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Ice Cream Jubilee

I read on their website that they use 18 percent butterfat.
Although that would make the ice cream extremely rich, it is probably why the flavors were muted.
As a former ice cream maker, my preference for a rich balanced ice cream would be no more than 14 percent fat.

best crab cakes in maryland - any suggestions?

Kokos on Harford RD......true Baltimore character,,,,,hands down the best crab cakes around

Restaurants that deliver near Reisterstown, Md. ?

It's not Kosher but the Reisterstown Diner delivers a very extensive menu.....and doesn't really have a minimum charge.
They are very accomodating

LIVE crabs....Baltimore

I used to buy crabs on the weekends during crab season froam a guy who caught his own crabs and set up by the side of the road on RT 140 in Reisterstown on the way to Westminster.
Anyone know if this truck is still there ? Anyone else selling crabs "direct" on the side of the road in Baltimore?

Is there a REAL good old fashioned bakery in the Baltimore area?

I think one of the main reasons you don't see too many artisan/ entrepreneur type bakeries is because of the competition from all of the supermarket in store bakeries. That said, at least Wegmans is a pretty good alternative.

I just came back from San Francisco/ Berkeley area......there wers some fabulous french bakeries there

best eggroll?

Best egg roll is at the Golden Dragon on Liberty Rd.
They have been in business for 50 by far.
A close second is Golden Key carryout in Reisterstown

These are both EGGROLLS not springrolls

Best Steakhouse in Baltimore

Planning a special Father's Day/ Graduation dinner Sunday......and would like reccomendations for Baltimore's Best Steakhouse.......Considering The Prime Rib, Morton's, Ruths Chris. Which one or maybe a hidden gem. Is Sullivan's in that league?

I don't ever remember seeing this on the Baltimore/Washington board.
When I went to Las Vegas there must have been a zillion posts on steakhouses

Poorly Engineered French Fries

i know Five Guys is successful at what they do.....but I NEVER get fries there unless I'm with someone else.....their order of fries can feed a family of 4.

Too bad because I do think they are usually really good

Looking for Ledos PIzza dough recipe

Would anyone have access to Ledo's Pizza dough recipe...or any ideas how to improvise a regular pizza dough recipe to make it more "pastry like" ?

Sep 22, 2012
MDicecreamguy in Home Cooking

Not too pricey restaurants and breakfast places

Just came back from Vegas......what an awesome time we had!

Had a really unusual breakfast at Hash House a Go Go at the Imperial Place ( next to Harrahs...across from the Mirage) .....portions were huge... prices very reasonable. Will definitely go there again next time I'm in Vegas.

Jul 14, 2012
MDicecreamguy in Las Vegas

need reccomendation for best Steak "Value" in Las Vegas

Had dinner at Delmonico tonight. Excellent steak. Thanks for the reccomendation

Jul 13, 2012
MDicecreamguy in Las Vegas

need reccomendation for best Steak "Value" in Las Vegas

thanks......looks like Delmonico is the way to go

Jun 29, 2012
MDicecreamguy in Las Vegas

need reccomendation for best Steak "Value" in Las Vegas

Just the steak for $50-$60.
I've read some other threads on here about steaks in Vegas.....seesm to be a very diverse opinion

Jun 27, 2012
MDicecreamguy in Las Vegas

need reccomendation for best Steak "Value" in Las Vegas

First time visitor to LV in July......

Looking for reccomendations for a "good steak".......( $50-$60 range)

Jun 27, 2012
MDicecreamguy in Las Vegas

whats the deal with these 24 hour buffets?

Going to LV in a couple of weeks.......first time in 30 years.

I saw on a couple of other posts that some properties have a 24 hour window to go to multiple buffets.

Can anyone attest to this?

Jun 24, 2012
MDicecreamguy in Las Vegas

DC: Convention Center area (Fancy Food Show)

I have attended the Fancy Food Show for many years ( both in Washington and New York) How anyone can think of eating anything else after spending a day sampling the quality and quantity of food on display just amazes me ! My hats off to anyone that wants to have dinner after this show. I won't eat for two days!

Anywhere in the DC/Bmore area that's like Amsterdam Falafelshop but with Meat?

if you are in the Baltimore area, Tahinas in Owings Mills would fit the bill.
Falafel, beef and chicken options in a pita. Extensive topping bar. Alsoa Frites (French Fry) sauce bar similar to Amsterdam.

I happen to know the owners of Tahinas used Amsterdam as a prtotype to the kind of establishment they wanted. It's alot slicker and cleaner than Amsterdam though.

Best traditional pizza delivery in Owings Mills, MD?

Upper Crust has recently been is now a Seasons Pizza....a chain,mediocre at best
Unfortunately they took out the wood burning oven which made Upper Crust better than most of the chains in the area
If you want authentic pizza....I reccomend Mia Carolina In Glyndon although they don't deliver.
For delivery the Big Cheese is pretty good and they do least its not a chain

Mexican/Latin in Baltimore

Mari Luna......3 locations.....they're all good

Buddy's in Annapolis?

olives in crab cakes????

that sounds DISGUSTING ! ,,,,Please do NOT think you had a Maryland Crab cake

Hey should be penalized 15 yards for unsporstmanlike crab cake making

Graeters at Fresh Market in Vienna!

I found it today at the Fresh Market in Baltimore.....they had 4 flavors...$5.99 for a pint.....I was not impresed. I;ll bet it's probably better eaten fresh, I guess I'll just have to go to Cincinatti to experience the real thing

Graeters at Fresh Market in Vienna!

Doe anyone know if the Fresh Market in Baltimore has Graeters? I've never had it but heard it;s the best ice cream in the US. I;d love to try it and also hear reviews from others who have

Owings Mills restaurant suggestions for college graduation brunch

Mia Carolina would be much better than Captain Harveys.......MC has a great private room.....excellent food....very reasonable

Xmas morning Challah emergency

you can go to Baltimore/ Pikesville,,,,,,,7 mile Market and Goldmans bakery will both have challah and be open

Lucky dog !!! ( my dog only eats homework!)

Gordon Ramsay to makeover Cafe Hon in Hampden next week

This ought to be interesting.

Even if Gordon Ramsay were to "fix" the restaurant problems of Cafe Hon ( I always thought it was pretty decent diner food), it seems to me that Cafe Hon's problems stem more from a public realtions/ marketing image problem. Just seems like that is not typical of the problems that are usually shown on Kitchen Nightmares.

This should be on "Public Image Nightmares" ( new reality show anyone?????)

Cafe Hon
1002 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

Looking for Ben & Jerry's new flavor....Schweddyballs

thanks...i'll check there tomorrow

Looking for Ben & Jerry's new flavor....Schweddyballs

I know some supermarkets have banned B & J's newest flavor because of the provocative sounds like an awesome flavor.

Has anyone seen it in any stores in the Baltimore area?

Looking for casual place near Jiffy Lube Live concert pavillion

Going to the Jimmy Buffet concert next week.....any reccomendations for quick casual near Jiify Bristow Va. Is this near Reston? I'm from Baltimore....not familiar with the area

Hershey's Ice Cream

I have been following this thread and am a little surprised with the fascination of Hersheys ice cream. To me this is and had always been an average commercial ice cream maybe a step above Breyers....nothing special to write home about in my book.

Is anybody really in love with this brand?

Fresh old-fashioned ice cream with no stabilizers

If you're making ice cream at home, it's best to eat it right after it's made.
One of the "secrets" to making regular ( i.e. "hard" ) ice cream is that after the ice cream is made it needs to be frozen at a very low temperature ( at least -20 below zero) Most home freezers are not set up to "blast freeze"......Slow freezing ice cream is the major cause of cystalization. If you're going to make ice cream at home, I suggest make it and eat it within a couple of hours for maximum enjoyment.