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Thanks very much. Actually not staying over, driving from Columbia to St. Louis, with a little time to kill before a late flight out so I am planning to find someplace to eat dinner. I haven't given any thoughts to logistics like what may be near the highway I will be on, near airport, etc. I figured I could do that once I see what the choices are. I will check the board as well.

Feb 19, 2014
ptshapiro in Great Plains


This coming weekend Feb. 23, I am traveling to Columbia, MO for one night and St. Louis for one night. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Anything authentic or at least spicy would be ideal. thanks.

Feb 18, 2014
ptshapiro in Great Plains

Quiet restaurant sought in White Plains area

I am taking out my mom and her two siblings, ages 86 to 91. All three are hard of hearing. I would like to find a nice place not too adventurous that doesn't play music and doesn't get too loud. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Dinner is planned for November 5.

Williamsburg Spicy Food

I am a stranger to Williamsburg but will be there tomorrow nite to see a play. My party of four is looking for some good spicy food. Any recommendations? Thank you.

Jun 29, 2007
ptshapiro in Outer Boroughs

Broadway and 96th

I am looking for something spicy and tasty in this neighborhood, which I rarely frequent, for Thursday evening. Any tips would be appreciated. ptshapiro

Feb 14, 2007
ptshapiro in Manhattan