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Pen & Quill near the Charles

Had a terrific and inexpensive dinner here last night. House-made pate that would make Julia Child proud, smoked bluefish rillettes (5 items on the charcuterie list, 3 for $20) , fried catfish sandwich, and a dozen oysters (the last for $22), plus a great mezcal cocktail called the Oaxacan Girlfriend (!). Peanut butter pie is low on my list, but their version was tasty. Wine list looked good, and cheap, though we had nothing off there. We only went tto P&Q bc Tapas Teatro was full, but this is excellent. Much better than the renewed Chesapeake that it replaced, and comparable in some ways to b in Bolton Hill.

Ouzo Bay - Baltimore

I was really unimpressed with the dinner I had there a year ago. Food was not bad, but way overpriced. I don't remember specifics, but I definitely crossed this off my list.

40th birthday SURPRISE for my husband around Baltimore

We went to a nice party of about this size at the SoBo Café on Cross Street, several years ago. I think the prices there are pretty reasonable too.

Fork and Wrench or Sotto Sopra

If these are the two choices, the food at FW is much more innovative (and typically more flavorful) than SS. (I have been to FW multiple times of my own choosing, while SS is an afterthought unless someone else wants to meet there.) But I agree with other responses that these are not the "final 2" by any stretch of the imagination.

And as for Worldwide Diner -- seriously? Not a single restaurant in Baltimore has impressed you? Not Charleston, or Petit Louis, or Peter's Inn, or Woodberry Kitchen, or Attman's, DiPasquale's, Iggie's, or Joung Kak, or the Prime Rib, etc? Salt, "b", Clementine? That's too bad.

new BBQ discussion needed

I have not eaten at BBQ Joint in several years, but did eat there 2-3 times before that. Really wanted to like it, particularly because loved the owner's (Andrew Evans?)old restaurant at the Inn at Easton, but never thought his BBQ was quite as good as what I could easily make at home (though less time-consuming, for sure). Was reminded of the gap between DC and Baltimore Q, and the Q Belt, several weeks ago when in Atlanta. Outstanding chopped pork and brisket at several places.

Classy, expensive restaurant in PG County?

No, not really.

Oldest Restaurants in Baltimore area

How 'bout Mary Mervis in Lexington Market. And obviously, we're talking about a rare RB sandwich.

Baltimore Ramen

Just had the ramen at TenTen on Charles Street (former Joss/Kawasaki space). Very tasty, at least to my untutored tongue. Pork bun was also good.

Great Italian Deli in DC/Baltimore Area

And also in Baltimore: DiPasquale's, Mastellone's, Pastore's.

Favorite ethnic joints in Baltimore/Baltimore County?

I agree with every single rec on curioussheridan's post -- wait, are we the same person?

Crab cakes near BWI

G&M's crabcakes are very large, and very consistent. And I'll bet they provide plenty of leftovers. But they are not Maryland crabcakes, bc as G&M freely admits, they use -- year-round! -- Asian crabmeat, which is not even the same species as our blue crab. It's a free country, so (subject to the Lanham Act) they have a right to sell them. But if you were in Florence, and ordered a bistecca Fiorentina, would you be happy with a sirloin or flank steak from Iowa? If the answer is "no," then seek an alternative (Maryland) crabcake from the many options listed above.

Where should I have dinner near Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

Chefdilettante's suggestions are good, except that Bagby Pizza may not quite rise to the level of serviceable. There is better pizza nearby at Chazz, or a little farther afield at Verde. One nice, inexpensive spot for dinner, not 10 minutes walk, is By Degrees Café at the corner of Eastern and Central.

Restaurants near the Hippodrome in Baltimore

I was there a few months ago and the beer was terrific (and to the extent service goes into it, that was fine too). We had only an appetizer (cheese plate?) and that was fine also,.

Pie??? in Baltimore

I have heard good things about the Hamilton Bakery, though I have not been there myself. Their website reports pies. Same for Woodlea Bakery on Harford or Belair Road.

Favorite ethnic joints in Baltimore/Baltimore County?

I have been to the Senegalese place on York Road (the Tam-Tam?) and it was underwhelming. I have also been to an Ethiopian restaurant not mentioned above, on Park Avenue (Tabor, I think) and it was about as good as Dukem.

If Italian is still considered ethnic, Baltimore is blessed with a slew of inexpensive, old-style Italian delis serving everything under the sun, including rarely-seen ingredients: Trinacria, DiPasquale, Pastore's, Mastellone.
Most of these also sell some excellent, inexpensive Italian wines.

Among the Korean restaurants in Baltimore, my favorite is Joung Kok.

Going to be in Baltimore for two days.

Chinnytown has great suggestions. If you're all the way up in Hampden, also consider Birroteca (Italianate, with great wine list, very casual, lots of veg options), and Woodberry Kitchen (great space, farm to table menu -- need to book well in advance).

Restaurants near the Hippodrome in Baltimore

Belvedere Square is wonderful (and our neighborhood), but it's more like 30 minutes away, esp. with traffic -- like sending someone to Arlington if they're at the Kennedy Center. Near the Hipp, Alewife mentioned by Zevonista is excellent. So is Forno, which has a diverse menu including brick oven pizza and some house made charcuterie.

For lunch only places, Patisserie Poupon Café on Charles Street is excellent, simple French. Or Café Piedigrotta in Little Italy for great Italian pastries and hot foods. Or By Degrees café (probably ten minutes from Hipp), with cool vibe and great sandwiches and salads.

Lunch near Baltimore City courthouse

Patisserie Poupon Cafe at 225 North Charles (not the one near Shot Tower) is excellent. Or the Trinacria Cafe (again, not the one near Lexington Market). Or the food trucks on Charles two blocks both of Lombard (selection varies by day).

Besh fish markets in Baltimore?

On the rare occasion that I cook rockfish, which is local to the Bay, I have bought at Faidley's in Lexington Market and the fish was quite good.

Casual restaurants near Baltimore Museum of Art?

These are all nearby, and none could be accused of being either fancy or expensive. The problem is, and allowing for personal taste, none of them is very good. One World is probably the best of the lot. I would say Café Hon is about on a par with these, while the food at Azafran and Donna's is 1-2 ranks above.

Casual restaurants near Baltimore Museum of Art?

Café Azafran, on Wyman Park Drive, near the Space Telescope Center. Or Donna's on St. Paul Street.

Is Gertrudes actually too expensive at lunch? They do have sandwiches and the like on the menu.

Sunday early lunch for seafood in and around Baltimore

October should, God willing, still be a good season for crabs, so if you wanted to get steamed crabs for lunch, which is not my idea of lunch but probably socially acceptable, that would be one way to go. I usually get them for dinner or take out, so can't tell you where to get them for lunch.

Hyattsville, White Oak, College Park

The other posters have lots of great ethnic options. I will say that we had a tasty lunch at Busboys and Poets last winter.

Challah in DC / Northern Virginia

True, but the degree of difficulty for challah is way less than either gefilte fish or chopped liver.

(Also, I'm sure you're right about Wegmans' bialys, but I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around that one.)

Canton Happy Hour?

Second the drinks at Fork & Wrench.

Challah in DC / Northern Virginia

This thread is ten years old (but then, good challah is an age-old question). My advice is, make your own. I have never tasted a store-bought challah that was as good as home-made. And it's a very simple recipe.

Best crab cakes in or near Hyattsville, MD?

Bowie is a long way from Hyattsville. Maybe 30 mins easily with any traffic.

Two L.A. Hounds for Five Days. Food and Sights Itinerary?

If you want crabs, the best ones are in Annapolis (Cantler's) or Baltimore (Bill's Terrace Inn). Annapolis requires a car; Bill's Terrace Inn is on the far east side on Baltimore in Essex (you could take the $7 MARC train to Baltimore, then a Zip car from the train station, or it's probably 60 miles each way from Alexandria). But if you're looking for something "you can only get it here," that's steamed blue crabs.

Labor Day Weekend in Baltimore - suggestions/itinerary

In no particular order:

1. The biggest farmers market is downtown Sunday morning opens at 7. It is under the JFX and located at approximately Holliday and Saratoga. A great place for breakfast, or lunch if you'd like to eat on the early side. Great produce and meat, but also lots of prepared foods these days.

2. A nice place for brunch is bistro "b" on Bolton Street in Bolton Hill. Especially if the weather is good; there are outdoor tables on a pretty streetscape. Another poss would be Gertrudes in the Baltimore Museum of Art, also with outdoor seating.

3. There is an excellent patisserie, Patisserie Poupon, open on Friday and Saturday mornings, which serves pastries, brioche, and also tea and coffee. Located on East Baltimore Street, just east of the JFX downtown. (There is also a café location on Charles Street, not sure if it's open weekends.)

4. Woodberry has great cocktails, I would just get there early (and you will probably have to wait anyway) and have one there. Downtown at the B&O Restaurant on Charles Street, you might want to grab a cocktail at the bar there. The food is good also, but the space is very unattractive.

5. In Federal Hill is the Cross Street Market which has a couple of sandwich or BBQ possibilities, also Nick's raw bar which has great oysters and clams, also beer on tap.

6. Two excellent Italian markets are within striking distance. Both open Friday and Saturday, not Sunday. Trinacria is just west of downtown. Tiny, preserved-in-aspic from the 1940s, great sandwiches. (They also have a café location just north of downtown, sandwiches and pizza only.) Farther away, and larger, is DiPasquales in Highlandtown/Patterson Park. Terrific sandwiches, also hot foods and pizza and great assortment of Italian goods including amari. Closer to downtown in Little Italy is Isabella's, which has outstanding brick oven pizza and sandwiches. (Just a restaurant, not a market.)

7. A place with a good selection of beers, east of you in Canton/Brewers Hill is Of Love and Regret. Good food too.

8. Funny, but I've never had crabs for lunch except at picnics. LP Steamers is not my favorite, I'm a fan of Bills Terrace Inn (or steamed to go, but from places well north of downtown).

Have a great time in Charm City and report back on what you liked and didn't like.

Gourmet Grocery Stores and Best Macarons in DC

Patisserie Poupon's Baltimore location has excellent macarons. I assume the DC one's (1645 Wisconsin Avenue) are just as good.