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Montreal Wedding Caterer

Sorry for the long delay. We ended up selecting La Distinction as our wedding caterer. My wife and I both agree that this was the only regrettable decision of our wedding.
We went with this caterer because they were very competitive cost-wise. We went to the hall the night before our wedding to deliver a few things (flowers, alcohol, etc..) and while there we made notes for the caterer on virtually everything. We set-up one table to make sure they had a model to follow. My wife is obsessed with organisation and made specific notes.

The wedding day:
For the most part things went well. The only hiccups were caused by the caterer (La Distinction). We had requested a Bar tender and were assured they had a great one among their staff and were charged accordingly. We were dissapointed to find that the "Bartender" was no more than an amateur waiter with no experience making drinks whatsoever. To top it all off, he was extremely rude. He actually made a rude comment to my Mother-in-law (not realizing who she was). He did not know how to make simple drinks (Martini, Manhatten, etc..). The hall (La Toundra) has a main floor and a mezzanine both of which have a bar. We had agreed with the caterer to have the cocktail upstairs and that the bar would be moved downstairs during the dinner so the party could continue into the night without forcing the guests to go upstairs to refill their drinks. This never happened. The bar remained upstairs and guests (including old aunts and uncles) had to climb the stairs for every drink (or someone kind had to fetch it for them).

We confronted the Maitre D and he told us they could not move the bar downstairs but would put beer and whine at the downstairs bar where guests could "serve themselves". Mixed drinks would continue to be served upstairs (although the bartender did not know how to make them). When I went to the downstairs bar to get a beer for myself, I found a case of beer had been simply put on the bar (no ice, no bottle opener). I had to literally chase different waiters to find one with a bottle opener (I had no interest in using my eye socket on my wedding day...).

Then they ran out of ice. My father-in-law came to tell us the bartender was out of ice. My wife and I actually went into the kitchen to speak with the Maitre D. His response was that the machine was not enough to fulfill the crowd's needs. I had to tell him to send someone to get some bags of ice (could he not make this decision on his own???).

When we went to pick up our belongings the next day I found that $500 of desserts had been left in the refrigerator rather than served at the midnight snack table.

We were compensated for the troubles and lack of service by the caterer. We had a great wedding day but not thanks to the caterer. If I could do it again I would suck up the extra cost to get a reputable and professional caterer.

Montreal Wedding Caterer

I am getting married in the fall of 2009. We are planning on renting a hall (probably La Toundra in Parc Jean Drapeau) We have been looking for a Caterer. Our budget would be $115-$130 per person. We were wondering what should be calculated in the per person price. We will likely have approximately 125 guests. We only found a few caterers who could fit in our budget. Our favorite so far is Distinction ( I cannot find any reviews or rating on this caterer and am wondering if anyone has used them before. They quoted us approximately $80.00 per person including staff, rentals, and food (taxes and gratuity included). If we estimate that our alcohol will cost us approximately $20/ per person for an open bar (we are supplying the booze and the caterer is supplying a barmaid) and that the hall is costing about $25 per person, we arrive at approximately $125 per person. If we consider that our appetizers and desert table will cost us and extra $10-15 per person (some deserts will be made by relative. the appetizers are being ordered from Kam Fung to throw in a little variety to our menu. And we will probably have Schwartz Delicatessen set up a smoked-meat station during the desert table.) Does anyone have any suggestions for the caterer. We tried a few and Agnus Dei and JavaU were all $130 per person just for the food, service and rentals. Has anyone heard of distinction before? Any other suggestions. Amy I missing anything here?

Thanks for all your help.

The best place for smoked meat

I have found that Schwartz is definetly the best in the city. For those who found it too dry, ask for a "medium-fat" smoked meat sandwich or even order as I do --- "a fatty sandwich" Sure it may clog your arteries but if you want to enjoty it there is no other way. I also tried Smoked Meat Pete's and hated it. I probably just got a bad sandwich, I will definetly try it again as I am full of second chances but my first was all crumbs, hardly any real slices of meat. It was not only dry due to this but also very frustrating to eat. I should have taken it back but was on the 401 by the time I have my mitts on it. The fries were OK. Nothing to write home about but not terrible either. I also tried Reuben's on the corner of St-Catherine and McGill. It was also good. Definetly not the best, but pretty good if you crave a smoked meat while you are shopping downtown. Hope this helps.