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Petworth/Georgia Ave

Great Ethiopian place called Kokeb at Georgia and Irving. It is super relaxed, delicious food and low prices. It is my current favorite!

Also not far is the strip on 11th between Irving and Park. I like Maple for brunch, Room 11 for cocktails and small plates, El Chucho for margaritas and (kinda fancy) Mexican, Meridian Pint for beer and alright bar food, and have heard good things about Kangaroo Boxing Club (barbeque) but haven't tried it yet.

Dupont/Farragut lunch options continue apace

I did not try the schwarma. They had two kinds, I believe chicken and....beef? I cannot remember if the second was beef or lamb....

Dupont/Farragut lunch options continue apace

Checked out Yafa Grill yesterday, which serves falafel, schawarma, and salad. They have a pretty nice selection of toppings including fresh tomatoes and cukes in tahini, fried eggplant, fried cauliflower, great sour pickles I know from Israel, and other assorted goodies you can choose from to adorn your pita pocket. There were also four sauces: tehini, garlic, cilantro, and some awesome red pepper paste which I fell in love with. They assemble the sandwich for you as you tell them which (unlimited) toppings you'd like (unlike Amsterdam Felafel), and I had to prompt them a bit to add more of certain things and make sure things were assembled well. If they can get their staff trained up to really assemble a felafel sandwich well, they will have my loyalty forever.

My lunch buddy had the salad combination, which was only so-so. I was not a fan of the hummus (too chickpea-heavy) or the cabbage salad, although the babaganoush was exceptionally good. You don't get any of the assorted toppings if you go with the salad plate.

And on the fresh made pitas...you can see the pita oven right behind the service line, and the pitas seemed fresh. They were fine, but nothing really set them apart from a standard pita pocket. Disappointing on that front.

But overall I was impressed by the quality of the toppings and falafel, and the freshness of all components. I will be back.

Brunch near Kennedy Center

I think Campono is the only place that's really convenient to the Kennedy Center. It is right there in the Watergate. I've never been, but definitely noticed it when I was at KC for a concert a few weeks ago.

If you have to walk from Ris to the shuttle, that's still a schlep. Or you could go to Ris, and take a taxi that wouldn't cost more than $10.

Closer to the shuttle stop (same block, right at the Foggy Bottom metro stop) is District Commons. I have never tried it. I would guess they have a serviceable brunch.


Thanks all! I found some okay nougat at Each Peach in Mount Pleasant...a little too sweet but not bad.

I will try some of the Italian sources next.

Valentine's day

Bistro Boheme


Can anyone recommend a spot where I can buy some really good nougat? I had an absolutely lovely bag from Yekta Market in Rockville.

Are there other good nougat sources out there?

Looking for some 'intereting' food in DC

Baby Whale also has some interesting dishes, but it's a small plates kind of scene.

Looking for some 'intereting' food in DC

You could try Chercher for Ethiopian, though I have not tried it yet myself. Queen of Sheba is also an option. Both are walking distance. Ethiopian is a must-try when in DC.

Sundevich has a bunch of interesting sandwiches (all inspired by different ethnic cuisines), also close to the Convention Center.

Report: Tsunami

I went about a month ago and was also really impressed as well. We had the green mango salad, chicken stuffed in tapioca skin, and the thai vermicelli in chile peanut sauce. The last was extremely flavorful and satisfying, though perhaps a little boring in terms of texture.

Thank you for sharing your view on some other dishes, I will keep this in mind on my next visit!

Lupo Verde on 14th St., NW - Report

I had the opposite experience about 6 months ago. My friend and I raved about the fried artichoke - perfectly fried - and then were really disappointed in the cacio e pepe. Nothing popped in it, totally underwhelming. I feel like I was also underwhelmed by my own pasta dish, which may in fact have been the striglie, come to think of it!

I have been wondering whether I should try it again.

Korean BBQ

I have tried Honey Pig, Kogiya, and Yechon. Yechon blew the others out of the water. Just visited a few weeks ago and was so impressed by *all* the banchan, galbi, chicken, and the green onion pancake. Incredible food, lovely service.

Baked & Wired vs. Cake Room (formerly Sugar Daddy) for Chocolate Cake

I would say Baked and Wired. I have always loved everything I've had there, from cupcakes to bars to cookies. I only tried Sugar Daddy once, but I was not too impressed and had the impression that they'd invested more in the decor than in the food. The cupcakes looked unappetizing, the cakes looked alright.

Jerusalem bagel, Simit, Ka'ak

No, it's a much larger, flatter (more surface area), and apparently not boiled. Covered in sesame seeds, and served with zaatar for dipping. The photo here is not quite right (still too small) but it gives you an idea:


Jerusalem bagel, Simit, Ka'ak

There are some fresh-ish flat breads at Yekta in Rockville:http://yekta.com/about-yekta/our-supe...

as well as at the Persian market in Vienna (Yas


But nothing tremendous, and nothing baked there.

Jerusalem bagel, Simit, Ka'ak

This is an excellent question! A Jerusalem bagel would make me so happy.

Dupont/Farragut lunch options continue apace

I thought the ramen was dynamite. I have never tried Rice Bar, so curious to hear about it.

Dupont/Farragut lunch options continue apace

8 minute walk.

Dupont/Farragut lunch options continue apace

Tried out Oki ramen today and was very impressed. I enjoyed the Oki curry ramen (coconut curry) and my lunch buddy had the miso ramen. They also had a Thai-ish ramen, and a Kimchi ramen listed on the menu, so plenty of spicy options!

Broth was lovely and complex on both, noodles were toothsome, very strong flavors on the various goodies adorning my curry ramen: including onion, red cabbage, pickled something or other, fried chicken, fried noodles. Absolutely delightful and a treat on a snowy day. They also have some rice bowls and other interesting appetizers on the menu. What a great addition to the neighborhood.

They also have a liquor license, plus the decor is extremely intricate, if you're into that kind of thing.

Barcelona on 14th St. DC

It's normally impossible to get a table, so good choice going on a holiday weekend! It gets unbearably crowded, which makes it totally unappealing to me.

Best current Burmese, Vietnamese and Ethiopian DC-area restaurants

I would recommend Kokeb or Zenebech Injera or Ethiopic over Etete. Etete has disappointed on several occasions, and they're over-priced. Not sure why it gets so much love.

Dinner in Columbia Heights/U Street

Room 11 is my favorite, cocktails and well-done small plates, great food, lovely atmosphere.

Maple is similar, Italian-focused, less small plates-y. More of a restaurant than bar feel.

Grub near 9:30 Club Washington D.C.

Satellite Room (inside the 9:30 Club building) is also pretty good. Nothing that will blow your mind, but a solid burger and other bar food. I like the atmosphere, pretty laid back and spacious, diner-style seats.

A good donut? DC/MD

Just had a donut like this at Shilla bakery. Super yeasty, still warm, and covered in granulated sugar. They also have red bean and other varieties, but the plain braided ones would fit the bill.

Dupont/Farragut lunch options continue apace

The new ramen place opened, it's called Oki. I have not tried it yet, but the atmosphere looks fantastic. Seems like it will be a good evening place, but for now they're open for lunch.

I tried GRK again and the lamb was definitely less impressive than the chicken. There were a lot of tough gristly pieces that were unappetizing. However, the plate option with meat, pita, tzatziki, and a side was a good deal. Willing to try this place again.

Duke's Grocery in DC - Report

The banh mi is good, as is the burger. I have also enjoyed the rosti during brunch.
The value here is really good, and a nice outdoor patio when the weather's nice!

First timer DC

You should try Ethiopian food while you're in town. The DC area has one of the largest Ethiopian populations anywhere. Check out Kokeb on Georgia Avenue for great food. Long walk, short taxi ride, or metro to Columbia Heights.

Near the hotel: I recommend Dolcezza for excellent gelato (and espresso), Bethesda Bagels for good bagels, and Mission for tacos.

Sakuramen for yummy Japanese ramen (not the plastic baggy kind), Pho 14 (the one on Columbia Road) for Vietnamese (try the pho or the bun), or Super Tacos (also on Columbia Road) for any pork-based taco (very casual spot, minimal seating). You could try Roofers Union for cocktails and Southern food. All of these are in Adams Morgan, a 5 to 10 minute walk from your hotel.

Ethnic Food in DC near green/yellow line??

El Chucho is a good rec, hits all the points. Pho Viet may be a "hole in the wall"? Not sure what OP's standards are. Meridian Pint is a good drinking spot.

Pho 14 is slightly more up-scale, and similar food quality. Also closer to the Columbia Heights metro.

I also like many of MartyL's suggestions below, though personally have not had good luck at Izakaya Seki. For ethnic, non hole in the wall: I would also add DC Noodles for Thai/Chinese (U Street metro), Kapnos for Greek small plates (U Street metro), and Bisto Boheme for Czech (Shaw metro).

Three days near Dupont Circle

All around Dupont, why not try some of the new places rather than old guard? BCheck out Duke's on 17th for some amazing sandwiches and good beers.
Sophie's for Cuban on 19th Street is also really lovely and warm - try the roast pork and sweet plantains.
Rasika West End is a great destination for Indian, widely loved, tons of reviews on here.
Mission for tacos: solid food, authentic approach, nice bar, copious portions.
Iron Gate for cocktails and Italian. Lovely atmosphere, pretty cool spot.

Early dinner near Folger

I like We the Pizza, though note that you order at the counter, and then get seated and have to go get your food (and there are 2 floors). This may not work for you.
New York style pizza and interesting home-made sodas. I enjoyed it.

Next door is Spike Mendelsohn's other place, Big Stuff Eatery, which is high'ish-quality fast food burgers and fries. Same setup. I really liked the banh mi burger I had there, as well as the extra-rich shakes.