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Bobby's - Breakfast in Woodland Hills

I have been going to Bobbys since I was young, 30 years or so. We used to ditch school just to get the breakfast there. Great no frills greasy spoon and still cheap. If I lived closer these days Id be there every weekend. The owners have changed over the years but they have kept a pretty simple menu going which is great. I agree with the previous poster about the hash browns. Perfect grating, crispy and greasy. Its roots Woodland Hills.

Dec 31, 2007
jeffthekid in Los Angeles Area

Dan's Super Subs-What's the Big Deal?

I have disagree with you guys. I have been searching for a good sandwich since I left Woodland Hills and its almost impossible.

What makes Dans good in my opinion:
1. The bread is fresh and for some reason the sesame seeds add something to the flavor.
2. There is always just the right amount of meat and its sliced really thin
3. The lettuce is cut super thin and is cold.
4. The Italian dressing they add to most of the sandwiches, though its just straight Italian, adds to the overall.
5. Its been there for years and Dan is a really nice guy that makes sure youre getting good service and everything you need.

I havent tried the place youre talking about but I wouldnt have driven that far coming from Woodland Hills.

Apr 14, 2007
jeffthekid in Los Angeles Area

Paper Wrapped Chicken

No luck with anyone?

Feb 17, 2007
jeffthekid in Los Angeles Area

Paper Wrapped Chicken

Ok. So I have been loving Paper Wrapped Chicken at Chinese Food places since I was like 10. I used to have good hole in the walls Id go to but over the years they have gone away. Pick Up Stix used to sell them, but they killed them the past year. I havent found anyone that has good ones since.

Im not a "chain" type of guy... Pick Up Stix just so happened to have them done right. The reason why I liked the Pick Up Stix ones was because they were held together tight, blended meat and vegetables and had a good amount of water chestnuts in them.

Anyone have a good place to get them? Anyoen else have this little obsession?

Thanks in advance!

Feb 14, 2007
jeffthekid in Los Angeles Area