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Best Chicken Salad Sandwich in Boston

The Danish Pastry House in Medford Hillside does a chicken salad sandwich with grapes and brie that I enjoy, as well as the chicken salad sandwich at the Soleil Cafe in Teele Square. I also like the chicken salad at Pemberton Farms, which is more of a shredded chicken type closer to tuna salad consistency (but really nice chicken flavor / somewhat less mayonnaise).

Restaurant suggestions in Burlington, MA area?

If you're willing to head a bit north but stay near the highways, there's also Kromel's Playhouse Cafe (I've heard they may have changed the name) on Main St in Stoneham, as well as Georgie D's a little farther south but also on Main St in Stoneham. There are a couple other Italian restaurants in that area as well, but I haven't tried them. Kromel's I'd consider midrange American / Continental, while Georgie's is Italian.

There are two Italian restaurants in downtown Woburn: Tre Monte and La Stanza Diva. Both are pretty good, although Tre Monte might be considered more refined (although I think the prices are about the same). There's also Tanner Tavern for American food, which I haven't tried yet. If you're looking for something more casual and inexpensive, The Restaurant has much better than expected American / cafeteria / Greek food.

If you're willing to try more ethnic options, there's Sichuan Garden and Lana Thai Diner off exit 35 on 95 (head north on route 38), both of which are good and in interesting buildings (an old mansion for the first, and a restored diner for the second). My favorite sushi place in the area is Kyotoya in Stoneham on the Woburn border, although a lot of people really like Sushi Corner (?) in Wakefield center (which is also fairly close to 95, off I believe exit 39).

For others that have been noted: New Jang Su Korean barbecue is a lot of fun with a group; Masalaa is pretty good, although I will say that the Indian in the food court is actually quite good as well (possibly my favorite in the area, until I get to Punjab in Arlington); American Flatbread (organic pizza / salads) and Bamboo (Chinese / Japanese) were mentioned and are both fine.

We do have sort of a dearth of good American non-chain restaurants in the area (until Arlington), but there are other places within 15 minutes of the mall and staying pretty close to the highway. If you're not too tired, it might be fun to drive to Woburn Center / Lexington Center / Winchester Center and look around at the places, although make sure you know where they are (e.g. La Stanza Diva is around a corner from the main Woburn downtown street, so you could miss it).

Restaurant suggestions in Burlington, MA area?

The restaurants at Wayside are all chains: Fresh City, Ginger Pad, and Not Your Average Joe's. Fresh City and Ginger Pad are semi-fast food, in which you order at a counter, but the ingredients are beter and there are nicer tables than normal fast food (and in the latter case, your food is brought to you). Ginger Pad is Pan-Asian food - I actually like it not because it's authentic, but because they use a lot of fresh vegetables.

Where can I find Burrata?

Dave's Fresh Pasta carries burrata - they get it from a local cheesemaker (the same one who sells fresh mozzarella at the local farmer's markets / other places). According to the lady at the Davis Square market, they just delivered some fresh ones to DFP today (I was told at the store that they get new shipments on Thursdays sometimes instead).

Try it with some vincotto (grape must) or really good balsamic vinegar. :)

Zaleck's does it again and again

Have managed to try Zalek's now, and here's my take on it:

Excellent: Bourbon steak tips (medium-rare) - so amazing I went back two days later to get them again. Mesclun salad with sundried tomatoes. Pineapple jasmine rice (much tastier than standard rice). Grilled asparagus special side (although they only gave 4 spears).

I think the grape leaves were pretty good but nothing special. However, I'm not a huge grape leaves fan overall, so I'll put them somewhere in between excellent and decent.

Decent: French fries (fairly standard, but tasted good when they had been sitting under the steak tips and got marinade on them). Onion rings (adequate, but I've had much worse) - note that they only gave 4 to accompany the steak tips. Teriyaki steak tips (for some reason, cooked more than the Bourbon tips - possibly a marinade difference). Cole slaw was okay (a little gloppy for me).

Didn't like much: Salmon (from the regular menu) - kind of salty and maybe a little overcooked? Standard salad that comes with steak tips (but I'm a bit of a salad snob - they substituted the mesclun the second time without a problem).

I'm looking forward to giving them another try on fish with some of their new specials (or if you want another place to get really good not too expensive fish, try Something Savory in Arlington Heights), or at least try the fish and chips. I'm also guessing their burgers will be good, since they cook to order and say they grind the meat fresh. That is, if I can manage to tear myself away from the Bourbon steak tips (really, they were that good).

Anyone eaten at The Ginger Pad in Burlington?

Good points: They use lots of obviously fresh vegetables, and they cook the food to order so you can ask for less oil / salt / etc. Good value for dinner.
Bad points: It's obviously not authentic, so not the general Chowhound sort of place. Since they don't have separate lunch and dinner menus, they may be a bit on the higher side for lunch (however, the portion size is pretty good).

I really like vegetables, and it can sometimes be hard to find Asian food that treats them lightly that isn't the basic steamed-healthy option. So I like it for a healthier and slightly more interesting chain option (better for me than Fresh City next door, which has a lot of healthy-seeming but really not options), but it's not really a destination sort of place.

lunch places in Woburn

I agree with a number of these.

Some other possibilities: Whole Foods (on 3S, not too far from 95); Boston King Coffee in Woburn 4 Corners (also on 3S, before Whole Foods - at the intersection with lots of fast food places), which also has sandwiches, salads and interesting drinks like bubble tea; Ginger Pad or Fresh City (both chains, unfortunately) in Wayside Commons (just off the 3S exit from 95). Ginger Pad is a nice change for pan-Asian that seems a bit healthier than normal (but still a bit chain-ish).

There's also Krazy Karry's on Winn St in Woburn, or even Fuddrucker's in Jordan's Reading store (please don't attack - I know it's a chain, but I really like turkey and buffalo burgers, and they're hard to find in the area, so it's nice to have them available), if you really want a burger or chicken sandwich.

I think the Indian restaurant in the Burlington Mall food court may deliver via DiningIn for lunch during the week (I like them the best of the local Indian options around Woburn, oddly enough), or there's Rang Indian Bistro in downtown Stoneham, if you're looking for something a little different.

You may even be able to get down to Medford via 93 for a couple of the places down there, as the traffic shouldn't be that bad during the middle of the day.

Good Brazillian, outside Boston? Woburn?

I've tried Tudo na Brasa (new Brazilian pay-per-plate buffet style small restaurant) in Woburn Center and was very happy. It's the first Brazilian barbecue place I've been to, though, so no idea how it compares. There's another new Brazilian barbecue place that's also on Main St but in N. Woburn, which I believe is fixed price (much more expensive) and they bring the meat to your table - I haven't tried it.

Burgers/Sandwiches near Burlington, MA?

David's World Famous is excellent (salmon sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, and possibly my favorite sweet potato fries ever).

Otherwise, that area of Burlington is mostly filled with chains. The Indian restaurant in the food court is actually quite good imo (and pretty well priced), so don't discount it too much. :)

If you have a little more time, there are a couple of sandwich places off exit 34 towards Woburn (Winn St), and a couple more in downtown Woburn itself. It shouldn't be too hard to get on and off the highway at that time of day. There's also a little sandwich and salads cafe (that also had bubble tea the last time I was there) in Woburn Four Corners that was pretty good - you'd go to exit 33 (3 south) towards Winchester and just stay on 3 until you get to the business area with KFC / McDonalds / etc - it's in a little strip mall on the left.

Oh - there's a new Fresh City (another chain, though) in the new shopping mall just at the 3 s highway exit - the mall with Borders and L.L. Bean. There's also a little Pan-Asian cafe called Ginger Pad (I think it's a small chain) that I like because it seems to use fresh ingredients prepared fairly healthily (order at the counter - they bring the food to your table / pack it up to go). These places are a little closer than Woburn Four Corners and may be easier for you to get to on your lunch break.

(Also, if you keep going down 3 s for a couple more minutes, you'll get to Whole Foods.)

Victoria Station closed and I think turned into Border Cafe.

Good Dinner in Woburn

Whoops, also forgot:

There's a new shopping mall just off exit 33 on 95 (3 s) [the one with Borders and L.L. Bean] that has a pan-Asian cafe called Ginger Pad (I think it's a small chain). I like it because the ingredients seem fresh (lots of vegetables available) and the cooking style seems fairly healthy (e.g. their fried rice was not as heavy as most standard Chinese restaurant versions around here). It's a place where you order at the register and they bring the food to your table.

Good Dinner in Woburn

Some of my recommendations:
- Krazy Karry's has good burgers (on Winn St).
- Kyotoya just over the line into Stoneham for really, really good sushi / Japanese.
- Lanna Thai Diner or Pho #1 Woburn in N. Woburn for Thai or Vietnamese respectively.
- Tudo Na Brasa, the new Brazilian barbecue place in Woburn Center, is quite good ime (it's the only place I've been to for Brazilian barbecue, though - but the people are really nice and the grilled pineapple is one of my favorite things); it's buffet / pay per plate and quite reasonable.

The Restaurant is cafeteria style with Greek leanings and provides very large portions of pretty good food (nothing extremely special, but I liked the moussaka I got there - I'd basically term it nice and safe). The Thai and Japanese restaurants in Woburn Center are fine from what I remember, but I prefer the other ones listed above. If you want Chinese, there's Sichuan Garden II, in a restored mansion in N. Woburn (we also order from Fen Yang House, Sato II, and China Wok in the area, if you need another decent option).

I've been to Gaetano's and wasn't impressed at all. And keep away from the chains if you can help it. :)

Oh, one caveat - some places in Woburn are closed on Sunday.