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Good salad bars in the coastal South

Looking for good restaurants (any type cuisine) that have good salad bars. All but Japanese are fine but I don't suppose there's any such thing as good salad bar Japanese. This is for coastal or near coastal Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland. Any suggestions? Good (even fairly good) ribs are a plus.

BBQ+Salad bar=good chow

Traveling next week north from Savannah to Charleston and north through N Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, etc. heading home to NY. Traveling close to the Atlantic coast to explore scenic and historic areas. Looking for good barbecue and rib places with good salad bars. Also, any good buffet type place with a salad bar is of interest. Any suggestions from knowledgeable hounds? Willing to go a bit out of the way for quality chow. Willing to strain for great ribs.