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hungarian goulash take out

anywhere in manhattan preferably midtown


Jun 09, 2008
ksm999 in Manhattan

Lunch with veg choices between 42nd and 46th West Side near rockerfeller)

any ideas weekday lunch also prefer a large variety of choices for vegetarian


Aug 21, 2007
ksm999 in Manhattan

Ramadan at Kasturi

as an indian, it amazes me to think people think of food as delhi food. each region/state in india has it's own uniquely different food and new yorkers get to see a few common types like north indian or south indian.

to understnad the diversity of indian food,

try a dosa (the mother of crepes,try a paper plain one,its big)

or a kati roll (kati roll company 99 mcdougal,its the mother of all wraps.period)

try a hyderabad biryani (chicken or lamb)

try a pav bhaji (indian bread served with a side of mashed potato and tomato sauce in spices) served with fresh cut onions and sprinked with lime juice.delicious

try a south indian thali.

research these wherever u live and find the places that serve them

Feb 14, 2007
ksm999 in Manhattan

Take out Lunch in NY for less than $10

Lunch time in New york city ($10 budget)

anywhere in manhattan.

any kind of food.

lets list all the options for workign people to get some cheap food

please list the subway stop and a few ideas of whats recommended to eat and a guide or price range less than $10 for a nice lunch

lets make the most of living in manhattan

Feb 13, 2007
ksm999 in Manhattan

near madison sq garden lunch time cheap

where to ear near madison sq garden

lunch time please cheap budget take out type food (less than $10)
any and all suggestions are welcome. prefer less fat and oil in the food

also 10 mins away in any direction and 10 mins by subway from 34th and 8th is fine.

thanks for your help

i will eat everywhere and post my feedback for everyone.

Feb 13, 2007
ksm999 in Manhattan