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Advice on taking a day trip from Eugene

My favorite place to eat in town is Toshi's Ramen, 16th and Pearl. It is cheap, excellent and friendly food. Order the teriyaki chicken and a bowl of shoyu plain. Enjoy the taste explosion.


In Springfield, Lone Star Steakhouse is fine for red meat, Kuraya's is excellent thai, Mookie's is great American fare and they are all along Mohawk Blvd by McKenzie Willamette hospital. Mookie's does our office catering and we're never disappointed.


Howling Coyote is the new venture by Taco Time. :)

What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

I'm a medical receptionist.

Jun 21, 2007
Haughtywench in Not About Food


I always wonder where you could park at Cafe Soriah, perhaps there are some back or side streets?
Poppi's/Anatolia has some lovely Mediteranean specials too, but again the parking issue downtown.


Have you tried Kuraya's Thai in Springfield? It's catty-corner from McKenzie Willamette on Mohawk Blvd. My bosses adore their soups.


Cafe Seoul is the little place next to Hirons. (I really miss The Plaza, that was dynamite Korean and The Jail just isn't up to the same quality.)

There's a Ben and Jerry's next door to the Market of Choice at Willamette, but my heart belongs to Manderin Chocolate Prince Pucklers.

There's a Thursday Farmer's Market at the Fairgrounds and there used to be one at the SouthTown shops on Willamette too. I'm not sure if it is still there though.
I know Lone Pine Farms out on River Road had a very nice selection of Autumnal yummy things when we went to the corn maze. I think they have summer crops as well.
Eugene is a yummy area to live in I think, an hour from the ocean and an hour from the mountains.


Try the Carne Asada, that's my husband's favorite. Across the street at Market of Choice there is a new pastry/gelato counter and a nice sit down eating area for a little desert! Then head on down to the Owen Rose Garden for some lovely flowers down by the river. Bring some umbrellas too. Hopefully the sun will burn off a bit of the clouds. To really sell Eugene you have to show off the parks and the greenery. You can hit the Saturday Market too, but Graduation weekend is not the best for that trip. Stay away from campus if you can, today is the one day that OPS does not give tickets on campus due to the chaos.


Yep! It goes with the hair.
Seriously, Toshii-san makes damn good food. Affordable and filling everytime we go.
You've visited Sunrise Asian Foods too? Best darn little grocery in the area I think. Chapala is next door and really tasty Mexican as well.


I enjoy Bruno's Chef Kitchen on 35th and Hilyard and Mazzi's on E. Amazon for nice dinners. China Blue on campus has dynamite Singapore Noodles at a great price. One Bad Dog on campus has great Chicago dogs. Toshii's Ramen on 15th and Pearl has EXCELLENT authentic ramen, teriyaki and cha-han. Food is where you find it. Frankly, there's excellent meat at Bright Oaks or Long's and the Farmer's Markets have beautiful greens and herbs. Post some reviews or what you think good food SHOULD be, then maybe you can get some better suggestions.

Hell's Kitchen!!

Which network again?

Best place for hungry campers to eat in Eugene, OR?

Mazzi's on 34th and Amazon has very tasty mostly locally grown Italian entrees with an artisan bakery in the back that makes wonderful potato donuts.

I also enjoy the Chef's Kitchen on 35th and Hilyard. The salmon is a wonder and the spatzle makes me drool. The menu is posted outside so you can check out the yummy selection.
(scroll down


These are smaller and more comfortable than Marche or Cafe Zenon.

You have $15...What kitchen gadget to you buy?

Check the clearance at Target: I found very good heavy stainless press there for $2.95. Don't bother with plastic, it cracks over time.

May 02, 2007
Haughtywench in Cookware

Tell me about YOUR dutch baby

Can you share your Cooking Light version? It sounds delightful.

Apr 30, 2007
Haughtywench in Home Cooking

Shot in the dark...Anyone know anything about "Metro" a new restaurant in Springfield OR?

I did quite enjoy the Three Mushroom and Brie Soup at Priscilla amd Aquilla. I just wish there was more seating and small tables instead of couches and reading circles. I just get annoyed by lack of seating, it's hard to eat soup on a divan. It might have also been the not so friendly vibe from the customers. I just want to eat, I'm not trying to interrupt your Oprah Book Circle! (Gosh, it must have bothered me more than I thought!)

Don't laugh, but any restaurants in Eugene with a view and...

The parks are so nice though. Perhaps a dinner at the Valley River Inn and then in the morning a long stroll down the riverfront to Alton Baker, the new Riverplay park area or the Rose Garden?

Quick n' Dirty

Fresh Bisquick makes a huge difference. I also make sure the stew is SUPER hot, the dumplings smaller, the pot is big and the dough is drier and not too sticky. If it clings too hard to the fingers or spoon, then it is not going to rise very well. The stew needs to be boiling and then turned down to a simmer. Then let the dumplings sit on the hot stew uncovered for 10 minutes. Then cover the pot with a HEAVY lid and let them steam for 12 minutes. I just go longer than the normal 10 minutes to dry them out a little. That's a lot of instructions for quick and dirty. :)

Mar 15, 2007
Haughtywench in Home Cooking

A chowhound married to a picky eater . . . divorce? ;-)

I have to agree. It sounds like it is time for at least some fasting labs and a medical work up. Perhaps a letter to the doctor in advance of the visit about the dietary concerns would be in order as well for this gent. I have to admit to being a very picky eater before I was pregnant and that condition seriously changed my attitude towards food.

Mar 15, 2007
Haughtywench in Not About Food

Cadbury creme eggs - why are they sold out everywhere?

They have ORANGE cream ones now. Almost redemptive I should think. :)

Mar 06, 2007
Haughtywench in Manhattan

Quick n' Dirty

Chicken N Dumplings

1 lb chicken breast with or without skin
1 carton MSG free chicken broth
2 stalks cut up celery
1/2 a package of carrot chips
1 cut into rings onion
3 whole lightly smashed garlic cloves
Salt and pepper
Make the dumplings off the recipe on the back of the Bisquik mix and add them to my uber-basic stew.

Directions: Simmer until chicken is white and cooked. Add dumplings.

Mar 02, 2007
Haughtywench in Home Cooking

Cadbury creme eggs - why are they sold out everywhere?

Try a local drug store or even a craft store. I know Joann's is stocking them, Rite-aid and Walgreens have them too. Heck, even 7-11 and Circle K have these right now.

Mar 02, 2007
Haughtywench in Manhattan

Eugene Food

Not a traditional venue, but I have new love for the Market of Choice hot deli and wood fired pizza nook. Both the Willamette store and the Franklin location make delicious savory pizzas and panini.

what is the most useless gadget in your kitchen

I'm going to give my vote to my stainless steel milkshake maker. Not only does it not make thick milkshakes, my family just got diagnosed as lactose intolerant and milk fat allergic. So, it is sitting the cupboard waiting to be donated.

Feb 15, 2007
Haughtywench in Cookware