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French Macarons in Westchester????? Is there anywhere to find them?

Oh, yes. I know of three places. La Anjou Patisserie in Mt. Kisco has them, but they are very small and mediocre. La Tulip, which is also in Mt. Kisco, has amazing macarons and I highly recommend them. But the Perennial Chef in Bedford Hills has equally amazing ones, which are also highly recommended.
On a side note, I heard that Starbucks was going to start carrying them. Imagine that!

Yet Another Ridiculous Asian Fusion Bistro in Mt. Kisco


Sushi Bistro next to Dunkin Donuts
and, now, Ode? next to the Gap in the basement.

Plus, their menu is the oddest fusion I've seen. Every menu item has a devotional title to praise God. Their fusion includes: cajun crawfish etouffe udon noodles. Roast chicken with a buerre blanc sauce and an asian twist. Asian Boulliabaise .
I'm not saying that the food is bad just odd.

Big Fire at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant Briarcliff Manor

Not only is this place expensive, but someone stole my wife's raw sac! However, the guacamole is very good. But, the margaritas are made with a MIX!
Verdict:Can someone recommend another gringo mexican place? I like authentic mexican but sometimes you just want Big Dumb Mexican Food.

New French Restaurant in Mt. Kisco

All I know is that my wife, Katie, and I overheard the fellow who was opening it talking about it while we were playing trivia at O'Connors pub. He was bragging to some lady about the fact that Madonna and some other celebs visit the same restauranteurs French place in the city. I hope it's a humble sincere French Bistro and not some overpriced take on one.

New French Restaurant in Mt. Kisco

There is a new french bistro opening up next to Mango Cafe in Kisco. Any news?

What's open on Thanksgiving?(Westchester)

Any ideas?

Buffalo Wings in Mount Kisco

Where can I get the best buffalo wings in Mt. Kisco? O'Malleys are okay but is there perhaps some great place unknown?

The Beat - Port Chester

Does anyone remember this awesome bar in PC?
the Port Chester music scene?
Any opinions on any similar places around here?

A Clockwork Orange Bar in White Plains?

I am downright excited for this. My wife and I used to go to the original Korova on Avenue A all the time(It's where we first kissed!). But it kind of got decrepit and worn down. But, for it to reopen in the bleak wasteland of Westchester is like a dream come true. I mean, besides the lame bar club scene in White Plains or the tepid coffee folk scene(?), there is nothing going on in this county. Are there any other places like this around?

Thai Angels in Kisco

We went there last week.
The good:
Very good Pad Thai.
The bad:
No liquor(yet)
Prices: at least 5 dollars more per dish than you would expect for basic Thai.

Verdict:It's the only game in town so paying extra is not so bad

"Q" opening a new location in Mt. Kisco?

Went to Brio last night. I don't think the quality matches the prices. I got a Meze grilled chicken salad. The hummus needed more oil. The flavors were good but the chicken was dry and tough. It was a good meal but not 21 dollars for a grilled chicken salad good.

Freshest fish in Upper Westchester?

Where is the best valued freshest fish in Upper Westchester? I live in Mount Kisco. The new A+P is horrific. Their fish was actually curling around the edges from age yesterday. (Not to mention the surliness of the monger!)
Mount Kisco Seafood is too expensive.

Any thoughts?

Murphy's Yorktown Heights

This place angers me. On the one hand, they have nice atmospheric Irish pub privacy booths. One would think they know their Irish fare. But their Guiness was poorly drawn. And their bangers and mash were flavored with Italian spices and garlic. Murphy's could be so much better.