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How to Make a Delicious Glow-in-the-Dark Punch for Halloween

It sounded delightful until I realized I'd have to find a black light.

Oct 11, 2011
Glorybee in Features

Curried Carrot Soup

I made this today and found it to be a very tasty soup! Now if only I'd made those cheddar cheese biscuits to accompany it.

Mar 29, 2007
Glorybee in Recipes

Have to go to McCormick & Schmick's...

There are worse sentences.... I'm allergic to most seafood but still I can find something tasty and fresh at M&S.

Owings Mills Dinner Rec (No Baltimore)

I like Liberatore's. I don't think it's a place that attracts the party hearty crowd. Don't let the multiple locations turn you off - it's a local "chain" - just a successful restauranteur spreading his wings to the delight of the neighboring communities. Linwood's was mentioned and is a fav but as noted it can be quite pricey.

Woodlea Bakery

I finally got a chance to stop there yesterday. Hot cross buns - outstanding! And I found out they have paczki all during lent.

Thanks for the recs all. I will return there for sure!

Marylanders in Vegas [Moved from DC & Baltimore]

thanks for the recs. Lots to chew on (pun intended)
personally I like indian and thai food but not everyone shares my tastes so your ideas are much appreciated.

Mar 03, 2007
Glorybee in Southwest

Dining in Dundalk

Actually I'm looking for recs from Marylanders who visit another city but it's been moved by a well-meaning mod. I want to hear from people from the baltimore region.

And is there any good dining in dundalk? Is it true that Squires has pizza to die for?

As for that other item I need help with:

Marylanders in Vegas [Moved from DC & Baltimore]

I've been to the Southwest boards to get some recs for an upcoming trip to Vegas. And I found some suggestions but there was an awful lot of reference to dinners that were way out of my price range (hundreds of dollars). This is just a fun trip with some friends to get away from it all. We're not interested in lavish dinners that are so over the top that you have to eat them in Barcaloungers.

We'll probably eat more food for lunch and then pub fare at night. We're not interested in the traditional vegas buffet which I hear has thankfully gone out the window.

We were thinking maybe The Mesa Grill for one lunch. We all have different taste so regional cuisine unless it's Italian probably won't appeal to all. I'm betting that fresh is a major criteria.

Also does anyone have any recs for the best breakfast in Vegas? I've heard that Verandah at The Four Seasons is good for brekky. We will be at The Paris and we will have a car.

I know this is slightly OT her-e on the Balt/Wash food boards but I have a Baltimore palate, whatever that is, and want to know what others from the region think of as
The best place for lunch in the range of $25-50 pp
The best pub food
The best breakfast
Any other gastronomic must-dos.

Mar 03, 2007
Glorybee in Southwest

ISO paczki from a Baltimore bakery

That's settles it. I'll try it this weekend if I can. We're heading downtown to Second Chance on Sat. to look for some old doors and maybe we can swing through FP on the way back.

Woodlea Bakery

Marshmallow donuts. Ah. I used to go to the bakery in Havre de Grace to get the tasties marshmallow donuts. Are these a Baltimore thing?

Film Feast

My Big Fat Greek Wedding gets my vote.

Feb 25, 2007
Glorybee in Features

Woodlea Bakery

Until tonight I hate to admit it but I never heard of shmearkase. I googled it and only got 1 hit. I tried adding a "c" (schmearkase). OMG - I have to try this.

Restaurant in Har Co. or White Marsh Md?

I'm looking for a restaurant in So. Harford County (Belari, Fallston) or in White Marsh/Perry Hall that has a good ventilation system or a non-smoking policy. We will be joined by someone who has very sensitive lungs and the separate smoking area just doesn't cut it unless there's a closed door in between.

We'd like a nice place to have either a Saturday dinner or a Sunday lunch/brunch. The usual important stuff - good food, good service, a place where 3 couples can sit and shoot the breeze. I'm allergic to most seafood so I'd prefer that it not be a seafood restaurant.


Woodlea Bakery

Thanks for letting me know about The Woodlea. I'll check it out. Too many Baltimore institutions are no more (some for good reason). I'm going to high tail it over there next weekend before I'm sorry I didn't.

Woodlea Bakery

Posted too quickly - the bakery is on Belair Road in Baltimore
aka Blair Rd in Bawlmer

Woodlea Bakery

Anyone have anything to say about The Woodlea Bakery on Belair Road?

Belvedere Square... A great place to shop and eat

I love Belvedere Square - top it off with a trip to Daedalus and I'm livin' large. But I'd sooner get my java from Atwater's than S-bucks
Who has been to Taste? I think that's the name - It's the new restaurant across from the market in the old Hess Shoe building.

Good bread - where can I buy it?

Wegmans, Marvelous Market, Great Grains

ISO paczki from a Baltimore bakery

Thanks Bmorehound! I'm going to check this out. I actually saw paczki in The Giant today! But it looked pretty mass-produced. Herman's in Dundalk will have it them on Tues. I've been to Sophia's to get pierogies - you may be right about them.
And speaking of Fells Point and pierogies, have you tried the pierogie at Ze Mean Bean?

Lunch recs near White Marsh/Belair

I also thought that maybe Josef's Country Inn in Fallston would work. I had an event there a few years back. We picked gave them a price and they worked with it to give us a limited menu with a choice of entrees.

One great meal in Baltimore

Gertrude's in the Baltimore Museum of Art

Kali's Court in Fells Point

Or one of the restaurants in Little Italy (I like the old standard Chiapparelli's but others might beg to differ.

Da'Mimmo has a nice menue but it's pretty pricey and it might be a little stuffy for a college student.

If you want to go for dessert some place besides where you eat your meal I'd recommend Vaccaro's if you still have room.

Lunch recs near White Marsh/Belair

How about Liberatore's in White Marsh? They list it on their website as Perry Hall. It's in the Honeygo Square shopping center - about a mile and a half from the avenue. Coming from Harford Co it's accessible off Ebenezer. I haven't been to this store yet but I've been to the other Liberatore's and I would recommend their food and service.

ISO paczki from a Baltimore bakery

Who has paczki on Fat Tuesday? I think Herman's might. Anyone know of others who might have it?

I saw the post about Starbucks but I think that's only in Michigan. Can't imagine. I'd equate that to selling canned salmon in Alaska.

Where do you do your grocery shopping in Baltimore??

I'm all over the map - literally. Weggies in HV is my fav but like others I only go when it's work the trek - or when I'm passing by. And it is waaaaaay to crowded on the weekends. Oh but my kingdom for a Wegmans Pistachio muffin.

I like Belvedere Square too and love Planet Produce. Good milk at the baker (Atwaters?).

Second fav grocery chain is the Weis in White Marsh (Honeygo Square or something like that).

Whole Foods now and then but not exactly on my route here in Eastern Bawlmer.
In a pinch it's Giant or Mars or Safeway or even CVS, LOL

Annapolis next week-

I'm not sure what's out near where you are staying (been to a few chains out there but I'm not a chain person). If you can get downtown (a 5 minute ride) there a lots of choices. I like Reynold's Tavern. For fun casual dining with a unique menu I like Yin Yankee. Not fancy but very creative. If you use this link you can bypass the intro screen and its music. Why do business feel compelled to add music? If hate it when I'm at work and I accidently open such a page. But I digress......

Duda's in Fells Point

I am awestruck by this ! Never been there. Will be now.