place into question for me.

Triangle Area Indian Restaurants

We have a friend from India who always wants to go to India Palace on West Franklin in Chapel Hill when he's in town-says it's about the best restaurant food he's had since he moved to the States. We tried a place in Durham(not Sitar) that has since changed hands and the new Mint(next to India Palace) when he's been recently and neither measured up.

Durham, NC - Seeking decent pizza

I haven't had their pizza but the subs bring back fond memories of college food back in the early 1970's and the pizza does look awesome. The by-the-slice slices are HUGE and there's a lot of turnover at lunchtime so they don't get stale.

one more for Durham, NC - where to get good wings?

I was fortunate to be working in a restaurant supply store when Buffalo Wings hit the scene in Norfolk, VA. Sean, of Calz wings was from Buffalo and he and his entire family moved to Norfolk to start a restaurant that became a pretty large local chain. They are still the best wings I have ever had. I was pretty surprised when I had wings from the Wingman in Carrboro recently--nearly as good as my memory serves of Calz. They are on 54 heading out of Carrboro in the shopping center with FoodLion and the SECU.

Good grocery stores in NC?

I'm very fond of Supply Line in Henderson and recently visited Smiths in Dortches and also get to Ray's in Moncure on occasion. We're heading to the Roxboro area this weekend and would like to find more country grocery stores. Anyone have suggestions for places between Chapel Hill and Roxboro?

"Locals' Food" in Raleigh

I'm a native NCr and grew up in the restaurant business(truck stops!)-family trips always planned around places to eat. There's a place on Capital boulevard near MiniCity(on the same side of the road) that reminds me of the meat and 3 of my youth. It's in one of the old strip malls and there is a take-out barbeque place(if I remember correctly)next door.

Aug 30, 2007
realjuel in Southeast

Where to find Pastrami in Durham/CH?

My husband raves about the pastrami at The Barbeque Joint in CH. They make it in-house.

Italiano in Durham Chapel Hill

Anyone have thoughts on San Marcos on Falls of the Neuse in Raleigh? I've eaten in NYC Italian and Baltimore Italian and I've put San Marcos up there with anything I had in NYC or Baltimore. The waiter told me he'd buy my dessert if I didn't like the tira misu(one of my test dishes) and I felt like buying him a slice-it was SO GOOD.

Williamsburg Dinner and Bar/Tavern

It's been a few years since I lived there but if you want to go Colonialish you're probably stuck with the taverns at Colonial Williamsburg-you can get beer there, too. They may still have private label beer from colonial recipes. The Greenleafe is the place for beer(tell Tony that Juel says Hello). Guiseppe's is the best reasonably priced restaurant in town. I've eaten there hundreds of times and never had a bad meal or bad service.


I don't know of any place in Raleigh that serves chitterlings but Clem's in Norlina serves them on Thursdays. Norlina is about an hour north of Raleigh just off I85, US1 runs right through town and Clem's is on US1 just south of town.

Fried catfish and/or Calabash-style seafood in Durham/Chapel Hill?

We like Capt. John's Dockside on 15-501 heading toward Pittsboro. Haven't had the catfish there but the fried croaker is great. I love fried catfish, mind you, but I think catching and cleaning them yourself results in a more flavorful fish than the farm raised ones.

Beer and sandwichs near Greensboro

The place we ate was not the one at the Natty Green website--it was just a little hole in the wall at the end of an old, small, strip mall. Maybe we just had the Natty Green beer there 'cause that seems right.

Beer and sandwichs near Greensboro

Sean, I was just talking about PTC when I was in Carytown beer and wine-their selection just gets worse but I was hoping for some 120. Thanks for the link--maybe we'll get to a beer thing sometime soon, too.

Beer and sandwichs near Greensboro

Last year we had an unexpectedly good sandwich and beer at a small brew-pub near or in Greensboro. We're going to be in that area Saturday and would like to eat there again--if only we could remember the name. Anyone know the place? And why is it that it is so hard to find a decent sandwich these days. I was in Richmond last week and was so disappointed to find the New York Deli closed.