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What's the skin on this place? Are there any other similar restaurants in LA area?

Jun 30, 2011
chickenskin in Los Angeles Area

Trending Summer 2011

What's trending hot in LA food scene? Interested in everything from 5 star of original pinkberry. Who is the new fab?

Jun 01, 2011
chickenskin in Los Angeles Area

What are we having for Mother's Day Brunch?

Give up some favorite and traditional foods for this years Mothers Day?

Greensboro, NC in May '08 - food "drought"?

Must hit Chateau Morrisette Winery--1.5hours from g-boro. Great Food and Wine
Lexington #2, Short Sugars in Browns Summit, for BBQ

Suggestions for Cocktail Party Food

What's the your best suggestion for finger food for a december cocktail party with no budget?

Oct 23, 2007
chickenskin in General Topics

Which wineries have restaurants in N. Cal?

Looking to visit wineries in Sonoma or vicinity with above average restautants. Any recommadations would be appreciated. Thank's ya'll!


Looking for thoughts, likes, etc. I have never had it--can you compare it to Sockeye?

Apr 26, 2007
chickenskin in General Topics

East Coast Winery

Where is the best winery on the east coast for dining and food?

* Pinkberry - Marina Del Rey *

I love the fact that frozen yogurt is this huge in California, I wouldn't want to rile any of ya'll but is the pinkberry that good? I get the take I might like it...will I drink less?

Mar 28, 2007
chickenskin in Los Angeles Area

how good is brother jimmy's BBQ

Courious as to how good is Brother Jimmy's BBQ ?

Mar 28, 2007
chickenskin in Manhattan

10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

Pulliam's in Winston Salem, NC
Hap's in Salisbury, NC
American Legion Post, Greensboro, NC (only on Saturday)
Flight Line Kitchen, Any USAF base in the World

Mar 27, 2007
chickenskin in Southeast

Who has best bar food in city?

Looking for bar food in the city this weekend? Looking for live music and chow.

Mar 01, 2007
chickenskin in Manhattan

Rooster's in charlotte, nc

has anyone been and what's the take?

Pizza:Where to grab a slice in Greensboro

giacomo is the italian in greensboro, i wish he would fire up some pie!

Stamey's BBQ (Greensboro)

Stamey's has been bumm for a long time. they don't even know what extra brown means--just make the drive to the honeymonk--it's about 25 minutes from stamey high point rd 10-40

Good Southern chains?

expand your day--eat local feed

Feb 18, 2007
chickenskin in Chains

Pizza:Where to grab a slice in Greensboro

claudia008---seriously, you are in raleigh, greensboro is 1.5 hours away via automobile. stop with the trigger finger and figure out where the pancake you are!

Secret Society

i feel for you people who have nothing better than to poo-poo about something off-menu in a chain restaurant. please keep going to your chain restaurant so I don't have to bump into you at the local feed.

Feb 18, 2007
chickenskin in Features

Beer and sandwichs near Greensboro

red oak is a stand alone building, not in a strip mall. they used to be great but now they only have a few menu items. weird

Dinner suggestins for Greensboro, NC near War Memorial Auditorium?

try marisol-upscale
berts seafood grille-mid range
asahi sushi bar
san luis taqueria
1618west seafood grill
undercurrent restaurant
these are all independent owned---no chains

No self-respecting hound would go out to dinner tonight - what's on your home-cooked menu?

foie gras salad w/ raspberry vin, champaigne (france)
seared scallops w/ smoked bacon and fatboy cream sauce
roasted asparagus
jager shots and pbr

Feb 14, 2007
chickenskin in Home Cooking