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Last minute trip to DC; suggestions needed

A lot of good suggestions here.

If you are around Dupont, go to Bub and Pop's for lunch. Exceptionally good Philly-style sandwiches which your husband will enjoy.

Near the Convention Center, check out this new bakery for breakfast, a Baked Joint. I have not tried it yet but their other location (Baked and Wired, in Georgetown) I can highly recommend:

For when you are near the Mall, take a look at the Red Apron's menu for their sandwiches. They make all their own sausages and charcuterie. May be too exotic, but see what you think.

Ethiopian in Washington DC

Zenebech, Kokeb, and Ethiopic are all very good. Kokeb has a lounge atmosphere, but the food is stellar.

Quick Hits! Do You Have Any?

Pork adobo (rojo) at Taqueria el Mexicano. We also had the mole which the Washingtonian wrote up, but the pork dish was outstanding. Their tamales are also good and very large. I have to return to try some of their tacos with their exceptional salsas.

Quick Hits! Do You Have Any?

Yes! This dish is outstanding.

Recommendation around GW University

I have been wanting to post about this place since I actually think it's a major step up from other Thai options in the city. They have a long menu with many unusual items not common to the standard Thai restaurant. Last time I enjoyed a pork hang lay curry, and also had a great khao soi. Strong flavors and well executed.

Brunch in Baltimore...looking for input, please

This was going to be my suggestion. I had a very memorable brunch there over the winter. We had some unbelievable stuffed french toast and tostadas. I highly recommend this place.

China Chilcano in DC- Report

We also tried the Jaladito Norteno and found it amazing, so fresh and delicate. I think it was my favorite dish. Also tried the Pegao Norteno, the dumplings were fine and surprisingly juicy, but not worth repeating. I've never had gold flaked dumplings before, quite a novel presentation.

We enjoyed the Concolon, which combined crispy rice with Chinese sausage and mushrooms and other veggies. A large serving as well, though perhaps a bit too much for the 3 of us.

We also enjoyed the steamed/fried pork buns (definitely recommend one per person!), and got the additional pickled daikon "piqueo" since we liked it so much in the buns.

I enjoyed all of our dishes, certainly worth further visits!

Looking for some 'intereting' food in DC

Great to hear your review. I will have to tear myself away from Kokeb and try Chercher sometime soon!

Korean tacos....!?!?

Far East Taco Grill food truck (and restaurant, apparently) is superior to Takorean, in my limited experience.

Bob's Shanghai in Rockville- Report

I also enjoyed an amazing spicy fried tofu dish there a few months back. Unbelievable crunchy texture and addictive spice.

Little Serow in DC – Report

I finally gave this a shot this past Saturday, got in line at 4:50 and we were put into the 7:00 pm seating.

I would describe Little Serow as screaming hip. A lot of attention has been put into the seating, music, reservation system, and style of the waitresses. I found their hipster routine to be off-putting in its studied earnestness, but that's just me. The music was loud, not soothing. It did contribute to it feeling like sort of an adventure, really a sensory overload.

Most importantly, we were not particularly impressed by anything that we ate. Nearly everything was searingly spicy (yes, they warned us, repeatedly), and the sequence of the dishes was not at all thoughtful. There were three dishes in a row that were all pretty similar, eg piles of chopped up mushroom/duck/tofu, mixed with cilantro and onion, searingly spicy. The meal ended with a very savory fried chicken, by which point our palates were so exhausted, we could barely stomach it. I really wish there would have been more variety to the dishes. We found it all a bit puzzling. This food was definitely no better than Ruan Thai or other suburban joints.

I have no idea if this was an off week, but my companion and I both agreed that the best dish we ate that night was actually consumed at Hank's Oyster Bar down the street while we waited for our table (a particularly fresh order of popcorn shrimp and squid!). We did really like the alcohol pairings, however. I would definitely recommend that if you go.

Grand Trunk (Penn Quarter)

Your description did not quite do justice to how completely awkward the setup is here. I tried to go with some friends one evening, and unfortunately they were doing a House of Cards screening and the noise was so deafeningly loud we had to leave.

The decor is bizarre, feels like a tacky nightclub (literally chandeliers and huge oddly shaped leather banquettes) but with a fast-food counter set-up, as you said. Over the top, and not in a good way.

I normally have a lot of patience for this kind of thing, but the whole thing struck a very awkward note. I probably would have felt differently if I'd eaten, so I will reserve final judgment. Not a good first impression though.

Petworth/Georgia Ave

Great Ethiopian place called Kokeb at Georgia and Irving. It is super relaxed, delicious food and low prices. It is my current favorite!

Also not far is the strip on 11th between Irving and Park. I like Maple for brunch, Room 11 for cocktails and small plates, El Chucho for margaritas and (kinda fancy) Mexican, Meridian Pint for beer and alright bar food, and have heard good things about Kangaroo Boxing Club (barbeque) but haven't tried it yet.

Dupont/Farragut lunch options continue apace

I did not try the schwarma. They had two kinds, I believe chicken and....beef? I cannot remember if the second was beef or lamb....

Dupont/Farragut lunch options continue apace

Checked out Yafa Grill yesterday, which serves falafel, schawarma, and salad. They have a pretty nice selection of toppings including fresh tomatoes and cukes in tahini, fried eggplant, fried cauliflower, great sour pickles I know from Israel, and other assorted goodies you can choose from to adorn your pita pocket. There were also four sauces: tehini, garlic, cilantro, and some awesome red pepper paste which I fell in love with. They assemble the sandwich for you as you tell them which (unlimited) toppings you'd like (unlike Amsterdam Felafel), and I had to prompt them a bit to add more of certain things and make sure things were assembled well. If they can get their staff trained up to really assemble a felafel sandwich well, they will have my loyalty forever.

My lunch buddy had the salad combination, which was only so-so. I was not a fan of the hummus (too chickpea-heavy) or the cabbage salad, although the babaganoush was exceptionally good. You don't get any of the assorted toppings if you go with the salad plate.

And on the fresh made can see the pita oven right behind the service line, and the pitas seemed fresh. They were fine, but nothing really set them apart from a standard pita pocket. Disappointing on that front.

But overall I was impressed by the quality of the toppings and falafel, and the freshness of all components. I will be back.

Brunch near Kennedy Center

I think Campono is the only place that's really convenient to the Kennedy Center. It is right there in the Watergate. I've never been, but definitely noticed it when I was at KC for a concert a few weeks ago.

If you have to walk from Ris to the shuttle, that's still a schlep. Or you could go to Ris, and take a taxi that wouldn't cost more than $10.

Closer to the shuttle stop (same block, right at the Foggy Bottom metro stop) is District Commons. I have never tried it. I would guess they have a serviceable brunch.


Thanks all! I found some okay nougat at Each Peach in Mount Pleasant...a little too sweet but not bad.

I will try some of the Italian sources next.

Valentine's day

Bistro Boheme


Can anyone recommend a spot where I can buy some really good nougat? I had an absolutely lovely bag from Yekta Market in Rockville.

Are there other good nougat sources out there?

Looking for some 'intereting' food in DC

Baby Whale also has some interesting dishes, but it's a small plates kind of scene.

Looking for some 'intereting' food in DC

You could try Chercher for Ethiopian, though I have not tried it yet myself. Queen of Sheba is also an option. Both are walking distance. Ethiopian is a must-try when in DC.

Sundevich has a bunch of interesting sandwiches (all inspired by different ethnic cuisines), also close to the Convention Center.

Report: Tsunami

I went about a month ago and was also really impressed as well. We had the green mango salad, chicken stuffed in tapioca skin, and the thai vermicelli in chile peanut sauce. The last was extremely flavorful and satisfying, though perhaps a little boring in terms of texture.

Thank you for sharing your view on some other dishes, I will keep this in mind on my next visit!

Lupo Verde on 14th St., NW - Report

I had the opposite experience about 6 months ago. My friend and I raved about the fried artichoke - perfectly fried - and then were really disappointed in the cacio e pepe. Nothing popped in it, totally underwhelming. I feel like I was also underwhelmed by my own pasta dish, which may in fact have been the striglie, come to think of it!

I have been wondering whether I should try it again.

Korean BBQ

I have tried Honey Pig, Kogiya, and Yechon. Yechon blew the others out of the water. Just visited a few weeks ago and was so impressed by *all* the banchan, galbi, chicken, and the green onion pancake. Incredible food, lovely service.

Baked & Wired vs. Cake Room (formerly Sugar Daddy) for Chocolate Cake

I would say Baked and Wired. I have always loved everything I've had there, from cupcakes to bars to cookies. I only tried Sugar Daddy once, but I was not too impressed and had the impression that they'd invested more in the decor than in the food. The cupcakes looked unappetizing, the cakes looked alright.

Jerusalem bagel, Simit, Ka'ak

No, it's a much larger, flatter (more surface area), and apparently not boiled. Covered in sesame seeds, and served with zaatar for dipping. The photo here is not quite right (still too small) but it gives you an idea:

Jerusalem bagel, Simit, Ka'ak

There are some fresh-ish flat breads at Yekta in Rockville:

as well as at the Persian market in Vienna (Yas


But nothing tremendous, and nothing baked there.

Jerusalem bagel, Simit, Ka'ak

This is an excellent question! A Jerusalem bagel would make me so happy.

Dupont/Farragut lunch options continue apace

I thought the ramen was dynamite. I have never tried Rice Bar, so curious to hear about it.

Dupont/Farragut lunch options continue apace

8 minute walk.