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best soup meals in midtown?

these were great suggestions - thank you everyone!

Apr 16, 2007
chungyc45 in Manhattan

best soup meals in midtown?

Hi I work in midtown (48th/6th ave) and I love soup. All kinds. And i love having soup for my lunch, but i'm starting to run out of ideas. Who can suggest some good ones in this neighborhood? At this point i feel like i've tried them all.... Do I have to keep defaulting to hale and hearty when i can't think of a good one? Sapporo works itself in a lot, but it's very big for everyday. There is a soup guy who sells out of a truck like vehicle, but i've had them all so many times... Help!

Apr 10, 2007
chungyc45 in Manhattan

what to serve as sides with bolognese?

I love making a big pot of spaghetti bolognese, but I always feel like i need some sides to go with. Any favorites you can share?

Feb 14, 2007
chungyc45 in Home Cooking