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Besh fish markets in Baltimore?

On the rare occasion that I cook rockfish, which is local to the Bay, I have bought at Faidley's in Lexington Market and the fish was quite good.

Casual restaurants near Baltimore Museum of Art?

These are all nearby, and none could be accused of being either fancy or expensive. The problem is, and allowing for personal taste, none of them is very good. One World is probably the best of the lot. I would say Café Hon is about on a par with these, while the food at Azafran and Donna's is 1-2 ranks above.

Casual restaurants near Baltimore Museum of Art?

Café Azafran, on Wyman Park Drive, near the Space Telescope Center. Or Donna's on St. Paul Street.

Is Gertrudes actually too expensive at lunch? They do have sandwiches and the like on the menu.

Sunday early lunch for seafood in and around Baltimore

October should, God willing, still be a good season for crabs, so if you wanted to get steamed crabs for lunch, which is not my idea of lunch but probably socially acceptable, that would be one way to go. I usually get them for dinner or take out, so can't tell you where to get them for lunch.

Hyattsville, White Oak, College Park

The other posters have lots of great ethnic options. I will say that we had a tasty lunch at Busboys and Poets last winter.

Challah in DC / Northern Virginia

True, but the degree of difficulty for challah is way less than either gefilte fish or chopped liver.

(Also, I'm sure you're right about Wegmans' bialys, but I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around that one.)

Canton Happy Hour?

Second the drinks at Fork & Wrench.

Challah in DC / Northern Virginia

This thread is ten years old (but then, good challah is an age-old question). My advice is, make your own. I have never tasted a store-bought challah that was as good as home-made. And it's a very simple recipe.

Best crab cakes in or near Hyattsville, MD?

Bowie is a long way from Hyattsville. Maybe 30 mins easily with any traffic.

Two L.A. Hounds for Five Days. Food and Sights Itinerary?

If you want crabs, the best ones are in Annapolis (Cantler's) or Baltimore (Bill's Terrace Inn). Annapolis requires a car; Bill's Terrace Inn is on the far east side on Baltimore in Essex (you could take the $7 MARC train to Baltimore, then a Zip car from the train station, or it's probably 60 miles each way from Alexandria). But if you're looking for something "you can only get it here," that's steamed blue crabs.

Labor Day Weekend in Baltimore - suggestions/itinerary

In no particular order:

1. The biggest farmers market is downtown Sunday morning opens at 7. It is under the JFX and located at approximately Holliday and Saratoga. A great place for breakfast, or lunch if you'd like to eat on the early side. Great produce and meat, but also lots of prepared foods these days.

2. A nice place for brunch is bistro "b" on Bolton Street in Bolton Hill. Especially if the weather is good; there are outdoor tables on a pretty streetscape. Another poss would be Gertrudes in the Baltimore Museum of Art, also with outdoor seating.

3. There is an excellent patisserie, Patisserie Poupon, open on Friday and Saturday mornings, which serves pastries, brioche, and also tea and coffee. Located on East Baltimore Street, just east of the JFX downtown. (There is also a café location on Charles Street, not sure if it's open weekends.)

4. Woodberry has great cocktails, I would just get there early (and you will probably have to wait anyway) and have one there. Downtown at the B&O Restaurant on Charles Street, you might want to grab a cocktail at the bar there. The food is good also, but the space is very unattractive.

5. In Federal Hill is the Cross Street Market which has a couple of sandwich or BBQ possibilities, also Nick's raw bar which has great oysters and clams, also beer on tap.

6. Two excellent Italian markets are within striking distance. Both open Friday and Saturday, not Sunday. Trinacria is just west of downtown. Tiny, preserved-in-aspic from the 1940s, great sandwiches. (They also have a café location just north of downtown, sandwiches and pizza only.) Farther away, and larger, is DiPasquales in Highlandtown/Patterson Park. Terrific sandwiches, also hot foods and pizza and great assortment of Italian goods including amari. Closer to downtown in Little Italy is Isabella's, which has outstanding brick oven pizza and sandwiches. (Just a restaurant, not a market.)

7. A place with a good selection of beers, east of you in Canton/Brewers Hill is Of Love and Regret. Good food too.

8. Funny, but I've never had crabs for lunch except at picnics. LP Steamers is not my favorite, I'm a fan of Bills Terrace Inn (or steamed to go, but from places well north of downtown).

Have a great time in Charm City and report back on what you liked and didn't like.

Gourmet Grocery Stores and Best Macarons in DC

Patisserie Poupon's Baltimore location has excellent macarons. I assume the DC one's (1645 Wisconsin Avenue) are just as good.

Cafe du Parc?

Has been two years, but had a great breakfast there. Excellent croissants.

Decent price on saffron ?


Best BBQ in Baltimore - Help!

The best BBQ in Baltimore is probably the BBQ you make at home. Having said that, Andy Nelson's in Cockeysville is pretty solid.

Baltimore weekday lunch with a 4 yr old?

Gertrudes at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Outdoor tables for dinner, not sure about lunch. Needless to say, they have had young diners before. Or Lebanese Taverna in Harbor East. If the weather is nice, a great place to eat outdoors. Or By Degrees Café, on the border between Harbor East and Fells Point. Great food, less expensive than the other two just mentioned. (Only indoors, though.)

Johnny Rad's Pizza Kitchen

It's probably in the top 10 pizzas in Baltimore. Not as good as Iggie's or Matthew's, maybe a little below Verde as fellspt says. There's some other stuff on the menu and I had a good sandwich there. And the beer list is great, it's a pretty good bar on its own.

Best Seafood Dump on the table in Baltimore

Bill's Terrace Inn in Dundalk for steamed crabs.

Best restaurants in Hartford, West Hartford?

Just had dinner at the East West Grill thanks to Chowhound - we were driving up 91 on the way to NH and looking for dinner on the way. Great food - Lao side of menu very similar to Thai, to my untutored eye - and very inexpensive. Loved the wine and beer selections also.

Jul 12, 2014
lawhound in Southern New England

lunch in Georgetown with kids on Monday


best crab cakes in maryland - any suggestions?

Second the crabcakes at Gertrudes. They are excellent. And it is a very pleasant place to eat brunch or dinner outside on a summer evening.

Baltimore restaurant for both vegetarians and omnivores

Second the recommendation for "b" in Bolton Hill. It's certainly not 50/50 veg/non-veg, but there are always several veg entrees and I suspect the kitchen could turn any pasta dish into a veg dish.

The other possibilities are Indian: Indigma, the Ambassador.

Cozy is Closed

I wish that I could shed a tear for the Cozy, but in the 2-3 times I ate there, I found the food was never better than OK, and often terrible.

Faidley's disappointment

Really? That ratio doesn't sound so high to me. Not to get too analytical about this, but let's say there are 10 saltines to a cup. A little stray Googling suggests that saltines weigh 3-4 grams each, so 10 crackers/1 cup = 30-40 g. = 1.05-1.4 oz in comparsion to the 16 oz of crabmeat.

It seems to me like a 10: or 12:1 ratio between crab and saltines will not mask "the pure crustacean taste," but instead will act as a binder only.

By comparison, the classic Old Bay crab cake recipe calls for two slices of white bread to a pound of crab cake, which sounds like just about the same ratio.


We are talking about chitterlings, right? (I don't know the answer to your question, but folks may not realize at all what you're looking for with the misspelling.)

Louisiana Restaurant

I have never been there (it's in Fells Point, on Aliceanna). But perhaps the reason for lack of attention has something to do with this review in the Sun from a couple of years ago: http://tinyurl.com/lpzegtn.

However, all Baltimore Hounds would appreciate an update. FoiGras, perhaps you could dine there and report back?

Texas Hound coming to town for 3-4 days. Correct my itinerary . . .

A couple of Baltimore comments:

1. Latenight Monday is a challenge, but how about Joung Kak on 20th St instead of the S&B? Great Korean BBQ.

2. Sunday afternoon/evening, depends what you want. Joe Squared is up and down on pizza quality. Iggies is more dependable (also BYOB). For other choices, most of the good restaurants downtown and north are open Sunday. Just to throw out some names: Tapas Teatro, Woodberry Kitchen, Bistro "b" in Bolton Hill, Jacks Bistro in Canton, Hersh's in South Baltimore.

3. Phillip's -- bleah. No-one from Baltimore eats there. AYCE seafood, you really trade off quality for quantity, but I guess you've already realized that.

Enjoy your trip and report back.

Best places in Baltimore to go out for a 21st birthday weekend?[2014 version]

Actually the light rail takes you from downtown to a 5-10 minute walk from Hampden.

lunch and dinner in Baltimore with 2 kids

The problem with Paper Moon is that the food is terrible. Breakfast is the best of the lot, but even that is only so-so.

Weekend in Baltimore, Must Eats?

That is a great list. I would add:

*Patisserie Poupon for great French pastries.
*Isabella's or Trinacria for excellent Italian subs (and Isabella's for brick oven pizza). Take the food up and have lunch on Federal Hill or at Fort McHenry.
*"b" Bistro in Bolton Hill for very good Mediterranean-inspired cuisine (with local produce) and good wine in a beautiful old mansion.