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I have not eaten there, but a friend of mine lives about an hour from Bordeaux and concurs that La Tupina is the place to go. It is her favorite place in Bordeaux. I missed going there the last time I was in France, but look forward to trying it one day.

Are you only limited to restaurants in Bordeaux the city or will you be traveling around the region? If so, there are many other restaurants in the area that are also worth trying.

Sep 16, 2009
ellenmg in France

Is there Burmese food in Boston?

Yes, it was called Se Jar Jet San and I still fantasize about it!

Jan 30, 2008
ellenmg in Greater Boston Area

Lulu's Bakery in the North End

Didn't this article also have a recipe for red velvet cupcakes? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Any advice you could provide would be appreciated!

Feb 14, 2007
ellenmg in Greater Boston Area