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Needed: 2 Restaurant suggestions for next week

Consider Room 11 for your Friday night dinner. One of my favorite spots, really delicious food and a very nice atmosphere. Tough to get a table so get there on the early side.
There's also Proof for Friday - highly regarded upscale wine bar.

Please help ladies with DC recs

Near the Convention Center check out Sundevich for sandwiches and nearby La Colombe for a nice coffee shop, and Baby Whale for a fun dinner of shared appetizers and cocktails.

Tuesday Dinner Around Arlington With Friends - Suggestions?

Kogiya is not huge, so you should make a reservation. I enjoyed my last visit there a few months back.

Tuesday Dinner Around Arlington With Friends - Suggestions?

Not far at all is Pete's Apizza in Clarendon. I am a fan of their pizza, and it's definitely affordable and a casual setting for a group.

Good Cuban Sandwich in DC?

Muncheez Mania is another underappreciated gem. Try the Mama's special or the lamb meat pie.

What types of restaurants does DC need now?

Sophie's is also a good Cuban spot, between Dupont and Farragut.

Seeking spicy ethnic food in Dupont Circle or Adams/Morgan neighborhoods!

Heritage India on P at 17th, has a nice weekday lunch special.
Super Tacos on Columbia Road - all the pork tacos are great, and you can spice it up with the salsas.
Kokeb (a bit further afield, closer to Columbia Heights) for Ethiopian. Recently discovered and I love it so much.
Sichuan Pavilion (on K) for Chinese.
Soi 38 for Thai near Dupont. It's not cheap, but I've enjoyed the food there and it was plenty spicy.
Muzette for Korean in Adams Morgan. Surprisingly authentic flavors in a primarily karoake bar.

Ethopian in Washington

Zenebech is great and is very close to the Shaw metro station (yellow/green line). I recently tried out a new place that I love even more called Kokeb. It is up Georgia Avenue, a ten minute walk from the Columbia Heights metro station (also yellow/green line).

Latest NW eats: hitting some of the new spots

3 Salsas: new taco joint north of Columbia Heights on 14th Street.
Thumbs down. I tried three tacos (carne asada, pastor, and chorizo). The first two were super dry and tough, and the third had an odd spice to it. Totally disappointing, though they were very friendly and had a large menu. I prefer Chilango and Super Taco by a mile.

Three-Fifty: new bakery/coffee shop at 17th and U, near Hana market.
Had an absolutely lovely iced coffee and German chocolate cookie sandwich. The cookie was excellent, two chocolate/walnut cookies sandwiches with some coconut cream. Really great. They also had cookies, muffins, scones, croissants, that kind of thing. No bread :(

Dean's Grotto for brunch: 9th Street, this is the new Dino
I had a lovely brunch here on Sunday afternoon, and it was refreshingly easy to get a table. What a great alternative for those queuing a few blocks over at Ted's Bulletin. Yes, it's noisy in the main dining room. Yes, the furniture and decor are definitely a bit off. But the food was amazing, satisfying, interesting, copious, and I will definitely return. I had the "Nutella stuffed french toast" with some kind of compote, served with bacon though I asked for potatoes. Delish. My friend had the San Benedetto, their version of eggs benedict, which was stellar and had incredible prosciutto on top. We were both really happy with our meals. The bread they served (with olive oil) was also exceptional. Yum all around.

Sophie's: Cuban, 19th and M, south of Dupont
I visited this place again and enjoyed a mamey shake and roast pork "with a twist" (=sweet plantains) sandwich. They seem to have tweaked their menu a bit, but food is still hearty and well-priced, and a great spot to have a weekday lunch with colleagues. Something about this place just makes me happy. They're always really friendly and seem genuinely proud of the food.

Interesting piece on NYC restaurant expansions to DC

Good food in the DC/VA area??

You can also buy frozen malawakh oftentimes and prepare it at home. A place like Shalom Kosher in Wheaton may have it, but you should call and ask.

New Ethiopian spot now that Zenebech has been discovered: Kokeb

Tried a new place last Friday, Kokeb on Georgia Ave at Irving. It was very spare, low key, friendly service, and amazing food. We had a spectacular vegetarian combination (2 kinds of lentils, collard greens, green beans and carrots, cabbage), chicken, and the lamb tibs. Menu is short, but they did offer a different (curry?) chicken preparation (in addition to the standard doro wat), which was interesting though not worth reordering.

We were very happy with the meal, and the low price. With two beers, the above came to $50 and fed four of us.

Happy hours/cheaper local treats for guests from Europe

Is pork okay?

In DC proper:
Mi Cuba Cafe (Columbia Heights), lovely and bright spot, great prices; not sure if they have a liquor license
G Sandwich (U Street), comfortable seating, counter service, good and interesting sandwiches
Daikaya ramen (Chinatown), yummy, a bit noisy, you won't be able to just hang out there forever; Sakuramen (Adams Morgan) is also an option. Lots of bars around there.

I like the happy hour (including great food) at Boqueria (Dupont), GBD (Dupont), St. Arnolds (Dupont). Good beer at the latter 2.

DC: Location near Penn Q for Baby Shower Cocktails Next Week

The Partisan is a cool new spot. Not positive about their seating, but worth checking into.

Shawafel -- Best Inexpensive Food in the Atlas District

Not good to go on the Nationals Park experience. They provide pre-prepared sandwiches, at least mine was cold....nowhere near the freshness and integrity available at their restaurant. Also, their felafel is not as good as their shawarma. Their felafel is unremarkable.

Shawafel -- Best Inexpensive Food in the Atlas District

Glad to hear it! I was just there last Sunday, and it seems like every time I go I see a Middle Eastern family eating there.

I was a little disappointed in my shawarma sandwich this time; it was a tad greasy and not enough tahini. I will try chicken next time.

Dumplings & Beyond

This is what used to be called Shanghai Tea House, right? I enjoyed their dumplings years ago. And their bubble tea as well.

Southern-style pralines

Yes, I second Bayou Bakery's pralines!

Good Lebanese food in the DC area?

The name is unfortunate, I agree with you!

Good Lebanese food in the DC area?

"Very casual". Is that not descriptive enough for you?

I am a huge Shawafel fan and have been many times.

Chez Aunty Libe chow lunch report

Sad news: I finally went to try this place out this past weekend, and it was closed down. What a bummer.

Good Lebanese food in the DC area?

Shawafel has incredible sandwiches. Really fresh and authentic flavors.Very casual place.

Tarbouch is Lebanese I think. I've only been once but enjoyed it.

Happy Hour in Penn Quarter

Rosa Mexicana has good margaritas and all-you-can-eat guacamole and chips.

Zengo has some pretty tasty happy hour small plates as well (Asian/Latin fusion'ish).

One Night in DC

There isn't much to eat *in* Eastern Market itself since it's mostly groceries. There's Market Lunch. And apparently you can get a cooked half smoke (a DC-classic sausage). There are restaurants nearby on Barracks Row and on Pennsylvania. Montmartre is a favorite French bistro of mine. Cava has some good Mediterranean small plates.

There are many more sit-down down options inside of Union Market, and overall more modern. The hours are more limited as far as I understand.

Texas Hound coming to town for 3-4 days. Correct my itinerary . . .

I've had several good sandwiches there, and will continue to recommend it as well! Any issues I had were more about a lack of attention to careful sandwich construction, but certainly not the quality of the meat.

Dinner recommendation in Edison?

I will be in Edison for work this week and we'd love to have some South Asian food. A lot of the posts are a few years old, so I thought I'd ask the board:

Is Jhupdi a good bet? Anything currently recommended in Edison for a sit-down setting? Casual is fine, but not fast food/carry out.


Jun 09, 2014
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DC trip review 2014 (long)

Also, there aren't really long lines for the Shake Shacks here. I have never waited more than 5 minutes.

Shaw grazing: A&D and Thally

Dropped by that block of new eateries in Shaw, all that have sprouted up around Seasonal Pantry. My cocktail at A&D was just fine, and it was very relaxed and half-empty on a Friday evening; what a great respite if you're stuck without a place to sit somewhere on 14th Street!

Big disappointment eating at the bar at Thally. The service was amazingly slow, with no apologies or explanations, and the server was basically obnoxious. I would have forgiven all of this if the food were any good. Unfortunately, not the case. Basically none of the flavors were very good. The bread, which was just eh, was served with an odd lime-flavored butter. The burrata dish included a very disjointed spiced poached pear, whose flavor was just jarring in combination. The sope (2 itty bitty ones) were alright but served a bit cold, and I found the slightly blue-cheesey flavor of the "crema" not at all appealing. This place unfortunately reinforced my dining companion's complaints about how "high-end" food in DC is all hype.

Gelato in DC?

Love it! I think the quality there is great, and only wish it weren't in Georgetown, inconvenient for me. Chocolate peanut butter is a winner, as is chocolate almond.

Dolcezza is excellent and definitely better than Pitango.

New G Street Foods in McPherson Square

I think this is an exciting development:

It's open on weekends and serves dinner, including small plates of course...I am a fan of their lunchtime dishes, so I am hopeful about this place. They have some interesting items on their dinner menu on the website.